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Songza review: The best way yet to stream music on your iPhone

Songza for iPhone is a streaming music service that takes a different approach to discovering music than traditional apps such as Pandora. Songza comes complete with your own personal concierge. Just tell Songza what you're doing or what kind of mood you're in and you'll instantly be served with playlists curated by experts based on what you've specified.

Let's not forget that Songza also has the most beautiful and easy to use interface of any streaming service we've used thus far.

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NoteSuite organizes your digital life on iPad and Mac has released NoteSuite, a new integrated productivity app. It's the sequel to Projectbook, Theory's best-selling app from 2012. But NoteSuite takes the core idea of Projectbook and extends it much further - plus it adds support for OS X, so you can organize yourself from whatever machine you're working.

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Droplr 3 brings iPad support, native sharing, and more

Droplr has been updated to version 3.0 which brings with it native iPad support, new sharing options, a tweaked interface, and more. For those not familiar with Droplr and what it does, it's a great way to share all kinds of files and store them in one universal place. With support from many third party apps, it's a great option for keeping track of all the files, photos, and videos you want to share across all your networks.

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Skype video messaging goes free and unlimited, send a video clip to all your friends!

Skype has pushed an update to their iPhone and iPad applications that brings with it free, unlimited video messaging. Previously, free video messaging was limited with premium accounts only having an unlimited allowance, but that time is now over.

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Mailbox update adds landscape view for iPhone and Gmail aliases

Mailbox, the popular third-party Gmail experience for iOS, has been updated with a couple of cool new features. Following the recent addition of portrait view for the iPad, there's now access to a landscape view on the iPhone so you can read your messages in the wider view. Also, with support for alias accounts now added, Gmail's "send as" feature opens up in Mailbox.

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Digg app updated with Digg Reader, offers a home to all your Google-abandoned RSS feeds

The official Digg app has been updated to support Digg Reader, one of the many new services competing to be the new home for your Google Reader-abandoned RSS feeds. Here's how it works:

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Looking for life after Google Reader? Here's what you need to know!

Google Reader will soon be gone, and anyone who uses it daily — like everyone here at Mobile Nations — will have to make a decision on how to carry on their RSS love affair. Fortunately, it's no longer the disaster we all feared on first hearing the news, and we're actually left with an ample selection of replacements. Here's everything you need to know.

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Google Earth adds Street View for your ground-level peeping pleasure

Google Earth for iOS has just been updated to version 7.1 and among the big new features is Street View, just like its cousin, Google Maps, has been enjoying for a while now. According to Haris Ramicthe, the program manager, on the Google Maps blog:

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Qwiki for iPhone review: Turn your iPhone photos into stunning, shareable slideshows in seconds

Qwiki for iPhone's whole purpose is to allow you to turn all your already existing photos into beautiful slideshows in just a matter of seconds. Your slideshows, complete with transitions and music from your own library, can then be shared via your social networks and on Qwiki with a simple tap. If you're looking for an easy way to share memories without any heavy lifting involved, Qwiki is great for traveling, moments with your kids, and anything else you'd want to compile into a single file to share.

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Where's My Mickey? for iPhone review: Help Mickey work his way through over 100 head scratching levels

Where's My Mickey? for iPhone is Disney's newest Mickey adventure where you'll help him and his friends collect water and evade the elements to complete each story line. Throughout each of 5 separate stories, you'll need to think your way through how to complete each level without losing water along the way or not getting it to Mickey at all. Collecting stars along the way gives you higher points. Collect all three to ace each level.

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