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GPS Radar will let you use your Apple Watch to check-in to New York Fashion Week

GPS Radar, an app that helps attendees check-in at fashion weeks around the world, will debut its support for Apple Watch starting February 15 at New York Fashion Week.

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Uninstalling Facebook for iPhone is pretty great for battery life

Don't hate the Facebook network — hate the Facebook app's background bloat.

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How to manage your account in Fitbit for iPhone and iPad

Fitbit works best when set achievable goals for yourself. Manage your account, edit your profile, and customize your experience so you can start being more active and healthier today.

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Feeling bored? You can now play chess within Facebook Messenger

Facebook's Messenger has a hidden chess game that you can play with a friend. All you need to do to get started is use the following command: @fbchess play.

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Best cooking apps to help kick off your Super Bowl BBQ

Get supplies, fire up the grill, and lay out some excellent ribs for the gang watching Super Bowl 50 with the help of these iPhone and iPad apps.

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How to add, replace, and delete trackers with Fitbit for iPhone and iPad

Using only one Fitbit tracker may not fit your lifestyle appropriately. If you want something simple like a Fitbit Flex at the office, but something like the Surge to track your work out better. You can manage all your trackers from the Fitbit App with ease.

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How to set up and start using Fitbit for iPhone and iPad

Fitbit has taken the world by storm and has more and more people turning to wearable fitness trackers. Much like a watch, Fitbit will only help you keep track of your activity when you are wearing it, so make sure you always have it on you.

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iTunes Movie Trailers picks up iPad Pro support and performance improvements

Apple has updated its iTunes Movie Trailers app, adding support for the iPad Pro's increased resolution, along with some performance improvements.

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Instagram is testing multiple account support in its iPhone app [Update]

Instagram is currently testing multiple account support in its iPhone app with a small number of users.

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Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, and Motion get small improvements and bug fixes

Apple has issued a set of small updates for Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, and Motion.

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