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EasyBiz for iPhone review: One of the quickest ways to track your gas mileage

EasyBiz is a new app for tracking gas mileage while on the go. Just launch EasyBiz, enter the fuel cost and miles per gallon, and go. You can also enter trips manually if you need to.

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Make calls, use Siri through your Mac with Connect

Connect for Mac is a new app that lets you place phone calls, organize your contacts, and even use Siri when your phone is connected to your Mac. Using Bluetooth, Connect connects to your phone and presents a simple dial pad with a sidebar on the left.

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Best email clients for Mac: Airmail, Postbox, Inky, and more!

OS X Maverick's comes with the perfectly serviceable — unless you're a hardcore Gmail user, but for some it's either too much email client... or not enough. Luckily, there are several really good email client alternatives for the Mac. But which is the best replacement for you? Here are our favorites!

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Sound Siphon turns your Mac apps into audio inputs

Sound Siphon is a new app for the Mac that can turn the audio output of an application into an audio input device. Normally, when making a recording on your make, using Quicktime, for instance, you'll use a microphone for audio input. What Sound Siphon allows you to do is designate your Mac, or specific applications like iTunes and Safari, as audio input devices, then record the audio from those apps with your chosen recording app.

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Camera+ 5 gets new design, The Lab editing suite

Camera+ has been updated to version 5, a major, free update that adds a host of new features, including a redesign for iOS 7, a new app icon, and The Lab. The Lab is the name for the Camera+ editing suite, which has been significantly upgraded with this release.

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Why can I gift internationally with Amazon... but not iTunes?

Earlier today Apple enabled iBooks gifting. It's been a long time coming. Steve Jobs introduced the iBookstore alongside the original iPad in 2010, and it's taken until well after the 5th generation, iPad Air, shipped in 2013 for gifting to become available. I was ecstatic at first, because I'd been "forced" to use Amazon's Kindle service to gift ebooks until now. Finally, I thought, I could gift iBooks. But I thought too soon. Apple and iTunes, I quickly remembered, only allows gifting to someone who uses the same regional account you do. So, for example, I can only gift an iBook - or iTunes song or movie or App Store app or whatever - from the iTunes Canada store my account is in, to someone who also uses the iTunes Canada store. That eliminates a ton of my friends who just happen to live in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere. Amazon, by contrast, not only lets me use my account to login to or, but it lets me gift Kindle books, send gift certificates, and even order real material goods, for friends in those countries. In this increasingly important way, Amazon is absolutely pantsing Apple and iTunes.

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Scout for iPhone gets voice recognition for hands free driving

Scout, the popular GPS navigation app by Telenav, has just received an update that brings true voice recognition that lets the app listen for your commands as long as Scout is open.

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Manage Google Glass with MyGlass for iOS

Google has released MyGlass, an iPhone companion app for their Google Glass headset. MyGlass is used to pair and manage Glass right on your iPhone, including determining what notifications your receive, like Gmail and Google Now. The app includes some instructional videos, including how to turn on and wear Glass, as well as how to pair it with your phone.

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Mailbox update adds support for iCloud, Yahoo! accounts

Mailbox has been updated to version 1.7, adding support for iCloud and Yahoo! Mail accounts. Mailbox does not yet support mail aliases from non-Gmail accounts, however.

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Pocket Lists fully updated for iOS 7, adds all new ways to manage your tasks and reminders

Pocket Lists was recently updated to version 4.0 and brings with it a new interface for iOS 7, new list icons, and more. For those not familiar, Pocket Lists is a unique way to manage your iOS reminder and todo lists. With sync support for native solutions, Toodledo, and Google Tasks, you're covered no matter what you currently use.

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