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Narrato takes the work out of journaling, lets you import social streams for safe-keeping

Narrato is a new journaling app for iPhone from the creator of Rivr that takes some of the redundancy out of saving our favorite moments. Outside of being able to create unique private journal entries, Narrato also allows you to import moments from your social streams.

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Tapatalk 2 forum reading software now supports Wordpress, Dropbox image uploads, more

Quoord Systems has released Tapatalk 2.1, an update to their web site forum reading software for iOS. The new update is available for download from the App Store.

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How to better manage what Instagram posts to your Facebook profile or page

Instagram gives you the ability to post photos to Facebook on both your personal profile as well as a business or fan page. If you have your Facebook account linked to Instagram you may notice that by default, Instagram also posts information to your timeline or page about what photos you like or comment on.

If you don't like this behavior, there's an easy way to disable it. Here's how:

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Apps of the week: Breach and Clear, IFTTT, Xscope and more!

Another weekend is upon us, and that means once again it is time for the iMore team to share some of their favorite apps. We've got a broad spread this week, with a couple of useful Mac apps alongside a couple of iOS games and a couple of productivity tools. Let's take a look.

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Secret Menu for Starbucks gives you access to all the flavor combos you could dream of

If you're a Starbucks fan and you're getting a little bored with the regular menu, welcome to the dark side. For those that don't know, there's tons of different recipes out there that aren't on the menu such as cotton candy, twix, and caramel apple Frappucinos. Some Starbucks locations even know of these items and can make them upon request.

Secret Menu for Starbucks gives you a pretty extensive list of these secret recipes and the directions so you know exactly what to ask for at the counter.

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How to automatically post Instagram photos directly to a Facebook page

Instagram is not only a fun app for personal use, it's also a great marketing tool for all kinds of businesses and professionals to showcase their products and works of art. If you use both Facebook and Instagram for your business, you can actually tie them together so your images automatically filter to your business page or fan page instead of your personal profile.

Here's how:

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Ruby brings a clean and customizable Reddit experience to iOS

Ruby for Reddit provides a clean interface paired with functionality and customizations that the default Reddit app doesn't give you. If you're heavily active in the Reddit community, Ruby is the best option currently available.

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Evernote adds Shortcuts, integrates Skitch for image markup

Evernote, the popular note-taking and cataloging software, has updated its iOS client to version 5.4. The new release is ready for download from the App Store. Evernote is free to download and use but requires a subscription for its "Premium" features like offline use.

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Map out, share, collaborate, and create memories with Grid for iOS

Grid for iPhone is a new and unique way not only to share memories but to collaborate on ideas. By functioning not only as somewhat of a scrapbook, it can double as a workspace for you to plan trips and any other kind of function you'd like with friends and family. Grid is pretty much a blank canvas for you to do as you please.

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Ultraweather combines weather forecasts with your local Instagram community

There is no shortage of weather apps in the App Store but Ultraweather takes a slightly different approach. While it isn't as robust of a choice as some others, it has a great interface made possible by local Instagram users in your area.

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