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Apple delivers first update for Safari Technology Preview

Apple has pushed out the first update to Safari Technology Preview, the recently released version of Safari aimed squarely at developers.

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This is Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iPhone

The private beta of Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone has begun. And here are some exclusive first screenshots of what the keyboard looks like!

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Past TextExpander customers get lifetime subscription discount following backlash

TextExpander developer Smile has announced some changes to its recently introduced subscription pricing scheme in response to feedback, including a lifetime discount for past TextExpander users.

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Facebook will let you spice up your profile videos with other apps

Facebook's new Profile Expression Kit will lets users directly update their profile videos with clips taken from other apps like Vine, Boomerang and more.

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Adobe Post adds Live Photo support, high-resolution exporting

Adobe Post, which allows you to quickly create and share graphics, has added support for Live Photos.

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Twitter Moments comes to Canada

Six months after its launch in the U.S., Twitter Moments arrives in the North with a particularly Canadian editorial bent.

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Starbucks refreshes its app for its new Rewards program

Starbucks has updated its app for its new rewards program, introducing a new dashboard that collects your rewards, stars, and more into one place.

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Airmail picks up support for iPad, Touch ID, and much more

Airmail has picked up a major update with version 1.1, which brings the email app to the iPad, adds Touch ID support, and more.

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You can now send Dropbox files from within Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now offers Dropbox integration, allowing you to send photos, videos, and other files without ever leaving the messaging service.

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How to customize your Fitbit on Mac

Make your Fitbit your own, so that it's always as accurate as possible.

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