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Amazon launching their own login service for apps, games and websites

Following the likes of Google and Facebook, Amazon has announced "Login with Amazon," their own login service for apps, games and websites. Working in much the same way as competing services, Login with Amazon will allow developers to offer their users the chance to login to their products using an Amazon account

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1Password for Mac and iOS now half price!

1Password for Mac and iOS is hands down one of the best password managers around, and now it's on sale at half price! If you've been contemplating picking it up, but perhaps didn't fancy the price, now would be a great time to get it.

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Google+ update for iOS brings a host of new photo features and more

Google+ for iOS just got a pretty hefty update, bringing with it all of the cool new photo features announced back at Google I/O. That means that auto enhance, browsing highlights of all of your photos, sharing animations, panoramas and more are all now at the disposal of iOS users following their debut on Android.

  • Free - [Download Now]( /id447119634?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Serial+ for iPhone review: Never lose track of warranty info or serial numbers again

If you own a lot of gadgets and software programs, and let's face it, most of us do, keeping tracking of warranty information and serial numbers can become overwhelming. Serial+ aims to solve that problem by bundling them all into one easy to use app complete with Dropbox sync, so no matter what happens, all your product information is safe.

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Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone and iPad review: Productive procrastinating, at last!

Are you a procrastinator who tries time and time again to make use of an elaborate "get things done" system in order to bring some organization into your life to only put off using said system? Then Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone is for you! Do it (Tomorrow) is simply two lists, Today and Tomorrow, with the ability to move tasks between lists with just one quick tap.

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Opera Next preview for Mac shows the Mail-less, Chromium based browser of Opera's future

Opera has released a preview build of their next release for the Mac. Things are quite different this time around, though, as Opera Mail has been split away from the browser, and the whole thing is built upon Chromium. Opera has also included a couple of new features, including bringing the 'Discover' recommendation system to the desktop.

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Wake Alarm review: Slap around -- and flip off -- your iPhone for a better night's sleep

Wake Alarm is a gorgeous new alarm clock for iPhone that features a beautiful, gesture-filled interface and three different alarm styles: Slap & Flip, Shake, and Swipe. That's right, you must physically slap, flip, or shake your iPhone in order to turn off the alarm or trigger snooze.

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Honor your fallen loved ones this Memorial Day with Tributopia for iPhone

Aside from enjoying a day off from work and delicious BBQ with friends and family, Memorial Day is about remembering the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. With Tributopia for iPhone, you can do just that and honor your loved ones who have fallen while serving their country.

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How we write for iMore: Our workflows from Mac to iPad to iPhone and back!

Most of what we do here at iMore is write. We put words up onto the internet, and millions of them a year. Managing what we write, however, across Mac, iPad, and iPhone, from idea to draft to final, can often be more complicated than we like, involving different sync solutions and different apps, not to mention our web-based content management system. Each of us has our own workflows, and our own toolkits to accomplish them.

Here's what we're using to write, right now...

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Hipstamatic's Oggl photo sharing community now open to all

Oggl, Hipstamatic's new photo sharing service for the iPhone, has been updated in the App Store removing the requirement for an invite code. New users can now download the app and signup and join the new community that Hipstamatic bills as "A community of creative people capturing & curating their Lives through photography."

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