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The Loop Magazine: The long-form Loop you've been waiting for!

I've been bitching to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop for years that, as much as I liked his and Peter Cohen's highly curated, Apple-, web-, music-, and gaming-centric link-list style, I missed their longer form pieces, the kind I remembered fondly from Macworld. Jim, of course, laughed. You might well know Jim's laugh. It's equal parts hilarious and bone-chilling. That laugh. Then, one day, he called me and said I could stop my bitching. He had a plan. He was going to start The Loop Magazine. So, how'd it turn out?

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Pixelmator for Mac gets a major update, over 100 new features and improvements

Popular Mac photo editing application Pixelmato, has just received a major update pushed out via the Mac App Store. The Pixelmator team has been teasing the update -- known as 2.2 Blueberry -- in recent days on their blog, but today it has pushed out complete with over 100 new features and improvements.

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Keep up with the 2013 FA Cup final on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Saturday May 11 sees the 2013 FA Cup come to a climax, with the final taking place at London's Wembley Stadium. The FA Cup is one of the worlds oldest, and greatest football tournaments -- that's the real football by the way, with the round ball -- and draws huge interest from all around the world. In the UK of course, the FA Cup is a massive occasion. We can't all be at the game, or watching on television, but with our iPhone's, iPad's and even Mac's, we can keep up to the minute with all the action. Read on for a selection of the best, though please do bear in mind that some content could be limited to those of us in the UK.

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Facebook Pages Manager gets overhauled for speed, scrolling and stickers

Facebook has pushed out an update to their Pages Manager app for iOS, with the emphasis on a rebuild for speed. Facebook says that they have completely rebuilt the app for version 2.0 so that it is faster and easier to use, with much improved timeline scrolling.

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Spark Inspector review: Audacious real-time debugging for iOS that might just be too audacious

Spark Inspector, by Foundry376 and J. Benjamin Gotow, brings a new approach to debugging, offering developers the ability to view their apps in an exploded 3D model, as well as change characteristics of elements on the fly, without the need to recompile. Often times apps appear to be relatively flat, two-dimensional beings. After all, they are displayed on a flat glass screen. However, developers and designers (as well as many users) are well aware that apps are made up of a series of layers, with many elements changing states, hiding some layers while revealing others. This can make it difficult to understand how an app is composed and what elements you’re interacting with, even for developers. So, can Spark Inspector help? Let's find out!

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How I use my iPhone and iPad as a college math teacher

As a college math instructor, I am a huge advocate for technology use in the classroom and regularly use my iPhone and iPad to enhance the learning experience for my students. Between using apps on the classroom projector, enabling Guided Access for student devices during exams, and preparing content at home, my iPhone and iPad are essential tools for me as a teacher.

More → launches Passport app for iPhone, lets you manage accounts, browse for ADN clients, and more! (ADN) has released Passport, an iPhone app that aims to make it easy to manage your experience. Current users can sign in to manage their profile, find people to follow, and browse ADN apps. You can download apps without leaving Passport by tapping the “App Store” button next to the application’s name on the list, causing its App Store page to pop up and allowing you to purchase and download the app before dismissing it and returning to the app list.

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Four years later, iWork apps need Apple's attention

On any given day, a quick check of the top-selling paid apps list in the Mac App Store will reveal Apple's Keynote, Pages and Numbers in the top ten. It's surprising, given that each of those apps was originally bundled as Apple's iWork '09 productivity suite, released in, you guessed it, January, 2009. It makes me wonder when or if we'll ever see an update to them.

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Google's Ingress augmented reality game may be making its way to the iPhone -- would you play? [Updated]

UPDATE: Looks like it's a third party port made by an enthusiast, at least according to the post Google+. So keep moving, nothing to see here. Although, the question remains, would you play Ingress if an official version does come to iOS?

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Write for Dropbox goes free on iPhone to celebrate launch of iPad edition

Write for Dropbox is a pretty fantastic text editor for the iPhone. When we first reviewed it, we loved the UI, the gesture control, the vast sharing options and fast syncing. What we weren't so fond of was the lack of iPad support, as an app as good as Write is crying out to be used on the iPad. Those days are behind us now, with the launch of the Write for Dropbox iPad edition. And, to celebrate, the iPhone version is free for a limited time.

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