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How to use Authy to manage two-factor authentication on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Passwords are weak and often cracked. Two-factor authentication, which uses your phone number to send a secondary code you have to enter, is much stronger.

I know first-hand how scary password hacks can be, but I still put off two-factor authentication for years — relying instead on a strong multi-digit 1Password-generated password — because it felt clunky and hard to set up. What if I lost access to my phone number because I was restoring my iPhone? What if I couldn't get network access for my two-factor code? Too much hassle, I thought.

Authy changed my opinion on two-factor authentication: The app makes it far less terrifying to deal with; it also lives on both my Mac and iOS devices, so I don't have to worry about losing access to my accounts while my phone is restoring.

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NetworkAid arrives in MyRogers app to give you real-time network status and more

NetworkAid, the handy tool that helps you identify network issues in your area, is now available within the MyRogers app. Whether you are experiencing an outage or slow speeds, this will help you identify whether it is just you or the whole area.

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Best transit apps for Canadians

Canada is a big place, with dozens of big cities interspersed from coast to coast. If you live in one of those cities, taking transit is one of the best and cheapest ways to get around. Here are the best transit apps for Canadians.

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Launcher now lets you build multiple widgets in Notification Center

Launcher, which lets you build your own Notification Center widgets, has been updated to allow you to create and use multiple context-sensative widgets at once.

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Netflix gives you better control over how much cellular data it uses

Netflix is rolling out an update to its iPhone and iPad app with some new controls that will give subscribers to its video service more control over its use of data on cellular networks.

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Best apps for writing on the iPhone and iPad (but mostly the iPad)

You can keep your creativity flowing whether you're at home or on the road when you have the right writing and editing tools in your arsenal.

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App Store impacted by major search errors [Update]

Apple's App Stores for iPhone, iPad, and Mac have been affected by search errors, which are keeping some apps from showing up in results.

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8 ways to celebrate May the Fourth, these are

It's Star Wars Day, folks! If you're looking for some ideas on how to celebrate, we've got you covered!

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YouTube said to be cooking up a streaming TV service of its own

A new report claims that Google's YouTube division is working on an internet-based cable TV service called "Unplugged" that could launch sometime in 2017.

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Twitter for Mac adds support for Moments, polls, and GIF search

Twitter for Mac has hit version 4.1 with support for Moments, polls, and GIF sharing.

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