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Best iPhone and iPad apps for elementary school: MathBoard, Super Speller, Intro to Letters, and more!

The start of the school year is just around the corner and that means school shopping, textbooks, and all of the other rituals we all do before sending kids off for another year of learning. Whether you have a child in elementary school or you teach at an elementary level, there are lots of education apps available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad that can help both student and teacher make learning fun this school year.

Here are the ones I've found to be the best in helping elementary level students...

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Skype update brings HD video calls to the iPhone 5 and iPad 4

Skype has pushed an update out into the App Store specifically focused at the iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Both updates add support for HD video calling, which is only possible on the latest iPhone and iPad due to hardware restrictions. It's a welcome update too, or at least it'll be a welcome update for your friends and family who will now be able to see your happy smiling face in much higher quality than before.

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Use your iPhone or iPad to learn about every little piece of your new Audi A3

Augmented Reality is one of those cool technologies that is often used in gimmicky products, but Audi has put it to good use in a practical and informative way in their latest application. Owners of a shiny new Audi A3 or S3 can hover the camera on their iPhone or iPad over different parts of the car, and the application will bring up all the information you could want on what it is, and what it does.

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Lister 2 for iPhone: Shopping and grocery lists for the overly organized

Lister 2 for iPhone lets you create shopping and grocery lists not only easily, but in a way that makes sorting them and finding what you're looking for simple. With support for Dropbox syncing, sharing, password protection, and more, it's a nice option if you want more control over your lists than what the native Reminders app gives you.

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Worms 3 now available as an iOS exclusive

The worms are back in Worms 3 with lots of weapons and new challenges for you to work your way through. Your team of worms will have to battle enemies in order to advance using bazookas and all kinds of other weapons. You can pick it up now as a universal download for both iPhone and iPad.

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Apps of the week: Rise, MacTracker, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and more!

We're at that time of the week again. Fresh from the iMore teams favorite media picks during the week, we're now back to the subject of apps, and some of which we've been using the most this week. We've got a few different games for you this week, along with something for your Mac, and something to help get you up in the morning. Let's take a look!

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Disney Animated reveals all the magic of the movie kingdom right on your iPad

Disney Animated for iPad is epic in every sense of the word. Whether you're a fan of their cinematic accomplishments or an aspiring animator yourself, packed into this nearly 1.8GB download is a virtual treasure-trove of Disney's greatness. It will very literally show you how Disney's animated movies come to life, both in the old (and sorely missed!) days of hand-painted cells, to the most modern of computer modeling.

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Google adding local advertisements into mobile Maps apps

Google has outlined a new advertising strategy for their mobile Maps app for Android and iOS, that sees local, "relevant" ads displayed at the bottom of the search window. Following the recently launched overhaul to Google Maps which included an iPad version for the first time, Google is now looking at how they're going to continue to monetize it. But, as Alex Dobie at Android Central points out, this isn't anything new.

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Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island hits the App Store as a giant Coca Cola ad

A new and free game from Sony has hit European App Stores, that so far brings Drake from the hugely popular Uncharted series to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island will eventually bring together characters from other franchises by way of a free update, but the first game to play sees Uncharted meet Temple Run as Drake chases a Coke. Oh, that's the other thing; this is one huge, giant advertisement for Coca Cola Zero, and according to IGN is only available right now in Europe:

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Google Play Books for iPhone and iPad updated with support for rented textbooks

Google Play Books has had an update pushed out that lays the way for their textbook rentals. Back at the Nexus 7/Chromecast event in San Francisco, Google confirmed that textbooks would be coming to their own Google Play Books selection. A direct competitor to Apple's own textbook selection available through iBooks, Google also stated that their textbooks would be available on a rental basis and this update adds support for them.

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