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WhatsApp adds voice messaging, lets you whisper sweet nothings cross-platform

WhatsApp, the extremely popular multi-platform messaging app, has just announced the addition of voice messaging to the service. According to the WhatsApp blog:

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Latest update to Deus Ex: The Fall adds support for the iPad 2

When Square Enix dropped Deus Ex: The Fall into the App Store, there were a bunch of disappointed iPad 2 owners who couldn't play it. Thankfully, an update has now pushed out and those rocking the iPad 2 can now get their fix. Not only that, but the game has experienced a "major update to the enemy AI, meaning that enemies do not lose sight of the player."

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Vox for Mac review: Your lightweight yet powerful iTunes alternative

If iTunes gets you down sometimes, then Vox may well be the Mac music player you've been looking for. We're not going to spend 300 words talking about why iTunes might get you down, we've been there before. Instead, lets focus on Vox, which is a fine alternative. Part of it's beauty is in its simplicity, yet behind the minimal exterior lies a powerful music player with a ton of options, support for all the audio formats you should ever need and the ability to play your iTunes library.

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Twitter for iOS adds two-step authentication

Twitter for iOS has been updated, adding the ability to activate two-step authentication in the app, along with enhancements to viewing and finding photos. Twitter users can now enroll in and manage login verification through the Twitter app and no longer need to use SMS or give Twitter their phone number.

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Aero for iPhone is an iOS 7-style weather experience that's available right now

Aero for iPhone is a new minimalistic weather app that takes a good majority of its design cues from iOS 7. With gorgeous animations, great font choices, and easy to use menu systems, it's sure to be a favorite with users who prefer lightweight weather apps with great animations over their feature rich but cluttered counterparts.

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Airmail for Mac updated with multiple signature support, better label management, performance improvements, and more

Airmail, an alternative email client for the Mac that's been gaining some popularity lately, has just received another nice update that includes many new features as well as several improvements upon existing ones. Most notably, the update to Airmail brings with it support for multiple signatures, a new way to manage labels, inline quick reply, and much more.

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Shadowrun Returns for iOS close to completion

Shadowrun Returns was released for Mac and PC almost two weeks ago, and while developer Harebrained Schemes continues to plug away on improving the desktop game, it has now turned its attention towards completing the tablet version for iOS and Android. Shadowrun Returns for tablets was originally intended to be released alongside the desktop version, but it was delayed to make sure that it would be of the same quality as the desktop game.

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Google Adsense app comes to iPhone, shows you the money!

Google has released what they call the first version of their Adsense app for iOS. It's iPhone only at the moment, though of course it'll run, boxed, on the iPad as well. With Adsense for iPhone you can look up key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports, and payment alerts.

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Minutely for iPhone combines weather data with crowd sourced information for more accurate forecasts

Minutely is a new kind of weather app for iPhone and the first to actually let users report incorrect weather data in their area. By using national weather data in conjunction with crowdsourced data from Minutely users, weather forecasts and current conditions can be more fine-tuned and drilled down to more specific areas.

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Spotify announces new 'Browse' feature, providing curated playlists for music discovery

Spotify has today announced their new "Browse" feature, that will be rolling out to iOS and Android premium subscribers in the coming days and weeks. Building from recent developments within their mobile apps, such as the Discover tab, Spotify is looking to make the next push forward in helping their listeners find new, great music to listen to.

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