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Netbot updated with direct Messages on, goes free in effort to spur service adoption

When Netbot was launched back in October of last year, we praised it as a fine client for the fledgling service. Since then both the service and the app have evolved, with version 1.3 of Netbot gaining support for the new Messaging API. Additionally, in an effort to spur adoption of, developer Tapbots has decided to reduce the price for Netbot to free.

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Angry Birds Star Wars updated with new levels, enemies

Angry Birds Star Wars has been updated with 20 new levels, along with 2 new bonus levels, new enemies, and more:

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Pocket updated with native Facebook sharing, improved navigation

Pocket for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a number of bug fixes and improved sharing features. The update brings native sharing to Facebook for iOS 6 users. There is also now support for Sina Weibo for Chinese iOS 6 users.

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Google Drive for iOS updated with multi photo/video upload, Quickoffice support, and more

Google Drive has just received an update that adds some new features as well as improvements for existing ones. New features include the ability to upload multiple photos and images at once as well as the ability to open and save Quickoffice documents directly to Google Drive.

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Facebook app updated with voice messages, video recording, and more

Facebook for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad has been updated to version 5.2 and among the highlighted features are voice messages, video recording, and a new Nearby tab.

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Letterpress updated, adds shake to shuffle, high contrast theme, more

Letterpress by Atebits, the word game darling of geeks everywhere, has been updated to version 1.3. New features include the ability to shake to shuffle letters (credited to developer Loren Brichter's wife -- don't ask about the dance!), a new high-contrast theme, the ability to view replays in Safari or Chrome, and some behind the scenes awesomizing of an undisclosed nature.

If you're already playing Letterpress, grab the update now. If not, head on over to the App Store and try it. It's free, and it's spectacular.

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Shocker: People are uploading porn to Vine

Earlier this week Twitter launched their new, concise video service, Vine. And, just like we predicted -- surprise, surprise -- some people have been using it for porn ads and penis shots. This is cause for comment not only because of the content itself, but because a short time ago Apple removed the 500px app due to what they claimed was "pornographic" content (rather than artistic nudity).

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MAME returns to the App Store this time hidden in a game called Gridlee

A new game has been released in the App Store that offers a little more than meets the eye. Gridlee was a game that was originally developed for the arcade back in 1982 and never released; that is until now. It is a really simple game as you would imagine as it dates back to 1982; what’s interesting here however is that it is built on the MAME4iOS engine.

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iMore editors' Choice: Scribblenauts, Ghostbusters, Trapit, Traal, and more!

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include a ton of games, a smart news aggregator, and... did we say a ton of games?

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Best forum browsing app for iPhone and iPad

Forums are a super popular way for like minded people to gather and discuss topics that interest them. We have the iMore forums and many other communities have forum boards as well. If you own an iPhone or iPad and actively participate in forum communities, regardless of type, there are apps available in the App Store to help you do it on the go.

We took a look at all the forum apps we could find and Tapatalk 2 for iPhone and Tapatalk HD for iPad by Quoord Systems are the best around when it comes to hooking into forums from any iOS device. Here's why...

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