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Apple continues medical hires, could their ambitions go beyond the iWatch?

Apple has continued hiring of medical experts, nabbing Michael O'Reilly, formerly Chief Medical Officer for Masimo, to work on a number of projects for Apple, possibly including the iWatch. Masimo specializes in medical sensors, and is responsible for the iSpO2, a pulse monitor that connects to your iPhone.

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Spotify vs Beats Music vs Slacker vs Rdio vs Google Play Music: On-demand streaming music service showdown!

On-demand music streaming services are made for the hardcore music lovers and audiophiles. Not only should they get to know our tastes and preferences over time, on-demand services are also tasked with letting us have more control over what we listen to, when we listen to it. Streaming radio may be fine for some but if you want to listen to an entire album all the way through or be able to play music offline, you want on-demand streaming.

Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, Google Play All Access, and Slacker are the best on-demand services currently available with full iPhone support. Now the question becomes, which one is the best if any? And more importantly, which one is right for you?

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Apple's iBeacons hitting a Grand Slam in 2014 with Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball has already dabbled with Apple's iBeacons at Citi Field in New York, but now it looks set to roll out across the league. According to MacRumors, by Opening Day this season, 20 stadiums across the U.S. will have been fitted out:

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CARROT Fit will berate, insult, and threaten you into weight loss

CARROT Fit for iPhone is the third app in the CARROT line, focusing on fitness. CARROT Fit will berate, insult, and generally antagonize you into trying to lose weight. Currently, the app functions as a weight tracker, where you record your weight loss in CARROT's log.

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Launch Center Pro 2.2 achieves lift off on iPad, adds new actions to iPhone

Contrast has released Launch Center Pro for iPad and updated the iPhone app to version 2.2, adding some new feature including VoiceOver support and Dropbox text actions. Just as on the iPhone, Launch Center Pro for iPad is a versatile action launcher, letting you easily message contacts, schedule events in your favorite calendar app, and much more.

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TripIt now lets you keep an eye on your airline rewards

TripIt for iOS has been updated to version 4.5.1, adding a new reward-tracking features for TripIt Pro users. You can now keep up with your rewards from American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines. Forward your monthly or quarterly statements to points@tripit.com in order to do so.

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Evernote 7.3 makes taking notes simpler, more colorful

Evernote for iOS has been updated to version 7.3, making some changes to the user interface, as well as other improvements. You can customize the interface with some color and background options, as well as how the app displays your notes.

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SwiftKey, Android's favorite keyboard, finally comes to iOS — as SwiftKey Note!

SwiftKey Note brings the power and precision of one of the worlds best virtual keyboards, along with the convenience of Evernote sync, to the iPhone and the iPad for the first time. SwiftKey is an incredibly intelligent virtual keyboard that's been winning fans on Android — and getting embedded into devices — for years. Since Apple doesn't allow third party keyboards out of apps, SwiftKey had to take their technology inside. So, why a note-taking app?

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The ultimate in education apps arrives for iOS with Gojimo

Whether you're a student or a teacher, this latest release from 'Education Apps' – and the developers first on iOS – is sure to attract some attention. Gojimo is a new all in one learning tool which you'll be able to utilize on the go with your iPhone or iPad.

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Twitter 6.1 makes it even easier to share photos

Twitter has been updated to version 6.1, adding new options and features, including making it easier to reply with and edit photos. A couple of other improvements have been made to login verifications and discovery.

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