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Evernote adds Shortcuts, integrates Skitch for image markup

Evernote, the popular note-taking and cataloging software, has updated its iOS client to version 5.4. The new release is ready for download from the App Store. Evernote is free to download and use but requires a subscription for its "Premium" features like offline use.

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Map out, share, collaborate, and create memories with Grid for iOS

Grid for iPhone is a new and unique way not only to share memories but to collaborate on ideas. By functioning not only as somewhat of a scrapbook, it can double as a workspace for you to plan trips and any other kind of function you'd like with friends and family. Grid is pretty much a blank canvas for you to do as you please.

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Ultraweather combines weather forecasts with your local Instagram community

There is no shortage of weather apps in the App Store but Ultraweather takes a slightly different approach. While it isn't as robust of a choice as some others, it has a great interface made possible by local Instagram users in your area.

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Agenda Calendar 4 for iPhone review: One of the best alternative calendar apps just got better

We took a look at Agenda Calendar for iPhone and iPad back when they were first released and this time, the guys over at Savvy Apps are back with Agenda Calendar 4. This time around they've managed to make a great app even better by cutting unnecessary UI items and adding easy to use gestures.

I've had some time over the past few weeks to use the iPhone version of Agenda Calendar 4 and I have to say that I've come away more delighted than I was with the original version, which was also quite good.

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Head for Instagram and Gmail give you quick access to your accounts right from your Mac desktop

We recently took a look at Head for Facebook and I was quite impressed at the unobtrusive way it allowed me to access Facebook on my Mac desktop in one single click but didn't get in the way. The creators of Head for Facebook have now released Head for Instagram and Head for Gmail. Two separate apps that give you the same functionality of their Facebook counterpart, right on your Mac desktop.

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Google Maps 2.0 for iOS review: Now with Explore, traffic, and iPad support

It's finally here; Google Maps has been updated with proper iPad support. OK, so it goes beyond just iPad support, it includes all the cool stuff Google talked about back at Google I/O in May. But, since we've all seen Google Maps on the iPhone before, this time out we're going to take a look at both the new stuff, and how it looks on the iPad.

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Branch launches Potluck, a social network without the social headaches

Potluck is a new social network developed by Branch that allows you to share content in the form of links. It manages how you interact with others a little differently though. Instead of checking your Twitter feed or Facebook feed for contact that might interest you, friends can simply tag you only in the content they think would interest you while you do the same.

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Logic Pro X review: Great for podcasters, great period

Logic Pro X is the latest in a line of re-imagined software from Apple, something they started doing years ago with their video apps, iMovie and later, Final Cut Pro X. This new, more mainstream-friendly direction hasn't been without controversy, especially among professionals. So what does it means for Logic Pro users - and potential Logic Pro users - in general, and for podcasting in particular?

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Chrome for iOS update lets you open links in other Google apps

Google Chrome for iOS has received a major update, adding integration with other Google apps, along with other enhancements, including data use management and improved voice search.

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Track, analyze, and budget your personal finances with Dollarbird for iPhone

Dollarbird is a new finance app that aims to make it easier for you to manage and analyze your personal finances. The unique thing about Dollarbird is that it functions much like a calendar which means adding an income or expense is done just as easily as adding an event to a calendar.

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