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Shake for iPhone lets you create, sign, and send contracts in just minutes

Shake for iPhone can't replace your attorney but it can save you some money by letting you draft up basic agreements and contracts in just a few taps. Whether you're buying and selling or doing freelance work for someone, Shake has the most common types of contracts covered.

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BBC releases new iPlayer desktop application for offline content

The BBC has released a new version of its iPlayer desktop application, that unlike previous iterations no longer allows access to live TV. The new iPlayer downloads is an app for the Mac or Windows PC that provides a simple method of downloading shows from the BBC for offline viewing.

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Future update to Google Search for iOS to include cross platform notifications

15 years on from the birth of Google Search, the folks from Mountain View have detailed a pretty interesting sounding update to the Google Search app for iOS heading our way soon. While iOS users get access to the pretty impressive Google Now service, it's nowhere near the experience our Android friends enjoy, but Google it seems has a treat in store for us on that front:

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Facebook for iOS will soon let you edit posts and erase those embarrassing mistakes

Post editing is something us regular Google+ users take for granted, but finally Facebook is getting on board with it too. Rolling out initially on the web and in the Android application, Facebook users can now begin to edit their posts once they've shared them, offering the chance to erase those – potentially embarrassing – mistakes. Support for iOS is on the way soon according to TechCrunch:

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Skitch 3.0 goes iOS 7-only

Skitch - the image annotation and markup app from the makers of Evernote - has been updated to version 3.0, going iOS 7-only and bringing a number of changes and refinements, with a redesigned interface being the most prominent. The goal with the new user experience is to start marking up photos as quickly as possible.

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Todo 7 for iOS review: A brand new look and a great new experience

Todo by Appigo is one of the most popular task apps available for not only iOS, but for Mac as well. And for good reason, Todo is a productivity powerhouse. The OS X version of Todo made our list of best todo apps for Mac. I've been patiently waiting for Todo 7 to arrive for both iPhone and iPad. That day has finally come and it's brought a completely redesigned interface, a menu system that just flows better, and so much more.

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Badland update brings Day II Dusk levels

Badland, the hit iOS game, has been updated with a continuation of the game's Day II levels, adding 10 new Dusk stages. The new levels features 30 original missions and five new achievements. The update also adds new game mechanics, including the gravity modifier and time stopper.

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Radar lets you find your Facebook friends nearby

Radar for Facebook is a new iPhone app that helps you find your Facebook friends near you. The app features a radar view and a map view that will tell you which of your friends are close by, making it easy to meet up in real life. If you're concerned about giving out your exact location but still want to use Radar, you can give a general one in order to continue to connect to other Radar users.

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iTunes Radio for iOS review

Apple launched iTunes Radio for both iPhone and iPad as part of the Music app in iOS 7. iTunes Radio is Apple's attempt at giving us a streaming music service that's already bundled with the Music app we already know and use every day.

Considering iTunes is one of the largest music collections in the world, it makes perfect sense. Even better, for iTunes Match subscribers, the service is completely free with not one single ad. For those that don't subscribe to iTunes Match, it's still free, just ad supported. It's a compelling option either way but does it live up to the hype?

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VLC media player for Mac updates with new audio core, 4K video support

The desktop version of popular open-source media player VLC has received a major update today. Version 2.1, called Rincewind, includes a new audio core, which improves the overall audio processing of VLC, along with support for 4K video.

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