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GetGlue becomes tvtag, big updates on the way

Popular social TV app GetGlue has a new name following it's latest update: tvtag. The app still lets you check in and share, but it also hopes to provide high-quality, curated information about your favorite shows will keep you engaged, providing additional context for what you're watching.

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Editor's desk: Return of the daily app roundups!

On any given day hundreds of new and updated titles hit the iOS and Mac App Store. We all care very deeply about some, and not at all about others. And therein lies the challenge — how best to cover the ones that don't appeal to a large cross-section of our readership, the ones outside the overlap? Well, we think we have an idea. It's an old one, but we're going to do it with a new twist!

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Google Chrome for iOS now translating and compressing your data

A quick heads up for Google Chrome users on iPhone and iPad that the already discussed and promised update with on-board Translate and data compression is now live in the App Store.

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Dark Sky gets brand new design, expanded forecasts, and better maps in version 4.0; get it now!

Forecasting app Dark Sky has received a major overhaul in its update to version 4.0 with a brand new design, as well as extended forcasts and improved and expanded weather maps, stepping up to become a full-featured weather app.

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Replace clickbait headlines using this one weird trick

Are you sick and tired of clickbait headlines? That is to say, the sort of viral headlines you see especially on social media telling you about "one weird trick" or "will blow your mind?" So is Alison "Snipeyhead" Gianotto, and she's done something about it.

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Best note taking apps for Mac: Evernote, Simplenote, NoteSuite, and more!

Staying organized means having a good note taking app. Whether you're a student or professional, compulsive or casual, note taking apps can help you gather your thoughts, keep information synced across all your devices, or simply keep your memos handy for when you need them the most, there are a lot of great choices. Apple offers their own, built-in Notes App, but the Mac App Store has amazing alternatives as well. Which one is the best one for you? Here are my favorites!

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Is Gmail down for you?

Users are reporting an outage that's preventing Google's popular e-mail service Gmail from working. Are you having a hard time getting Gmail to send or receive e-mail?

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New Mac App Store section celebrates 30 years of the Mac with great apps and games

As part of celebrating 30 years of the Mac, Apple has created a special section on the Mac App Store. Divided into three parts, the sections highlights Apple's own apps, as well as other apps and games.

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Apple adds password-protected sharing to iWork, kills Keynote Remote dead

If you're into Numbers, Keynote, and Pages on iOS and/or the Mac, good news — Apple has updated the entire iWork suite to offer password protection for sharing. Keynote for iOS has also gained yet more transitions and... a built in remote. Amazing timing, given that Apple also just killed the long neglected Keynote Remote app for iOS. There are a bunch of other small yet useful updates for Numbers and Pages.

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Adobe Behance for iOS goes universal, gets new design for version 3.0

Adobe has updated its Behance app to version 3.0, making universal and refreshing the design for iOS 7. Behance users can now create new Behance projects on their iPhone and iPad.

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