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EA reveals, not surprisingly, the freemium future of FIFA Mobile

EA has today announced yet another of their premium mobile titles will be heading down the freemium route. The next release of FIFA Mobile – or, FIFA 14 as it'll likely be known as its console equivalent – was the topic of discussion during EA's Gamescom press conference in Germany.

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Hype 2.0 for Mac and Hype Reflect for iOS: HTML5 Interactive design tools come of age!

When Steve Jobs wrote Thoughts on Flash, and predicted a grim end to the then-reigning king of internet interactivity, I agreed with him. And I was working, in part, as a Flash animator at the time, doing dynamic web elements for corporate sites. It was a patch, something that fixed a gap in functionality, but something that, as the gap narrowed, needed to be replaced. Video, at least the DRM-free kind, was easy to see a Flash-free future for. The kind of stuff I was doing, however, the stuff that used timelines and transformations, was harder to see. Then came tools like Hype. And now, Hype 2.0 for Mac and its companion app, Hype Reflect for iOS.

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First Plants vs. Zombies 2 update announced, going to the Far Future

PopCap has announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will soon receive a major content update called Far Future. No other details were released during their Gamescom press conference, but presumably, players will take the fight to the zombies in the future. The far future.

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Mailbox users; link your Dropbox account for an extra 1GB free storage!

Here's a handy tip for Mailbox users to get some extra, totally free, storage in their Dropbox accounts. Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox not too long after it launched, and has since seen updates to add integration for Dropbox attachments. Now though, it seems the Dropbox connection goes a little further, as noticed by The Next Web:

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Apple urges iTunes affiliates to hurry up and transition to the new PHG program before Oct. 1

Apple's got a brand new affiliate partner in PHG and they're telling everyone within email distance to hurry up and change before the old Linkshare and DGM links go dead on October 1, 2013.

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2K Drive will be screeching its tires on iPhone and iPad before the year is out

We're pretty spoiled on iOS with good quality racing games, but that isn't stopping the folks at 2KGames throwing their name in the hat with this; 2K Drive for iPhone and iPad. This racer comes with a pretty impressive resume too, with the development team comprising some of the teams that developed Project Gotham Racing on the Xbox, and Blur. If that doesn't get you excited, then the launch trailer surely will.

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Nook Video app comes to iOS

Barnes & Noble has released a version of its Nook Video for iOS devices. The app is fairly simple, letting you watch movies and TV shows that you've purchased from the Nook store.

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Full for iPhone is a beautiful and simplistic way to track and maintain personal goals

Full for iPhone is a goal tracking app that lets you enter goals and then track how often you hit them each month. WIth a gorgeous gesture driven interface, adding goals and tracking them is simple, intuitive, and a lot of fun.

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CARROT Alarm for iPhone will wake you up in the morning, or else

CARROT Alarm, by the makers of CARROT to-do, brings the same charm to getting you up out of bed in the morning as they did to getting stuff done. And yes, that means the artificial personality wrapped around the app that will sarcastically, acerbically, almost priggishly bully, cajole, and threaten you into setting alarms, and then make it you jump through tap, flip, and shake hoops to turn it off again.

There's quite a bit more to it than that, of course, and you can find out all about it on the CARROT website.

The short version: You'll hate it. You'll love it. You'll wake up.

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Original Tapatalk for iOS goes free, upgrades all users to the newer interface

The original version of Tapatalk for both iPhone and iPad is now free for all users and brings with it the completely redesigned interface that users of Tapatalk 2 already enjoy.

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