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VLC media player for Mac updates with new audio core, 4K video support

The desktop version of popular open-source media player VLC has received a major update today. Version 2.1, called Rincewind, includes a new audio core, which improves the overall audio processing of VLC, along with support for 4K video.

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Zeptolab announces Cut the Rope 2, hitting the App Store this holiday season

Zeptolab, developers of the smash hit Cut the Rope series of games has announced a proper sequel to the original. The imaginatively titled Cut the Rope 2 is set to hit the App Store during this years holiday season, meaning we're a couple of months away from getting our hands on it.

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Skype for Mac update adds improved screen share, more languages

Skype has pushed out an update to its Mac client that while a relatively minor bump to version 6.9 does bring some handy new features with it. The biggest are support for new languages including Swedish, Finnish and European Portuguese, and improved screen sharing that allows you to share specific windows instead of just your whole desktop.

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iMore for iOS 7 app coming soon!

Yes, we're working very, very hard on an updated iMore app for iOS 7. There's been a ton of work involved, redoing a lot of stuff to make it as iOS 7 cool as we know all of you - and all of us - want it to be. Trying to balance getting it done quickly with getting all the features we want into it is proving tricky, and we'll absolutely always revert to doing less, better, than doing more, faster. We have a very aggressive roadmap, and a ton of things we want to bring you in the iMore app, both now for iOS 7, and going forward. We really, truly want to make it the best app on your phone, and we won't stop until we get there.

Now, I don't want to tease a timeline yet, because there are way too many objects in motion to do that yet, but the redesign will be soon, more will follow, and hopefully you'll love it as much as we do.

Meanwhile, check out the photo up top, it shows the current working version, and let the team know what you think!

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Best apps new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c owners should download right now!

Just get a brand new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, or a new iPhone or iPod touch of any kind? iOS 7 comes with a ton of fantastic built-in apps, from iMessage to Camera, Mail to Safari, and prompts you to download not only a bunch of Apple apps, like iBooks and Podcasts, but integrated apps like Twitter and Facebook as well. It's enough to get anyone off to a great start, but only a start. Among the almost million App Store apps are a bunch of other really good apps that even casual users can get a ton of benefit from. Here are some of our favorites!

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Vesper updates to 007, supports iOS 7, 64-bit, typography controls, more

Vesper, the popular thought collection app for iPhone, has updated to version 007 and that means an all-new design for iOS 7, including new typography controls, and all new support for iPhone 5s, including the 64-bit Apple A7 chipset. Vesper was already prescient when it came to Apple design trends, but the update fits them fully into the reboot, and includes several incredibly tasteful new effects and treatments. The full list is available via the Vesper blog.

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Look at the time in a new way with Bars

Bars is a minimal, simple app that presents a clock, timer, and stopwatch in a unique way. The time in each particular view is always displayed the same way with numbers under each of the three bars: hours on the left, minutes in the middle, seconds on the right.

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Clear iPhone app returns to the App Store alongside universal Clear+ app

Realmac Software has made some changes to their popular iOS list app Clear. A new version of Clear was released last week as a universal app. It was released as a new app, meaning that existing users that wanted to upgrade to the universal version and get Clear on their iPad would need to pay $2.99.

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Instagram updated with official iOS 7 support, brings larger images and higher resolution

Instagram has just announced on their blog that they've released version 4.2 on the App Store which brings with it official support for iOS 7 as well as an updated look and feel to match the new design of iOS. Even more, the new design now allows for larger image sizes all around which means better resolution, according to Instagram:

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Next Expense Tracking 2.0 for iPhone brings a cleaner interface, French localization, and more

Next, one of our favorite expense tracking apps for iPhone has just been updated to version 2.0 and brings with it some refreshed design elements to better mesh with iOS 7 as well as some new features including French localization, the ability to add notes to expenses, and more.

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