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PDF Expert updates with iCloud sync, PDF merging

PDF Expert for iPad has been updated to version 4.7, adding iCloud sync, PDF merging, and a host of fixes and improvements. People have previously been able to sync their documents using other methods, such as Dropbox, but iCloud sync is native to iOS and requires not extra accounts or setup. The other significant update to PDF Expert comes in the form of merged PDFs.

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Writedown is a new and beautiful, if restricted, Markdown editor for iPhone

Writedown is a newly released text editor for the iPhone and iPod touch that also has complete support for the Markdown format. Since Markdown is the preferred writing tool here on iMore, we're always keen to check out interesting looking new clients. Writedown is the project of Nguyen Vinh, and has seen some success over in Vietnam already. It looks great, and has some really nice features within that make it well worth a look, but at the same time it's pretty restricted as well.

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Apps of the week: Calca, Beamer, Tiny Thief and more!

It's that time of the week again, when the iMore writing staff comes together to share with you some of those apps we've been using the most this week. Once again we've got a good spread, covering both iOS and Mac, with apps for getting stuff done, apps for leisure time, and something for social networking time!

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Cut the Rope updated with Cheese Box episode, new characters too!

Cut the Rope has just released an update to the original game for both iPhone and iPad introducing a new set of levels in an episode called Cheese Box. Along with a whole new group of levels to play through, Om Nom meets a new mouse friend making his quest for candy a little trickier.

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Google+ Local being retired on August 7, another Google app bites the dust!

Google's never ending spring cleaning continues it seems, with the retirement of the Google+ Local iOS application destined for August 7. The app, which hasn't even been updated for the iPhone 5 as it is, acts as a directory for such locations as bars, restaurants, gas stations and local attractions. An email being sent out to users of the app regarding the closure was obtained by 9to5Mac:

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BillGuard for iPhone gets smarter about merchants, lets you to dispute charges in-app

BillGuard, a popular credit card and checking account monitoring service, has just released a rather significant update that makes grouping merchants and marking transactions even quicker. Even further, BillGuard will now let you dispute a merchant transaction directly within the app.

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Wunderlist updates offerings for Pro users, introduces Files and Team Pricing

The Wunderlist apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac have been updated to add support for Files, a new feature aimed at Pro users. They've also announced new Team Pricing for businesses as well as some updates and enhancements for all users.

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Evomail updated with Dropbox and Box support, lots of new in-app settings, and more

I just recently did a review of Evomail and came away extremely impressed with what it brought to the table when it comes to alternative mail clients. It's now been updated with even more great features including Dropbox and Box support for attachments. Other new additions include the ability to upload custom avatars for each account, a much more robust in-app settings panel, and more.

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Pearl Jam's official iOS app is 'Alive'

American rock band Pearl Jam has released an app for iPhone and iPad that gives fans a mobile portal to connect with the band, as well as other fans. Called Pearl Jam Official, the app features a comprehensive timeline of past Pearl Jam concerts, as well as their current tour schedule.

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iShows for iPhone: Easily, beautifully track your favorite TV shows and discover new ones

iShows is a new app for discovering and tracking your favorite TV shows. With a beautiful, gesture-driven interface you can easily find shows, view episode lists, share them with friends, view summaries of upcoming episodes, and more. While there are lots of apps available to discover and look up information on tv programming, iShows does it better. The interface is just a pleasure to use, almost like you're tapping and flicking through a card stacks in order to view different layers.

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