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Serato's new Pyro app lets you effortlessly become a DJ on your iPhone

There's nothing worse than having that awesome playlist configured only to have it end abruptly simply because it's an absolute pain to create one in the first place. Serato's latest iOS app called Pyro is set to change all that by offering an entirely new experience for combining a collection of similar songs to create quite the playlist.

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Sleep++ gets improved analysis for a better look at how you sleep

Sleep analysis app Sleep++ has been updated, bringing a new system that gives you a more refined look at how you sleep.

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Straw can now let you know when new polls are posted for your favorite topics

Social polling app Straw has received an update that allows users to follow topics they're interested in and receive notifications when new polls are posted for that topic.

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How to customize your Fitbit with iPhone and iPad

You can change your Fitbit's look to give you access to the most important info with just a tap of your finger or just change the display to appease your stylish needs!

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Vine now lets you create a new video right from its icon with 3D Touch support

Vine for iPhone has been updated, adding support for 3D Touch quick actions on the app's icon.

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How to add photos and videos to Notes for iPhone and iPad

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then adding photos to your notes will surely save you some time tapping away in the Notes app.

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How to view your progress on the Dashboard with Fitbit for iPhone and iPad

The dashboard is the very much like a control center of your Fitbit app. All your important data is displayed here and it tracks your progress. You can see all your progress in real time, so let's get started.

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How to find Notes on iPhone and iPad

Write something down and then lose track of it? Not a problem! Notes makes everything easy to find!

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How to manage friends in the Fitbit app for iPhone and iPad

You can get by with a little help from your friends and Fitbit! Add friends to your Fitbit app to start your own fitness community. Cheer each other on and get in shape together!

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Join iMore and Timyo as we work to fix email once and for all!

Download the Timyo App for iPhone and give it a try. Help fix email — for good!

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