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Exigo for iPad: Sales and estimate tracker for individual contractors and consultants without the huge price tag

If you own a small business or happen to be a consultant or contractor, you've probably come across the hurdle of deciding whether or not accounting and inventory software are completely necessary. Exigo for iPad is a good option for those that just need numbers to turn over to their account and invoices and estimates to give to their clients without the headache and expense of extensive programs that never get fully utilized.

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Afterlight update now brings the filter-tastic photo editor to the iPad

Afterlight is a great photo editing tool for the iPhone full of filters, tools, and filters, and we're pretty big fans of it. Up until now, the only thing missing really has been proper iPad support, but that all changes with the latest update. That's right, Afterlight now comes with full, proper iPad support.

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Google Chrome for iOS fixes video playback bug

Google Chrome for iOS has been updated. This update contains a fix for embedded video playback in iOS 5.1, as well as other bug fixes and security improvements.

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GoPro App lets you play back videos and goes social too

GoPro has released a new version of its iOS remote control app. Using the software you can remote-control your wearable GoPro action camera. New to this release is the ability to play back videos and view photos, and share the content you're shooting.

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Kindle for iOS update adds Kindle store search

The Kindle app for iPhone and iPad has been updated, adding the option of searching the Kindle store. Previously, users could only search their own library of books, but using the search function of the app will now also return books in the Kindle store that have free samples available.

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Outline+ for iPad: The perfect note taking option for the overly compulsive!

Outline+ for iPad is a note taking app that focuses on keeping your notes organizes in outline format. You can create different notebooks for different purposes and organize and drill down inside of those as well. You also get Dropbox, Skydrive, iTunes, and Box syncing support.

  • Free (limited) - Download Now
  • $14.99 (full version) - [Download Now]( /id538029496?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Math 42 for iPhone and iPad not only solves math problems but helps you better understand them

Math 42 is an amazing little app for iPhone and iPad that functions both as an all-in-one calculator and as a learning tool. Aimed at 5th to 12th grade level students, you can get the help you need solving problems in many different categories. When you get stuck, Math 42 can even take you step by step through how to solve a particular problem.

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Zagat from Google launches for iPhone, discover cool nightlife and restaurants

While Google may taketh away with one hand, they giveth with the other, as is the case with the new Zagat application for iPhone. Zagat has been available on Android since late 2012, and provides a service to discover nightlife and restaurants in selected cities around the world. Picking up a little where the Google+ local app leaves a gap, Zagat's arrival on iOS means that at least a part of Google's local search services remains separate from their main bank of apps.

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Google Shopper next to fall out of existence, app being retired on August 30

The Google streamlining continues, with the announcement now that their dedicating shopping app, Google Shopper, will be retired come August 30. The app acts as a front for Google's web-based shopping curation service, and helps people find products and prices in their local areas as well. But, in around a months time the app will disappear. From the Google Commerce Blog:

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PDF Expert updates with iCloud sync, PDF merging

PDF Expert for iPad has been updated to version 4.7, adding iCloud sync, PDF merging, and a host of fixes and improvements. People have previously been able to sync their documents using other methods, such as Dropbox, but iCloud sync is native to iOS and requires not extra accounts or setup. The other significant update to PDF Expert comes in the form of merged PDFs.

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