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Popular indie game Limbo now available for both iPhone and iPad

Limbo, an already popular indie title for consoles is now available for both iPhone and iPad. With the long holiday weekend approaching in the US, Limbo will make for a perfect time killer. If you're new to Limbo, you'll love the design and the eery story line.

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How to avoid using Facebook log in for your Spotify account

Spotify and Facebook are pretty close these days, with Facebook log in seemingly the preferred method of setting up an account. But, some of us don't have a Facebook account, or just plain don't want to use anything that makes us log into it in this way. Fear not though, because with Spotify there is another way. You just have to look beyond the iOS app to find it.

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Try getting a weapon on a plane and you'll end up on...Instagram?

This Instagram image was taken by the TSA. No, really. It shows a weapon they confiscated from someone's carry on luggage at Austin Bergstrom airport. The TSA now has their own Instagram account and has taken to posting images of some of the things they're confiscating at airports across the U.S.

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ReadKit for Mac keeps your reading together in one fast, stylish place

The Google Reader apocalypse sent many of us scrambling for replacements on both our iOS devices and our Macs. Some of the more popular options, such as Reeder, haven't updated in time for the Mac, or perhaps our new RSS service of choice isn't supported by our most used application. The scramble settled, eventually, and I found myself on Newsblur which then lead me to ReadKit for Mac. ReadKit goes far beyond just RSS, though, it'll pull in most of the popular reading services too. Let's take a look.

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Poutsch for iPhone and iPad review: Ask questions, get answers from friends or from around the world!

Poutsch for iPhone and iPad is a new social service that allows you to ask any question you'd like to either your friends or the entire Poutsch community. You can embed videos and photos as well as links to sources to get an opinion on them. From there the community can answer your polls and debate the topic in one easy to access place. In some ways, Poutsch can function as an online democracy of sorts and double up as a pretty valuable tool for data seekers at the same time.

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How to configure Feedly or another RSS service with Reeder for iPhone

If you're a huge Reeder fan, you're in luck as it's just been updated with support for several new RSS services since Google Reader is now no longer accessible except to export your feeds.

Once you've exported your feeds to Feedly or another RSS service of your choice, you're ready to set up a new RSS service inside Reeder. Here's how:

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Spotify for iPhone gets the Discover tab, What's New being confined to history

Spotify has pushed out an update to their iOS app with a bunch of new features — mainly for the iPhone — with the addition of the new Discover tab top of the list. The now playing view is also getting some polish, and there's a shiny new icon to boot as well.

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Chromium based Opera 15 officially launches for Mac

The Chromium based version of the Opera browser, previously known as Opera Next, has today exited its beta phase and launched official as Opera 15 for Windows and Mac. It's pretty much the same fare as the preview build, with Mail stripped out and some interesting new features like Discover and Stash.

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Reeder for iPhone update now live, Feedly support arrives in the nick of time

We heard just a few days ago that popular RSS reading app, Reeder for iPhone, was going free while an update for the Google-pocalypse was awaiting approval by Apple. That update has now been approved, and not a moment too soon as Google Reader has now closed its doors for good.

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Microsoft launches Xbox Music web player, iOS app still nowhere to be seen

Microsoft has taken another step forward with its Xbox Music service by launching the much rumored web player, though any iOS app is still very much absent. With a web client now active, it means that Mac using Xbox Music subscribers, of which we're sure there's a few, can listen to their music. Until now, only Windows users had been able to get their music on their desktops.

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