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Feedly switches on its API, updates its apps, ahead of Google Reader shutdown

As promised, Feedly has pulled the trigger, removing its dependency on Google Reader and updating its iOS app to relfect the change. While it can still connect to Google Reader, Feedly is now officially powered by its own backend service, and will continue to function after Google Reader shuts down on July 1.

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Vouchr for iPhone goes global, give vouchers to your friends in 18 countries

Vouchr, the personalized gift voucher service for iPhone, has today announced an update that makes it available outside Canada for the first time. Now, residents of 18 different countries globally can create and share their own gift vouchers with their Facebook friends.

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Passbook for iOS 7 to support scanning QR codes

Passbook wasn't specifically mentioned during the iOS 7 announcement at WWDC 2013, but it appears to be getting QR code scanning support on the new version of iOS. Seen here in this press shot from the iOS 7 portal at, the stock Passbook card clearly shows a "Scan Code" option in the top right-hand corner.

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Notifications in OS X Mavericks to include quick action shortcuts

Apple announced today at WWDC 2013 that notifications would allow users to quickly leap into action without having to open apps first. This includes replying to incoming iMessages, sending canned responses to FaceTime requests, and even third-party apps will be able to offer a bit of interactivity.

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iOS App Store will update apps automatically, offer location and age categories

Today at (WWDC 2013)(""), Apple announced that all updates will be updated automatically, so you won't get spammed with notification icons anymore.

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Weather for iOS 7 looking great, doubles as world clock

Apple demoed a new weather application that will be included in iOS 7 today, and it's looking great. Everything is following the new overall flat user interface, with sharp lines and a simple layout.

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App Nap to offer smart battery optimization for OS X Mavericks

One of the many new features in OS X Mavericks announced today at WWDC was a little battery-saving function called Appnap. Basically, it hibernates apps that aren't currently visible.

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Whisper for features wicked fast messaging complete with push, photo sharing, location info, and more

Whisper for iPhone is a new messaging service that takes advantage of the API in order to bring super fast messages over any network complete with push notifications. For times when services like iMessage and regular SMS messaging fail, it's always good to have a backup, and Whisper is a super exceptional one that's packed with useful features.

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Apps of the week: On/Off, Anomaly 2, Yahoo! Weather and more!

Each week, the writers and editors here at iMore select some of our favorite apps for iOS and OS X, and share them with you, our fantastic readers. This week, we've got a great selection of games for you -- it is Talk Mobile gaming week after all -- along with a weather app, and a photo editor. Here's what we've been using this week.

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iMore 2.1 for iPhone - Now you can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Mobile Nations Passport!

Small but awesome update to our very own iMore for iPhone app today -- Mobile Nations passport integration. Existing readers can still login with their iMore accounts, of course, but readers from other Mobile Nations sites can also login with Android Central, CrackBerry, and Windows Phone Central accounts, and brand new readers can now login with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google accounts as well.

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