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CityVille Invasion launches for iPhone and iPad, brings tower defense-style game play and minions together

CityVille Invasion, a tower defense style game, has just been released for both iPhone and iPad. You'll play the commander general that's tasked to stop Dr. Mayhem from conquering the world. CityVille Invasion is a joint effort by both Hasbro and Zynga.

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Apple announces Logic Pro X, next generation audio editing for Mac

Apple has just announced Logic Pro X, the next generation of their audio editing software for the Mac. Like the Final Cut Pro X reboot of a few years back, Logic Pro X is an Apple-style re-imagining of what audio editing can and should be, and while that likely means a lot of professionals and power users will be incensed, a lot of prosumers and mainstream users will be empowered.

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Omnifocus for iPhone updated with background location syncing options and more

Omnifocus, the powerhouse of task management apps, has just released an update to the iPhone app that adds the ability for background location syncing. Context locations have also been updated to retrieve information from Apple instead of Google.

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IMDB for iOS adds movie ticket purchasing, iPhone improvements

IMDB - the Internet Movie Database - has been an indispensable web site for movie buffs. The web site provides detailed information about movies past, present and future - links to the cast and crew, writers, studios and everyone associated with the project. If you're a movie trivia fan or just like spouting dialogue from your favorite movies and want to make sure you get the quote right, IMDB is a great resource. And now the iOS app is even better.

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Movie trailers on Instagram; awesome idea or unwelcome bloat in our feeds?

This is a movie trailer for the upcoming Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, only it's been delivered by Instagram. Ignoring the fact that the movie has been hyped to death and back again, we're only a few weeks in with ( and already we're seeing the first movie trailer. It's an interesting concept, and pretty clearly something that we're not likely to be seeing courtesy of Vine any time soon, either. But, is it a welcome addition to our Instagram feed?

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Vesper goes 002, includes workarounds for 7

Vesper, the thought collection list/note hybrid app for iPhone by Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber, has addressed some bug fixes and employed some workarounds to better support developers using it on iOS 7 in an update called 1.002. (Clever, very clever.)

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Spendee for iPhone not only helps you track your finances, but analyze them too!

Spendee, a new kind of personal finance management app, has just landed in the App Store. Not only does Spendee function as an expense tracker, but also lets you analyze your finances with charts and graphs that can break down spending habits.

If you're in the market for a new personal finance management app, Spendee will be free for three days starting today to celebrate its launch.

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How to control what photos, statuses, and check-ins your friends tag you in with Facebook for iPhone and iPad

We've all had those times where our friends and family members upload Facebook photos of us that we preferred they didn't. At that point, your option is really to delete the photo or hide it from your timeline. And what if you don't want your location shared but friends start checking you in places without your knowledge?

If you prefer screening the content people tag you in before it ends up on your Facebook timeline, you can easily do so by changing some account settings. Here's how:

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Marco Arment releases Bugshot for iOS, small app to quickly callout glitches of any size

Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and The Magazine, has just released Bugshot for the iPhone and iPad. It's a small, highly focused app that lets you quickly, easy mark up images with arrows and boxes. The intended purpose is to take screenshots and callout graphical glitches, typos, and any other visible errors, and then report them back to the developer and/or designer so they can get fixed.

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Apps of the week: Warhammer Quest, Mapplore, Steam Mobile and more!

It's that time again, the time of the week when the iMore team shares with you some of their most used apps from the past seven days. This week we've got a good spread, with a few games partnered by a couple of travel tools, a note taking app, a gaming tool and a great app for getting video from your iPhone to the TV. Let's take a look!

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