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Poems By Heart for iPhone and iPad review: Have fun memorizing classic poetry

Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics is an iPhone and iPad app that combines great poetry, memory skills, and gaming into one beautiful app. In this game, you must memorize classic poems in stages and ultimately learn them in their entirety. Poems By Heart includes classics by Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and more.

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Foursquare 6.0 gets more interesting and brings better search

The popular check-in app Foursquare has gone 6.0 and brings with it better insights and better search. Now you'll instantly see the most interesting things nearby instead of everything, making it easy to find something you'll actually like.

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Documents by Readdle now available for iPhone

Documents by Readdle is now available for the iPhone. Now a universal app, Documents lets you read Office documents, annotate PDFs, edit text files, listen to music, look at photos, and more. Across the bottom of the screen, there are four sections, along with access to the built-in web browser. Documents stores all of your files, from music to PDFs, and you can move files from Documents to iCloud by tapping the “Edit” button and selecting which files to move.

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Real Racing 3 gets hot new Chevrolet cars, vicious new Hunter mode!

That awesome looking Chevrolet update for Real Racing 3 we first previewed at GDC 2013 is now live and drifting its way across the App Store. The update, version 1.1.0 features the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL. The all-new Hunter mode gives you one lap -- and only one lap -- to chase down and pass another car, letting you put your friends into even higher levels of stress. Cloud save means your progress is saved not only on one device, but across all your devices, and with over 100 new events, you'll have a lot more stuff to save.

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Mail Pilot for iPhone and iPad review: turn your inbox into a productivity powerhouse

There are lots of alternative mail clients available in the App Store and Mail Pilot for iPhone and iPad is the newest addition. While the workflow concepts are simliar to that of apps like Mailbox, the overall interface and design is rather different. Not to mention, Mail Pilot supports an array of clients including both Gmail and iCloud.

I backed Mail Pilot in its infancy stages last summer when it started out as a Kickstarter project. It was a great idea and I'm excited to finally give it the review treatment and find out whether or not it really was worth the wait.

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Mini Display review: Use your iPhone or iPad as a 2nd display for your Mac.

Mini Display is a new app by Edovia that converts your iPhone or iPad into a second display for your Mac. Need extra screen space for your Twitter client or a place for your Photoshop palettes? Then Mini Display may be the perfect solution.

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Mittens for iPhone and iPad review: Meet Disney's new feline-powered puzzler

Mittens is a new physics-based puzzle game by Disney where you must help Mittens the cat travel the world to collect milk, balloons, and other gifts to give to Mia, the girl cat he's in love with you. Collecting these gifts is no easy feat for Mittens; he must fly through the air, slide across buildings, swing on trapezes, and avoid enemies all while also trying to get 3 diamonds along the way.

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SimCity coming to Mac on June 11

EA has announced that the latest version of their SimCity game will be arriving on mac on June 11 through their digital distribution service, Origin. Count yourself lucky, Mac owners, to have been spared the poopstorm that was the PC launch of the new SimCity game.

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Instashare review: Transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac instantly

Instashare lets you quickly and easily transfer video files, music files, PDF presentations, and more between iPhone, iPad, and Mac over local Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. There's no pairing or fancy setup needed. As long as two or more devices are running Instashare in the same area, you're good to go.

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Status Board review: Panic's delightful way to visually keep track of all your stuff

Status Board is a way to keep track of all the stuff you care about, delightfully rendered and presented on your iPad. That it comes from the obscenely talented team at Panic is no surprise. Based on a custom big screen status board they whipped for their office, the production version of Status Board offers a lot of the same charm, and in an easy to customize package.

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