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Fantastical 2 updated with new icon badge options, better geofence handling, and more

Fantastical 2, one of our favorite alternative Calendar apps for iPhone, has just been updated to version 2.0.2 and even though it's a point release that contains bug fixes, it also contains a few new features as well. Among them are new app icon badge options and better handling for location matching and search results when using geofences.

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Select Garmin iOS apps up to 50% off on Black Friday

If you're in the market for a navigation app for your iPhone or iPad, you may want to hold off for Black Friday as Garmin has informed us that some of their NAVIGON and StreetPilot apps for iOS will be 50% off for the day.

Here is a list of the iOS apps Garmin is offering as well as original and sale prices:

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Share your life with friends in real time with Spin

Spin is a iOS-only Skype alternative that allows you to share photos and videos with friends. Spin uses HD video and and 44kHz audio to provide the highest-quality experience that they can. The app places an emphasis on shared experiences for up to ten people, and allows you to create events for you and your friends to participate in together.

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How to stop receiving notifications from a website in OS X Mavericks

We've already looked at how to receive notifications from your favorite websites with OS X Mavericks, so now it's time to look at how to turn them off. Perhaps a website you thought you wanted notifications from sends too many, or you just don't visit a particular site that frequently anymore. Regardless the reason, here's how to get them to stop:

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Procraster for iPhone helps you fight procrastination and break down large projects

Procraster for iPhone is a productivity app that can help you break down large projects into smaller steps. One of the main reasons we procrastinate on performing tasks is because we either don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed. Procraster isn't a task list app, it's a project completion app that helps you break down and complete projects in a logical and realistic way that minimizes stress.

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BillGuard 4.0 for iPhone brings spending analytics, savings alerts, and more

BillGuard is not only an app, but an entire service that helps you monitor your spending, be alerted of suspicious charges, and so much more. The BillGuard 4.0 update has just hit and brings even more features to help you manage your money including in-depth spending analytics, alerts for savings at your favorite places, and more.

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QuizUp developer Plain Vanilla fixes server issues that left user data vulnerable

Plain Vanilla, the developers behind QuizUp, has fixed the server side issues that caused data to be transmitted unprotected to the QuizUp servers. An update to the iPhone app should fix issues there. It appears that at least some of the major problems, including data being transmitted unprotected, have been fixed.

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Procreate 2 for iPad now available, adds 64-bit, iOS 7 design, new GPU accelerated filters, and more

Procreate by Savage Interactive is the best power-drawing and painting tool I've used on the iPad and it's just hit version 2. Included in the update is 64-bit support for iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and Retina iPad mini, as well as an all new, all iOS 7 icon and design. There's also an improved gallery, and even better - new GPU-acclerated filters like Gaussian Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Hue, saturation & brightness, Color Balance (Highlights, Midtones, Shadows), and Curves (Gamma, Red, Green, Blue).

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FlightTrack 5 for iPhone review: Beautiful and intuitive, but lacks TripIt support [updated]

FlightTrack 5 for iPhone is a completely redesigned version of the old FlightTrack. The app has been rewritten completely from the ground up with iOS 7 in mind. The result is a gorgeous interface and an intuitive experience that makes checking flight statuses not only painless, but enjoyable.

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MyPermissions for iPhone helps you stay on top of what apps have access to your accounts

MyPermissions for iPhone is a security app thats sole purpose it to scan and make you aware of what apps and sources have access to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and other service and account types. If you haven't checked your app permissions lately, MyPermissions is a super easy way to find out and clean up who has access to your stuff.

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