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Google's Ingress augmented reality game may be making its way to the iPhone -- would you play? [Updated]

UPDATE: Looks like it's a third party port made by an enthusiast, at least according to the post Google+. So keep moving, nothing to see here. Although, the question remains, would you play Ingress if an official version does come to iOS?

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Write for Dropbox goes free on iPhone to celebrate launch of iPad edition

Write for Dropbox is a pretty fantastic text editor for the iPhone. When we first reviewed it, we loved the UI, the gesture control, the vast sharing options and fast syncing. What we weren't so fond of was the lack of iPad support, as an app as good as Write is crying out to be used on the iPad. Those days are behind us now, with the launch of the Write for Dropbox iPad edition. And, to celebrate, the iPhone version is free for a limited time.

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Google offers iOS developers a way to treat Chrome almost like the default browser

Google has released code that gives developers the ability to have links open directly in Google Chrome instead of Apple's built-in Safari browser, and return users right back to their app with a single tap. A developer has to add Google's code -- a URL scheme with x-callback -- to their app, and you have to have Chrome installed on your device, but the execution is seamless. The example used on the Chromium blog blog is YouTube: tapping on a link in a YouTube listing opens Chrome and provides a back button at the top left to easily return to the YouTube app.

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Boingo app update lets you bill your WiFi subscription to your iTunes account

We'll always take free WiFi first, or good LTE coverage, but sometimes there's just no alternative but to use a Boingo subscription. Boingo has around 600,000 hotspots around the globe, and with todays update to their iOS application, accessing them became a lot smoother.

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Creative Cloud crossroads: Will Adobe users flee in droves?

On Monday Adobe kicked off its MAX conference in Los Angeles with news that it it had ceased active development of its Creative Suite 6 products in favor of Creative Cloud instead. Moving forward, if you want the latest innovations to key Adobe apps like Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee instead of buying a license to use a copy of the software in perpetuity. That's not sitting well with many Adobe customers - let's look at what's at stake for both the company and its users.

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Pixter Scanner for iPhone review: Capture text with a photo, translate it, and more

Pixter Scanner for iPhone is an OCR (optical character recognition) app that allows you to snap a photo of any text, whether that's from a magazine, a street sign, or any other source, in order to translate it or save the contents for reading later. It can be ideal when traveling for translating foreign languages or for those times when you find a story in a magazine and want to save it for reference at a later time in digital format.

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Bjango teases Skala, an interface and icon design tool by and for people who love interface and icon design

Skala is intended to be an interface and design app for and by people who love interface and icon design. That's a tougher job than you might think. There are all sorts of general purpose tools out there that can be used for interface and icon design, Photoshop chief among them. Being general purpose tools, however, they all jack so many different trades, they end up being masters of none. That's why Aperture and Lightroom came about: to better suit the specific needs of photographers. And that's why Skala is on its way: to better suit the specific needs of interface and icon designers.

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Talk to your Viber friends on your iPhone, iPad and now your Mac with the all new desktop app

Viber, the massively popular VoIP service that allows users to send free texts and pictures and make free calls worldwide for free, has pushed out a huge update to their iOS app. But, that's not all. Along with the update to v3.0, Viber is launching for the first time a desktop client, so Viber users can get the same great service from their Mac as well as their iOS devices.

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Facebook Messenger update adds cute stickers and brings back swipe to delete

Facebook has pushed out an update to their Messenger application for iPhone and iPod Touch that adds some new cuteness and brings back functionality that once was lost.

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Want to see some of the new features coming to Photoshop CC and the rest of the Creative Cloud? Here are the videos!

Earlier today Adobe announced that they were axing their old Creative Suite apps and going all-in on Creative Cloud. As part of that initiative, they've released a series of videos starting with the one above that tries to dispel common myths associated with Creative Cloud. Others address how Creative Cloud will help various professionals, like designers, web pros, and video editors, as well showcasing some of the new features and technologies coming our way this June in apps like Photoshop CC. And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the incredibly Mac-centric nature of the videos. But then, who could blame them? Here's what we've got...

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