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The new rules of the interface — virtual reality and motion tracking at CES 2014

CES 2014 was jam-packed with all sorts of crazy stuff, but one of the many distinct themes at the show was the evolution of interfaces by way of virtual reality and touchless sensors. VR has been an unfulfilled pipe dream for too long, but when we start seeing concrete products that just might actually work, it’s hard for even the jaded among us to not get a little giddy.

Given, neither VR nor motion tracking are especially new in the world of computing, but a post-Kinect generation of consumer-friendly motion-sensing products is inching ever-closer to the mainstream. These trends stand to shift (or at least supplement) the finger-friendly direction gadgets have been on for the last couple of years, and may potentially interrupt the entrenched mouse-and-keyboard habits of a whole generation.

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TextExpander update fixes excessive CPU usage, more

TextExpander for Mac has been updated to version 4.2.1, with fixes and smaller improvements galore. Among the issues fixed with this release are excessive CPU use after multiple expansions, as well as a timing issue that could lead to crashes during expansions.

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Evomail+ is replacing Mail.app on my iPhone, maybe for good!

Evomail+ is now available for iPhone and boasts a simpler, more fluid experience than its predecessor, most of which was based on collected user feedback. The new One Button feature of Evomail+ constantly adapts and changes to better suit what you're doing at that exact moment. Which is why I'm replacing the default Mail app on my iPhone with Evomail+, at least for now.

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Best activity tracker apps for iPhone: Moves, Runtastic, Argus, and more!

Activity tracker apps for iPhone are a great way to help us get in shape and stay that way. For people who don't want to buy expensive accessories and monitors, there are lots of App Store apps available that simply use the GPS in your iPhone to monitor and track steps, calories burned, workout progress, and more. These are currently my favorite standalone activity tracker apps for iPhone...

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#CESLive: BlackBerry Messenger 2.0

CrackBerry Kevin and Cali Lewis of GeekBeat are live at CES 2014 and had a chance to talk to BlackBerry about BBM 2.0. Along with talking about where BlackBerry Messenger is going, Alex Kinsella also gives us a quick demo of some of the new features the update brings...

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Adrift for iOS: The puzzle game that makes solving a Rubik's Cube look easy

Adrift for both iPhone and iPad is a puzzle game with a simple premise but not so simple game play. You're tasked with drawing paths to each color in each world. The paths appear on three sides of a cube and they can't intersect. While game play starts out easy, it quickly gets challenging.

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WWE lays the smack down at CES with a 24/7 network for $9.99 a month

This year's keynotes at CES came to an epic conclusion tonight with the announcement of the WWE Network.

Yes, World Wrestling Entertainment, which has long existed as a mainstay of pay-per-view, is coming to the web. The service will consist of a 24/7 live streaming service of original content along with a massive on-demand library of past content. Also included is access to all pay-per-view shows past, present and future. Streaming will be available on WWE.com, apps for iOS, Android and Kindle, as well as on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox, Roku — and at least one platform that Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, was not allowed to mention.

The price tag comes to $9.99 a month, which if you ask any WWE fan is well worth it. Especially when it would cost well over $600 a year to buy all 12 of the pay-per-view events that WWE produces.

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Sunrise Calendar goes universal, adds week view, background updates

Sunrise Calendar is now a universal app, adding a new design for the iPad in today's update to version 2.1. Also part of the update, Sunrise has a new Week view to both iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone, you can view three days at a time, while on the iPad, you can view five in portrait, and seven in landscape.

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Droplr discontinues free accounts, adds unlimited file sharing and increased upload limits

Droplr has just announced an overhaul to their pricing structure along with new account types, an updated Mac app, and more. Free accounts are going away but paid accounts are getting larger upload limits and unlimited file sharing. Account types have also been added such as business plans. Single file uploads have also been increased to 2GB.

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Yahoo News Digest serves up two daily helpings of headlines directly to your iPhone

Yahoo News Digest aims to bring two daily digital distributions worth of news from a variety of different sources to your iPhone twice a day. Headlines span several different categories and are automatically updated for you each day at 8am and 6pm local time.

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