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Make the perfect Old Fashioned with Mad Men Cocktail Culture for iPhone

Season 6 of the popular AMC television series Mad Men has premiered and with Mad Men Cocktail Culture for iPhone, you can mix up Don Draper's favorite drink, the Old Fashioned, and other popular drinks from the show and the 60s. Mad Men Cocktail is not only a drink recipe app, but also a game.

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iMore Editors' Choice: Badland, Soundcloud, Veronica Mars, and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include an app that lets you check the coverage of major US carriers, a refreshing runner game, a music app, a TV show, an app for a popular auctioning service, and an app that lets you bookmark your favorite locations.

To see what we picked, follow along after the break!

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How to remedy a bad Home button or Power button on iPhone using Assistive Touch

Two of the most common hardware issues with the iPhone are failures related to the Home button and Power button. This can present as either of these buttons becoming hard to press, not reading presses at all, or they can intermittently work. If you aren't up for a Home button or Power button DIY repair to fix the issue permanently, there is a way around them by using the Assistive Touch accessibility feature. This will give you a virtual Home button and Power button that can supplement the hardware. It isn't the most ideal solution but if you need a quick one, this is it.

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Word Lens for iPhone review

If you're traveling to foreign countries and you aren't 100% familiar with that language, reading traffic, public transit, and wayfinding signs can be a task. Looking them up in a translation app or in a physical guide can be daunting and slow you down. Word Lens for iPhone can solve this problem by allowing you to use the camera in your iPhone to take photos of signs. It will then translate them in real time.

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Meetings for iPhone and Mac review

Meetings is an app for iPhone and Mac by Command Guru that helps you plan, organize, and keep track of your meetings. It features a gorgeous interface and sections for participants, preparation, agenda, discussions, decisions, and tasks.

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Flayvr for iPhone review

Flayvr is a photography app for the iPhone that automatically sorts all your photos and videos into beautiful interactive albums. You can share these albums with your friends or keep them completely private.

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App Store makes age ratings easier to see, even if they're still awkward for apps with built-in browsers

Apple has moved age ratings in the App Store to a higher, more prominent position, right at the top between the app and developer name, and the star rating. Like the previous change, which added a clear, highly visible label to apps offering in-app purchase, it seems designed to make important information easier to see, and hopefully better inform customers of what they're downloading before they download it...

...except, of course, for age ratings on the App Store are still confusing.

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Chordion for iPad review

Chordion is a music creation app for iPad that makes it easy for non-musicians to make music, yet includes advanced settings and modes for experienced musicians to get even more out of Chordion.

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Twitter updated, allows users to install and open apps from tweets

Twitter for iOS has been updated, adding the ability to install and launch apps from tweets. Apps with support for the latest Cards functionality will automatically add a link to open or install the app when a user tweets from it, along with a short description of the app.

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Microsoft SkyDrive wakes up, brings iPhone 5 and iPad mini support

The Microsoft SkyDrive app has finally been updated to version 3.0, ten months and two days after its last update, bringing support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Other enhancements include letting users download their photos in their full resolution, better support for SkyDrive-connected apps for uploading and opening files, and bug fixes.

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