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Apple end-of-lifes Cards app, tells you to switch to iPhoto instead

Announced back in October of 2011 alonsgside the iPhone 4S as an easy way create and mail custom letterpress cards personalized with your own text and photos, the Cards app for iOS has been sent to the shredder. Apple Knowledge Base:

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Yahoo! Screen aims to reimagine video for mobile devices

Yahoo! has released Screen, a video app that brings on-demand content from several providers, including Comedy Central, ABC News, and The Onion, along with video from the web. You can select popular videos or find something to watch on your own, and share videos you like with Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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Ads coming to Instagram in the next year

Instagram had to make money someday, and after being acquired by Facebook, it's clear that the strategy is going to lie in advertising. In a recent interview, Facebook's Emily White described her challenges in roping in advertisers to Instagram while not scaring off the user base.

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Xbox Music now available for iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft has finally released their Xbox Music service in iOS form, with the new app now available to download for iPhone and iPod touch. Microsoft had promised Xbox Music would be coming to iOS some time ago, and it's been a bit of a wait – we've seen a web client release in the meantime – but fans of the service can now rock out using their iOS devices. It comes alongside a simultaneous launch on Android, too.

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Pro tip for Cal by users; today isn't Sunday September 7 [updated]

If you've switched your iOS calendar use to the usually pretty excellent Cal by, you'll want to take note. Somehow the dates have gone wild, and apparently today is Sunday September 7 2013. Only, it isn't. As we all know.

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App picks of the week: Games, games and more games!

It's Saturday, so it's time for our weekly roundup of apps for Mac and iOS devices that caught our eye. This week we've got lots of great games for you.

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Composure for Mac makes creating collages fun and easy

Composure for Mac lets you create photo collages right on your Mac by simply dragging and dropping images into the different frame options. There's tons of frames and aspect ratios to choose from as well as filters, stickers, and more.

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BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS submitted to App Store, waiting on approval

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), once the crack in crack-berry, is going multi-platform this month, including iOS and Android. While no firm release date has been set, BlackBerry's Alex Kinsella has just stated that BBM for iOS has already been submitted to the App Store. Twitter:

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Iron Man 3 now available on iTunes, JARVIS app for iPhone coming soon

Iron Man 3, the Shane Black-directed sequel to last year's phenomenal Avengers movie, is now available on iTunes and comes complete with iTunes Extras. What's more, a JARVIS app is coming next week for iPhone as well. Jarvis was originally Tony Stark's - very human - butler. When Marvel made the Iron Man movie, however, they re-imagined JARVIS as an artificially intelligent computer system to run Tony's house, and eventually his armor. Think Super Siri. While an actual JARVIS-class digital assistant with holographic multi dynamic gesture support is still the realm of Sci-Fi, here's what the iPhone app will do. From Marvel:

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Rewind live audio with Intermission for Mac

Intermission is a new app from Rogue Amoeba that lets you easily rewind any audio on your Mac, including live streaming audio like radio programs, sports, and teleconferences. Intermission sits in your menu bar for fast access, though it also supports global keyboard shortcuts.

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