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Respawnables update brings weaponry, gadgets and costumes from Men in Black and Ghostbusters

Respawnables from Digital Legends by way of Zynga has received a pretty hefty update to version 1.5, that brings with it a bunch of new content including weapons from Men in Black and Ghostbusters. Through partnering with Sony Mobile and Sony Pictures, players can now get their hands on a Noisy Cricket or a Ghostbusters suit and Proton Gun to head on out and shoot things with.

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Selection of Star Wars games price-reduced in the Mac App Store, grab them quick!

If it passed you by, this past Saturday was Star Wars day -- May the 4th be with you. To celebrate, all Star Wars games published by Aspyr Media were slashed in price in the Mac App Store. This is a limited time offer, but those of you who didn't see this over the weekend still have a chance to grab them.

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Vine is so compelling it gets CrackBerry Kevin back on iPhone!

Vine is the Harry Potter-esque short moving picture app for iPhone acquired and launched by Twitter. Kevin Michaluk is the founder of Blackberry-focused website CrackBerry, and the chief media officer of Mobile Nations. The universe seemed to have ordained that never the two should meet. But someone found Kevin's iPhone, charged it, installed Instagram, forced it into his BlackBerry Q10-cold, clawed hand, and somehow showed Kevin how to use it.

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Apps of the Week: NASA, KitCam, Star Command, and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include an app for Londoners, a couple games, a wiki, a great photography app, and app for those who wish they were astronauts.

To see what we picked, follow along after the break!

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T-Mobile US launches TV streaming app for iPhone

T-Mobile U.S. has released a streaming TV app called T-Mobile TV, which streams a selection of television programs to your phone. You don't have to be on T-Mobile to use it, but you do have to be in the US to get it. T-Mobile TV includes both live TV from select content providers as well as previous episodes. You can mark certain programs and episodes as favorites for quick access. For the first thirty days, users can stream a small selection of content from the app.

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Airports by TravelNerd review: Find extensive flight and airport info all in one place

If you travel frequently, particularly making your way through many airports that you aren't familiar with, Airports by TravelNerd is a must have. Not only can you view up to date flight information but you can view terminal maps, amenities, and more for tons of airports across the world. While not every airport is supported, lots of them are.

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Native Instruments brings Traktor DJ to iPhone

Native Instruments has released an iPhone version of its pro DJ software, Traktor DJ. The new version of NI's DJ software follows the iPad release from earlier this year, at a much lower price point.

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Instagram update allows you to tag people in photos

Instagram has been updated to version 3.5, adding the ability to tag people in photos, along with a couple of changes to bug reporting and privacy settings.

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Ellen DeGeneres releases new game, Heads Up: Guess the word that's on your head from your friends' clues

Ellen DeGeneres has released an iPhone version of a game she likes to play on her show called Heads Up. It's simply a word guessing game where your friends try to get you to say the word on the screen by giving you hints. Only with Heads Up, you hold the phone above your head and it records video of your friend giving hints. You have sixty seconds to guess as many words as you can.

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Scapple makes it easy to layout ideas visually on your Mac

Literature and Latte's newest application for OS X is called Scapple, and it's now available for download. It's a really helpful utility for visually-oriented users who want to get some ideas down but might feel hampered by traditional outlining tools and text editors that enforce some sort of linear structure.

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