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Google introduces new cross-platform messaging service, Hangouts, available now!

Much rumored leading up to Google I/O, Google has today introduced their all new, cross-platform messaging service, Google+ Hangouts. Just a day after BlackBerry announced BBM for iOS, Google is bringing their offering and it's available to download from the App Store now.

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Thinglist for iPhone review: A single place to remember all the things you always forget

Thinglist isn't your everyday task list or reminders app. Actually, it's neither of those things. At its core, Thinglist really functions as a way for you to jot down ideas and things to remember that aren't so time pressing.

How about that time that you wanted to watch a movie your friend told you about but now can't remember the title? These are the types of uses Thinglist for iPhone is perfect for.

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Get Push Notifications on the latest iMore, CrackBerry, and Windows Phone Central Forums apps for iOS!

We've brought Push Notification support to our iMore Forums app for iOS, and the CrackBerry and Windows Phone Central Forums apps for iOS (hey, we're one big Mobile Nations family!)

They're all powered by Tapatalk, of course, so get the same experience you know, but in handy, dedicated, free form! Get them all now!

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Get better quality video using cellular data with latest BBC iPlayer update

For UK folks, the BBC iPlayer app is a must have if you like watching TV on the go. Perhaps the biggest source of frustration, though, has always been the somewhat lacklustre video quality should you be watching over a cellular connection, be that 3G or LTE. Fortunately, the BBC has taken action and is pushing an update into the App Store that promises to remedy the issue.

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iMovie for Mac now works better with your iMovie for iOS projects

It's been a while since Apple last pushed out an update to iMovie for Mac, but the latest one currently pushing out should make it better to work with your iMovie for iOS projects on your Mac. The update isn't particularly sizeable -- it downloaded just over 22MB for me -- but promises stability improvements and improves compatibility for projects imported from iMovie for iOS.

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Start your engines! Asphalt 7 - Heat the App Store free app of the week

The App Store free app of the week often throws up some great apps, and this week is no exception. Gameloft's Asphalt 7 - Heat is this weeks selection to be had for no outlay, and fans of racing games should definitely go take a look.

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Join in the Eurovision party with the official Eurovision app for iOS

This week sees Europe's annual cheese-fest, otherwise known as the annual Eurovision Song Contest. About this time every year, contenders from across Europe descend upon the nation that won the year before, and prepare to do battle in the Euro-pop arena. I'm not a fan myself, but plenty of folks are -- around 100 million people are expected to tune in to watch the contest live. And, to enhance the experience a little further, is the official Eurovision Song Contest app for iOS.

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ABC Player becomes Watch ABC, lets some users stream shows live

ABC has updated its player app with a new name and live streaming capabilities, allowing a limited set of users to watch ABC programming live. While the rest of the app remains largely unchanged, still letting users stream previous episodes of ABC’s shows, a new section called Live has been added to the toolbar.

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Pinterest for iPhone and iPad updated with push notifications for comments, likes, and repins

Pinterest for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a few new features including the ability to send a pin to someone (iPhone only) and push notifications for comments, likes, and repins, suggestions for search. You can also invite friends to pin with you on group boards, pin from the web, and mention your friends in comments.

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Realmac teases Analog Camera for iPhone: Making photography fun again

Realmac Software, the creator of Clear for iOS and Mac, is currently teasing their latest creation due for release on iPhone later on this month. Analog Camera is its name, and according to the developers it will make "photography on iPhone fun again." Bold words.

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