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How to take and edit video and photos in the Clips app

How do you get video and photos into Apple's new Clips app? HOLD the big red button, and then...

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How to add and edit overlays and emoji in the Clips app

How do you add callouts, markup, emoji, and other fun shapes and forms to Clips? With overlays!

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The iPad Pro lets this illustrator brings sports stars to life

Apple on Wednesday highlighted the sports-themed artwork of Robert Generette III, who was profiled in Mashable earlier this year.

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What happened to Game Center in iOS 10?

Why can't I add or delete Game Center friends anymore? It has to do with how Game Center evolved in iOS 10.

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How to add and edit Title Cards in the Clips app

How do you add Title Cards to your Clips? Quickly and easily — As long as your happy with the built-in ones.

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Best Touch Bar apps for MacBook Pro

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is blowing the app game wide open, allowing you to access tons of features with just a tap or slide. Here are the best apps with Touch Bar support (so far)!

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Best apps for slow shutter speed photography

While there isn't a built-in setting (yet…) that allows users to easily snap a slow shutter speed masterpiece with their iPhones, there are a couple of reliable apps that can get the job done in a snap (pun sort-of intended).

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How to add filters and effects in the Clips app

How do you add fun filters and exciting effects to your Clips? With just a couple of taps!

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All-new iMore app is here! (You're already downloading, aren't you?)

Learn more. Be more — App more! Wait... what? Yes! The all-new iMore app is here!

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How to record and edit Live Titles in the Clips app

How do you add live subtitles to all your Clips videos? With the power of your voice... and the magic of transcription

Any Clips questions?

If you have any questions on adding or editing video or photos to Clips, drop them in the comments belo

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