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Task for iPhone and iPad review: To-do list creation that's easy, fun, and beautiful

Task for iPhone and iPad was recently updated to version 2.0. For those who enjoy Clear either for iOS or Mac, Task is very similar but uses a little bit different of an organization scheme. Instead of hierarchies and levels like Clear, Task takes a simpler approach and just organizes reminders by date. Didn't finish one? That's okay, Task can automatically just move it to tomorrow for you.

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Apps of the week: #nwplyng, Felix for, Trakato and more!

Another week, and another selection of the apps which have been gracing our iOS devices. This week we're trying something new, and we're breaking apart our picks. Today we have apps, absolutely no games. Then, following along tomorrow, we'll be posting a selection of the games we've been playing in the last seven days. So, here's the app picks!

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Still looking for a Google Reader replacement? AOL steps up to the plate!

We're little over a week out from Google Reader's planned closure, and AOL is the latest -- and perhaps, slightly unlikely -- source of a replacement service ready to fill the Google shaped void. AOL Reader has launched in beta form, though access seems highly restricted at this time, and you will be able to sign in via your Google account. Engadget, an AOL company, has confirmed that invite requests to AOL Reader will be accepted beginning Monday, June 24.

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How to get iMore to cover your apps and games

Today's Talk Mobile was all about helping developers better market their apps. Media outlets like iMore are an important part of that marketing, yet like any resource, we have our limits. We get dozens of app submissions a day and sometimes hundreds a week, but we only have time to cover a handful. And as much as we love developers and apps, we love our readers even more, and take our responsibility to them incredibly seriously. We're only ever going to offer them the very best apps and games we can find. To put it bluntly, if something looks or works like crap, we're not going anywhere near it.

So, if you're a developer and you've made an amazing app or game, what's the best way to ensure it gets featured on iMore? There's no absolute answer to that question -- it's a classic chaos equation -- but there's a lot of things that can help, and a few that can hinder:

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Airmail for Mac updated with Google Drive support, Droplr integration, and more

Airmail for Mac was just updated to version 1.0.4 and brings with it lots of new features, improvements to existing ones, and bug fixes. Most notably, Airmail now has Google Drive support and also allows both Droplr and CloudApp support for attachments in addition to Dropbox. You can also now choose to delay sending an email if you'd like.

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YouTube for iOS updated with support for video suggestion overlays

YouTube for iOS has been updated with support for overlays with suggestions for what to watch next. These banners come up from the bottom of the video that you are currently watching, suggesting a video for you to watch after your current video is done.

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Instagram adds videos, including stabilization and... filters!

Today at Facebook HQ, Instagram announced a new video service. The focus is on simplicity, beauty and community. You get 15 seconds of video to work with, though you can stitch together multiple clips.

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Photoful for iPhone review: iOS 7-like photo galleries, meme creation, and editing tools all in one

Photoful for iPhone is a new photo gallery app that not only organizes your photos in a way that makes sense, but also lets you do almost all your editing and sharing in one place. The way Photoful organizes photos is also quite similar to the way iOS 7 will organize photos come fall. If you'd like to get a feel for what that'll be like, Photoful can give you a sneak preview right now.

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Sega drops price on all Sonic the Hedgehog games

Sega has dropped the price of their Sonic the Hedgehog games to $0.99. Everything from the original Sonic the Hedgehog to Sonic Jump is on sale, and it's unknown how long they'll remain there, so if you were looking at one of the Sonic games, now is the perfect time to get it.

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Vdio on-demand video service from Rdio launches to wider audience in U.S and UK

Vdio, the on-demand video service from Rdio has launched fully to viewers across the U.S. and the UK. Until now the service has been in a private beta of sorts for Rdio Unlimited subscribers, but the gates are now opened to all. Vdio doesn't follow the Rdio subscription based business model, instead it just sells content to watch. Kind of like iTunes, then.

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