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Skype for iOS improves call quality, accessibility, more

There's a new version of Skype for iPhone and iPad ready for download from the App Store. The new 4.12 release has improvements to call quality and accessibility, according to a new blog post from product marketing manager Jonathan Watson.

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Clear updated, brings minimalist to-do lists to iPad and iOS 7

A new version of Clear, the minimalist, gesture-based list app for iOS has been released by Realmac Software, bringing support for the iPad and iOS 7. Now universal, Clear offers the same list-making experience on the iPad as it does on the iPhone, with a few extra features as well.

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BBM for iOS rumored to finally land September 21 [Update: Official for September 22!]

This week might be all about iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but somewhere in the background BBM for iOS may finally appear too. The latest rumors suggest before the week is out, BlackBerry's messaging service may finally go cross platform following a launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Update: No longer a rumor, it's now official. BBM will be launching on Android and iOS on Saturday September 21.

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Apple releases Xcode 5 into the Mac App Store

If you're an iOS or Mac developer, you'll already be familiar with Xcode for OS X. And, to coincide with todays public release of iOS 7 Apple has pushed version 5.0 into the Mac App Store.

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Screens 3 is now the best VNC client for iOS 7

Screens by Edovia is my favorite VNC client for iOS and Mac, because the developers and designers care about what I care about - a great, focused user experience. And now they've brought that sensibility - and their kickass VNC apps - to iOS 7 with Screens 3.

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Omnifocus 2 for iPhone review: Completely redesigned for iOS 7, easier to use than ever

Omnifocus 2 for iPhone by the Omni Group is a completely re-designed and re-imagined version of their popular task management suite. Not only has it been thought out and redone with iOS 7 in mind, but with how we handle tasks and interact with them also being at the center of their efforts. I've always loved Omnifocus products and the feature sets they bring to users when it comes to getting things done. The down side was that it could be overwhelming for new users, especially when it came to interface. Omnifocus 2 for iPhone is changing that and starting to break that barrier.

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Best iOS 7 apps for iPhone

Whether you're new to the iPhone or you've just upgraded your existing one to iOS 7, one of the first things you'll want to do is load up on apps that show it off. Luckily there are lots of apps that are already updated to support the new interface. We've been keeping track of all the app updates we've seen come through and here are some of our absolute favorite apps when it comes to showing off the brand new look and feel of iOS 7!

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Having trouble updating apps? Here's how to fix it

Are you trying to update the apps on your device ahead of the release of iOS 7 and having trouble connecting to the App Store? The chances are that you may need to accept the new App Store terms and conditions.

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iOS 7 app updates galore pushing out, tell us what you've had!

Today's the day; iOS 7 release day! While we're eagerly awaiting Apple flipping the switch sometime later today, it seems that app developers have been equally busy getting their apps ready. We've got app updates galore pushing out through the App Store this morning – I had 19 update notifications when I woke up! We can't possibly cover them all, so that's where you guys come in!

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Perfect Weather for iPhone brings simplicity and detailed weather information together

Perfect Weather for iPhone is a new weather app by the makers of Launch Center Pro. The interface is ready for iOS 7 but also utilizes screen real estate efficiently to provide more information than most simplistic weather apps without looking cluttered.

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