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How to speed up Reeder sync times on your iPhone and iPad by disabling image caching

If you use the popular RSS service Reeder in order to catch up on news feeds, you may have realized that syncing large amounts of items can sometimes take a while. Most of this is due to Reeder caching images for offline viewing. Disabling this option makes Reeder lightning fast.

If you're not concerned with caching images locally for offline use, follow along and we'll show you how to disable it.

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Sugar Rush for iPhone and iPad review: Candy Crush meets Bejeweled Blitz

Sugar Rush for iPhone and iPad is sure to grab your attention if you fancy playing either Candy Crush or Bejeweled Blitz. The general game play is easier but the concept and the reliance on your friends to give you lives is very much like Candy Crush.

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Apple marks five years of the App Store with ten free apps, special store section

Apple is celebrating five years of the App Store, putting up a special section in the iTunes Store, just like they did earlier this year for the tenth anniversary of the Music Store. "5 Years of the App Store" shows the the ten apps that Apple is giving away for free to mark the occasion.

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A bunch of top paid apps and games have just gone free! Grab now, ask questions later!

The fifth anniversary of the App Store is approaching, and in a possibly linked move some top paid apps have this morning gone free to download. So far we're seeing games the likes of Infinity Blade 2, Where's my Water, Badland, Tiny Wings all go free, as well as apps Day One, Traktor DJ, Over and Barefoot World Atlas.

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How to add extra security to your Facebook account on iPhone and iPad with Code Generator

If you're worried about someone accessing your Facebook account from a different iPhone, iPad, or computer browser, you can enable a few security settings to set your mind at ease. Code Generator can give you access codes right on your iPhone and iPad so you can approve different devices and browsers as you see fit.

Here's how:

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Pixter Scanner updated with iOS 7-like interface, new languages, and more

Pixter Scanner is a neat little utility that allows you to snap photos of any text you'd like and have it translated to your native language. It's a great app for travelers to have on hand for times they need to read signs, text, and anything else they may come across. The new version of Pixter 2.0 not only adds a gorgeous new interface but supports more language and it now universally available for iPad.

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Apps of the week: Fightback, Articles, Twitterific 5 and more!

It's that time of the week again, when the iMore team gives you our picks of some of the apps we've been using the most in the past seven days. We've got a good selection once again, with some of games, a Mac YouTube client, a Twitter client, and more. Let's jump in and take a look!

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Get ready for 15 second selfies! Instagram adds front-facing camera support for Cinema, landscape support for everything

Instagram has updated to version 4.0., and while the point might be minor, the new features certainly aren't: landscape support for both photos and video, and -- duck and cover -- front-facing camera support for Cinema. That's right, the internet can now record 15 second selfies.

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Flipboard suffers second outage in a week since Google Reader's shutdown

It's been a tough week for Flipboard, as the services second outage in the space of a few days has left many unable to access any of their content. As reported by The Next Web, issues for those affected include seeing a blank screen when loading the app up, or login issues, but Flipboard is aware of the issue and took to Twitter to announce they're working on a fix:

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How do you update Vine in a post-Instagram Video world? With channels, re-vining, and more!

Vine, the Twitter-owned social short-form video network has been updated with a slew of new features, including channels to better organize the videos, re-vining to share what you like with those who follow you, new tools including grid, focus, and ghost, and the ability to protect your account to protect your privacy.

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