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Casey Neistat's social video app Beme exits beta with fresh discovery feature

Beme, a social video app from popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, has finally exited beta, bringing along a few notable improvements as well.

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Marco Arment's Quitter aims to keep your Mac distraction-free

Overcast developer Marco Arment has released Quitter, a Mac utility that keeps your desktop distraction-free by quitting apps after periods of inactivity.

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WhatsApp could be working on a Mac desktop app

Some leaked documents from WhatsApp seem to show that the popular messaging service could be working on native Windows and Mac desktop apps.

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Bing on iPhone and iPad adds image search with latest update

Microsoft has updated its Bing app for the iPhone and iPad. The new version adds, among other things, a way to search for images in the app

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We interviewed the creator of Talkshow… on Talkshow

Mika chats Talkshow with Talkshow creator Michael Sippey... on Talkshow. It's Talkshow all the way down.

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iMovie lets you start editing in a single click with fast project creation

iMovie for Mac has been updated, making it easier to create new projects, and adding better support for App Preview videos for the iPad Pro and Apple TV.

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What's new on the App Store: Fullscreen, Spellbinders, and apps for Mother's Day

Each week, the App Store highlights some of the best new and updated apps. This week, take a look at Fullscreen, Spellbinders, and apps for Mother’s Day.

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Talkshow is texting in public and more: We take a first look and interview the creator!

Mikah takes a first look at Talkshow, the app that lets you have public, text-based conversations with others, and chats with app founder Michael Sippey.

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Epson Creative Print taps into Instagram to bring your selfie collages to life

Thanks to new Instagram integration, the Epson Creative Print app can now bring your selfies to life with printed collages.

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Lightroom makes editing photos from your iPhone and iPad camera even faster

Adobe's Lightroom app for iPhone and iPad has made it much easier to edit photos in your Camera Roll.

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