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Branch launches Potluck, a social network without the social headaches

Potluck is a new social network developed by Branch that allows you to share content in the form of links. It manages how you interact with others a little differently though. Instead of checking your Twitter feed or Facebook feed for contact that might interest you, friends can simply tag you only in the content they think would interest you while you do the same.

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Logic Pro X review: Great for podcasters, great period

Logic Pro X is the latest in a line of re-imagined software from Apple, something they started doing years ago with their video apps, iMovie and later, Final Cut Pro X. This new, more mainstream-friendly direction hasn't been without controversy, especially among professionals. So what does it means for Logic Pro users - and potential Logic Pro users - in general, and for podcasting in particular?

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Chrome for iOS update lets you open links in other Google apps

Google Chrome for iOS has received a major update, adding integration with other Google apps, along with other enhancements, including data use management and improved voice search.

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Track, analyze, and budget your personal finances with Dollarbird for iPhone

Dollarbird is a new finance app that aims to make it easier for you to manage and analyze your personal finances. The unique thing about Dollarbird is that it functions much like a calendar which means adding an income or expense is done just as easily as adding an event to a calendar.

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Media Picks of the Week: Homeland, Harry Potter Complete Collection, Sound City and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore select some of our favorite, most useful, and most extraordinary apps. We're trying something new this week by extending the concept to some of our favorite media too. Let us know what you think of these picks (and this idea).

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Whatsapp moves to yearly subscription payment, app now free to download

Accompanying the latest update to Whatsapp, the developers have now changed the pricing of the app bringing it in line with other platforms. Instead of charging $0.99 for the app, Whatsapp is now free to download and use for the first year. After that, a $0.99 subscription charge per year will incur.

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Google Maps SDK for iOS updated, gives developers street view and indoor maps for their app

Alongside the much anticipated update to the Google Maps application for iOS, the Maps team at Mountain View has gone ahead and pushed out a new version of the Maps SDK for iOS. This is the tool that iOS app developers need to put to work in order to incorporate Google Maps into their creations, and the latest version adds a couple of headline new features; street view and indoor maps.

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Tumblr updates iOS app, fixes important potential password security issue

Tumblr for iOS has been updated with an important security fix. According to Tumblr's blog post, there was an issue in the app that allowed for a user's password to be compromised in certain circumstances.

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Google Maps 2.0 hits the App Store, brings new iPad design, live traffic, and new Explore mode

Google Maps 2.0 is now live in the App Store, and it brings with it a gaggle of new features, including an all new iPad interface, better navigations with live traffic, and a new, popular location finder called Explore, among other things.

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Vesper goes 003, adds support, Text Expander support

Talk about turn-around time, no sooner did Vesper 1.002 fix some iOS 7 compatibility issues, than Vesper 1.003 comes along and adds Text Expander support. While iOS includes its own auto-correction feature that can do some of the same things, any Mac user worth their geek cred already lives in Text Expander, and this way all existing snippets will "just work" in Vesper, the same way they do everywhere else. Typing ubiquity.

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