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Thetrainline updated for iPhone 5 support, tickets on your phone coming soon

For UK commuters who use the train a lot, thetrainline for iPhone is one of those must have apps, and today it has been updated to finally support the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5. Better still, we're told that the ability to have your tickets sent straight to your phone is coming soon.

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Square Enix announces Deus Ex: The Fall, coming soon to iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has announced Deus Ex: The Fall for iPhone and iPad. Set in the same time period as their console and PC game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Fall combines a first-person shooter with third-person, cover-based mechanics. Players take on the role of Ben Saxon, a man who was betrayed by his employers, trying to find out what happened to him.

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British Airways finally adds Passbook integration to their iPhone app!

I know there's a few of my British friends who've been waiting on this one; British Airways has finally added Passbook support to their iPhone app! The update is pushing out through the App Store as we speak, and going forward all boarding passes will be presented in Passbook. There is however an issue with the app for anyone on iOS 5, and BA is advising users on this software version not to update at this time.

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Starbucks the king of the mobile wallet apps in the U.S, accounts for most transactions

Mobile wallet apps are still taking off, but one company has soared to the top of the spend list; Starbucks. Reports suggest that U.S. customers spent $500 million using such apps during 2012, and that 'most' of that was spent in Starbucks using their own app.

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Byword 2 for iPhone, iPad and Mac review: New premium option allows publishing to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote, and more

Byword, a popular writing app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, has been updated to version 2 and is more enjoyable than ever. Some of the new features include automatic downloads, full-feature offline support, better integration with other apps, and a premium option that lets you publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram, and Evernote.

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Camera Noir from Pacific Helm gives you your Gotham back, with style!

Rock-star design team Pacific Helm has just launched their second app, the awesomely named Camera Noir. It does one thing, but in typical PH fashion, does it insanely well: Takes black and white photos in the style of the gone-but-not-forgotten Gotham filter from the early Instagram.

  • [Download now]( w-photography/id653121289?ls=1&mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Felix for iPad review: Same great gesture for, new bigger size!

The popular iPhone (ADN) client Felix has made it's way to the iPad and includes the same elegant appeal with tons of features. What sets it apart from the iPhone version is the new navigation puck that lets Felix be used in a tab-free environment.

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Gmail update for iOS adds new inbox support and notification options

The new look Gmail inbox started rolling out to the web interface last week, and today's update to the iOS app brings it to your iPhone and iPad. We're not treated to a visual upgrade too, but then, the iOS app has had the slide-out drawer interface for some time now.

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Feedly emerging as a prime candidate to replace Google Reader, Reeder and Newsify to integrate their API

Google Reader is not long for this world, and it seems that Feedly wants to be the replacement. They're now announcing a bunch of partner applications that will use their API. Of interest to iOS users is the news that both Newsify and Reeder will be integrating the new Feedly API prior to the closure of Google Reader.

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Google Chrome update for iOS adds the new improved voice search

We knew it was coming, but Google has now finally pushed out their new and improved voice search enabling update to the Chrome browser for iOS. The update brings Chrome for iOS up to version 27, and in line with the desktop and Android versions of the browser.

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