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WhatsApp Web now lets you share documents

After introducing a standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac users earlier this week, WhatsApp is bringing added functionality to its web client. You can now send documents directly from WhatsApp Web.

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This is Beme: The social video app that forces you to be authentic

Beme is a brand new video-sharing app that uses the proximity sensor on your phone to trigger 10 second video recordings. At the end of the recording, it instantly uploads the video to Beme, making it impossible for you to edit the video in any way.

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What's new on the App Store: Superfly, Bejeweled Stars, and accessibility apps

Each week, the App Store highlights some of the best new and updated apps. This week, take a look at Superfly, Bejeweled Stars, and great apps that improve accessibility.

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Third-party keyboards find their audience in spite of Apple's neglect

Google's new GBoard keyboard is just the latest example of how companies are attempting to circumvent home screen app saturation on iOS.

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Some developers see App Store review times fall to an average of two days

Apple may be making some behind-the-scenes changes in order to shorten the times apps spend in the review process.

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Google's Gboard lets you launch a search right from your iPhone keyboard

Google has launched Gboard, a keyboard app for iPhone and iPad, which lets you launch a Google search no matter what app you're using.

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Firefox for iPhone and iPad snags Today widget and beefs up its search prowess

Firefox for iPhone and iPad has received a solid update, bringing a new Today widget, beefed up search and more.

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YouTube's new messaging feature will make sharing videos a breeze

YouTube is currently testing a new messaging feature designed to make it easier to share and chat about videos within the YouTube mobile app.

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Sunset will reach Sunrise Calendar on August 31 as focus shifts to Outlook

The current Sunrise Calendar app will be removed from the iOS App Store in a few more days, and will stop working on installed devices after August 31. This is due to the Sunrise team being acquired by Microsoft to work on the Outlook mobile app.

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Safari Technology Preview release 4 now available for download

The fourth Safari Technology Preview release is now available for download from Apple.

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