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Whisper for features wicked fast messaging complete with push, photo sharing, location info, and more

Whisper for iPhone is a new messaging service that takes advantage of the API in order to bring super fast messages over any network complete with push notifications. For times when services like iMessage and regular SMS messaging fail, it's always good to have a backup, and Whisper is a super exceptional one that's packed with useful features.

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Apps of the week: On/Off, Anomaly 2, Yahoo! Weather and more!

Each week, the writers and editors here at iMore select some of our favorite apps for iOS and OS X, and share them with you, our fantastic readers. This week, we've got a great selection of games for you -- it is Talk Mobile gaming week after all -- along with a weather app, and a photo editor. Here's what we've been using this week.

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iMore 2.1 for iPhone - Now you can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Mobile Nations Passport!

Small but awesome update to our very own iMore for iPhone app today -- Mobile Nations passport integration. Existing readers can still login with their iMore accounts, of course, but readers from other Mobile Nations sites can also login with Android Central, CrackBerry, and Windows Phone Central accounts, and brand new readers can now login with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google accounts as well.

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes?

Breaking up iTunes is Peter Cohen's number one want for OS X 10.9. He's probably not alone on that front, I myself went as far as saying I'd love to see the Podcasts app broken away from iTunes and released as a stand alone as on iOS. On their iOS devices, Apple has made the iTunes experience so much better than on the desktop, and it's been this way for a long time. And, with iCloud at their disposal, Apple could easily strip apart the "bloated, unwieldy mess" that is the current iTunes desktop experience.

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Dispatch for iPhone review: If you're buried in emails, you need this app now!

For those of us that have lots of emails to keep up on everyday, the default iPhone mail app can be somewhat lacking. There are other options in the App Store but it always seems to be give and take. Dispatch aims to close a good majority of that gap by providing functionality that makes you more productive. With support for snippets, multiple account types, extensive share sheets, and more, Dispatch may just give apps like Mailbox a run for its money.

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Best addicting games for iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are excellent gaming devices. Games available for iOS include just about every genre imaginable: strategy, arcade, puzzle, hardcore, board games, and more. Some of these are downright addicting and have the power to keep you glued to your device for hours and make it feel like only a few moments. That's what we're taking a look at today -- our favorite addicting games for iPhone and iPad.

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Any.Do's Cal smart calendar app understands context, location, and more

Any.Do will soon launch Cal, a calendar app that is supposed to be the first in a series of new apps. Cal asks you to sign in with your Any.Do account, then imports your existing calendar events as well as your contacts. Cal tries to make creating events as easy and useful as possible.

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Vesper for iPhone review: Collect your thoughts with one part notes app, one part lists app, shaken, not stirred

Vesper -- Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber's Vesper -- is part list-maker and part note-taker, and so strongly opinionated about how it balances both that you'll fall instantly in love... or want to kill it on sight. This isn't your UIKit convention, your lowest common denominator, or any other concession to the mass-market. Everything about Vesper, every choice about every feature, liberates only through constraint. Because it allows for just a very small set of very deliberate actions, Vesper frees you from the cognitive overhead of managing the management app, and forces you to simply fulfill its purpose -- collecting your thoughts.

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Update: No BBM for iOS on June 27, T-Mobile got it wrong

Update: CrackBerry has heard back from the folks at BlackBerry, and it turns out this one is completely false. There's nothing to suggest exactly where T-Mobile was coming from, but we're back precisely where we were this morning.

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Subway UK Subcard app adds support for Passbook

As time passes by here in the UK, we get word of another app adding Passbook support. This time it's Subway, with an update to their Subcard app that allows you to finally add your card to Passbook on your iPhone. Your Subcard ID and recent transactions can now be accessed from your Passbook wallet.

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