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Best iPhone apps to follow the English Premier League: BBC Sport, ESPN FC, BT Sport and more!

August in the UK means one thing for football fans; the return of the Premier League season. Not just in the UK either, the appeal of the Premier League stretches far and wide, with a healthy following in the U.S, Asia and even as far afield as Australia. While live, televised games are few and far between on UK TV, with an iPhone in our pockets we can follow all the action as it happens, wherever we are. Here's a selection of the best, though bear in mind region restrictions may apply.

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Mailbox updated with cloud search, account specific signatures, and more

Mailbox, now part of Dropbox, has been updated to version 1.5 and that means you can now search not only local messages, but all the email stored up on the Gmail cloud. If you have multiple accounts, you can now also assign unique signatures to each and every one of them, and if you have Google's Chrome browser installed, you can choose to open links in that rather than Apple's built-in Safari.

Grab Mailbox, or the update, from the App Store now, and when you've tried it out, let me know how much it eases your mail pain.

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Twitter for iOS updated with new focus on conversations

Twitter for iOS has been updated, adding a new way to view conversations, along with other enhancements. The new conversation view makes it easier for people to browse through conversations between the people they follow.

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MyFitnessPal for iPhone review: Easily log workouts, diet, and more

MyFitnessPal is one of the best general fitness logging apps on the iPhone. Not only can you log workouts but food and water intake as well. What's more, it connects to hardware like Fitbit and Jawbone UP, and is available on most mobile platforms. Check out the video above for my full review!

If you haven't tried it yet, download it now and get going! If you have, tell us how you like it and how you're using it!

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Omni Group offers Mac App Store customers upgrade pricing on their future releases

There is no out-and-out upgrade pricing model as such for the Mac App Store – it's something we've talked at length about before – but Omni Group has come up with a simple method to offer their customers the chance for cut-price software upgrades. OmniKeyMaster is a free app available from their website, that searches for Mac App Store licences of their products and creates an equivalent license for their own web store.

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BBC iPlayer gets better search and improved AirPlay in latest update

The BBC has pushed out an update to their popular iPlayer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this morning that among other things brings improved search and AirPlay functionality.

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Parallels 'applifies' Mac and Windows apps onto iPad

Almost since Apple turned to Intel for Mac microprocessors in 2006, Parallels Desktop has been a mainstay for Mac users wanting to run Windows alongside their Macs without having to reboot first. Now the company is turning its spotlight on the iPad with a new app called Parallels Access, which enables you to operate Mac (and Windows) apps from your iPad, as if they were running locally.

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Gmail for iOS updated with better attachment handling, better integration with Drive and Google+

Google has updated their native Gmail app to version 2.4. New features include what they're calling "enhanced email attachments" which appears to translate into larger thumbnails and full screen previews. Also on board is better integration with two other Google apps - Google Drive and Google+. Links to either now go directly to the appropriate app instead of the web. Google does point out that feature can be disabled via the in-app settings, for those who find the integration to close for comfort.

You can grab the Gmail app, or the update, via the App Store now.

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Madden 25 now available for iPhone and iPad, jumping on the freemium bandwagon

We're at that time of year again, and as sure as the new NFL season begins we also get the yearly update to the Madden series. This years release, Madden 25, is now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the same day as the console release, and is following EA's now traditional free-to-play model:

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Dreamweaver CC adds Live Highlight, enhanced CSS Designer, more

Adobe on Tuesday announced an update to Dreamweaver CC, the version of their web development software available to subscribers of Adobe's Creative Cloud service.

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