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New Google Maps with iPad support hitting the App Store soon

Back in May at Google I/O, the folks at Mountain View promised a new version of Google Maps would be hitting this summer, complete with support for the iPad. It's now summer, and it's coming real soon. The new Maps has just hit Android smartphones and tablets, and according to a post on the Official Google Blog, it will be appearing in the App Store very soon:

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Mailbox updated, lets you attach files from Dropbox

Mailbox has received the promised update that lets users attach files directly from Dropbox. This sort of integration has been expected ever since Dropbox acquired Mailbox back in March.

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Mind Blitz for iPhone and iPad review: Exercise your muscle memory in this classic memory game with a twist

If you like memory games, you'll love Mind Blitz for iPhone and iPad. It's a twist on the classic flash card based memory game. As you advance through the game, the grids will get larger, time will get shorter, and different obstacles will be thrown in the mix. You can also challenge your friends via Game Center to compete for different achievements and the fastest times.

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Dropbox announces new developer tools, Mailbox integration coming soon

Dropbox is currently hosting their inaugural DBX developer conference, and has announced a couple of interesting items already. First up is the new "Dropbox Platform," a suite of tools for developers to utilise to access Dropbox data across different devices and operating systems

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How to configure Facebook for iPhone and iPad to record HD video

If you ever use the Facebook app on your iPhone in order to take video and post to your timeline, you may have noticed that by default the quality is diminished. While Facebook does a fair amount of compressing on their own to save bandwidth on their end, you can tell Facebook to always record video in HD, resulting in higher quality videos.

Here's how:

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Take our Social Networking and Communication Survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

We're fans of numbers and quantifiable data here at Mobile Nations, and so following after the third week of Talk Mobile 2013, we're turning to our good friend the survey to help compile some data. Week three was focused on mobile social networking and communication. If you missed any of the content, be sure to click over to our Talk Mobile hub and check it out.

The mobile social networking and communication survey will only take a minute or two to complete, and as an extra incentive (not that you guys and gals need it, but we like to give things away), by completing the survey you'll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card. Hit the link below to take the survey!

Click here to take the Talk Mobile State of Mobile Social Networking and Communication Survey!

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1Password update fixes iOS 7 beta problems, supports VoiceOver better, more

1Password for iOS has been updated to version 4.2.2, which adds enhancements for users with the iOS 7 beta on their device, though there are no specifics on what those enhancements are. There are also several other improvements and fixes, including better VoiceOver support for searching and a fix for a scrolling crash in 1Browser.

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Auto-pause and improved buffering comes to Pandora for iOS

Pandora for iOS has been given a nice, if not huge, update that's clearly aimed at improving the overall user experience. Version 4.4 adds an auto-pause function that kicks in and pauses your music the instant you mute your device, a handy touch to have, and slightly easier than turning on the screen first to manually pause, for sure.

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Official Twitter app updated with DM sync, new reply composer, and more

The official Twitter app for both iPhone and iPad has just been updated with the staple feature being direct message sync across all your devices. Basically meaning if you mark a message as read on your iPad, it will finally sync the read status to your iPhone and the mobile web version. According to Twitter's blog, other updates include a new reply composer in the tweet details view and search enhancements.

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How to speed up Reeder sync times on your iPhone and iPad by disabling image caching

If you use the popular RSS service Reeder in order to catch up on news feeds, you may have realized that syncing large amounts of items can sometimes take a while. Most of this is due to Reeder caching images for offline viewing. Disabling this option makes Reeder lightning fast.

If you're not concerned with caching images locally for offline use, follow along and we'll show you how to disable it.

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