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Convert units of measure, currency, and more with Amount for iPhone

There are lots of conversion apps for iPhone in the App Store that allow you to convert measurements such as currency, weight, distance, and more. The problem is that you couldn't always use a single app in order to convert what you need, when you need to. Amount for iPhone supports all kinds of conversions in one single app not only easily, but quite beautifully.

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Baby Names for iPhone and iPad review

If you're a parent-to-be, then you have been given the difficult task of choosing a name for your child, and with Baby Names for iPhone and iPad, you can keep a running list with you at all times. You can also look up thousands of names, mark your favorites, check their meanings, and more.

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Coding custom multi-color map dots for the Transit App

Sam Vermette of The Transit App wanted multi-colored versions of the little pulsating blue dot Apple uses to show your current location in maps, and Apple doesn't expose a public way to do that. So, he had to rebuild it from scratch. Or, in more technical terms, according to Vermette's blog:

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Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac

Developer Steve Streza, best known as part of the Pocket team, has taken his Apparchy joint from last year -- the one that let you post to (ADN)'s micro-blogging service via the official Twitter client -- and upstaged it with Project Amy, a way to post to ADN's messaging platform with Apple's Messages app for Mac. Streza writes on Informal Protocol:

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Evernote forces password resets after discovering suspicious hacking activity

Evernote, the popular cross-platform note-taking service, has issued a global password reset for all users following the discovery of suspicious activity described as a coordinated attempt to gain access to their system. In an email sent out by the company, Evernote said:

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iMore Editors' Choice: Star Wars pinball, Instashare, Weathercube, and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include an app that lets you share files from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, a movie app, some killer bluetooth headphones, a Pinball game featuring Star Wars, a really cool weather app, and a shopping app for mom's with tons of great deals.

To see what we picked, follow along after the break!

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Oceanhouse Media celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday with huge sale and new camera app

March 2 is Dr. Seuss' 109th birthday, so Oceanhouse Media is celebrating with a huge sale on most of their apps and the release of a new app called Dr. Seuss Camera - The Cat in the Hat Edition. The biggest sale is for the classic story that Dr. Seuss is most known for, The Cat in the Hat at just $0.99.

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Comparing iPad podcast apps at a glance

Earlier this week, I compared the player screens of 6 popular iPhone podcast apps, and since fair-is-fair, now it's the iPad's turn. Like with the 18 iPad weather apps and 9 iPad Twitter apps, not all iPhone podcasting apps have versions or interfaces for the iPad. However, in this case we're 5 for six. Not bad.

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Best app to keep track of receipts on your iPhone

Your iPhone is a great place to store receipts and there are lots of apps in the App Store that offer this feature. Whether you need to keep track of business expenses to turn in to your employer, want to keep track of receipts as a self employed individual, or just want to know where your money is going, OneReceipt is a great option.

Not only can OneReceipt import receipts in many different ways, but let you categorize them in ways that makes it easiest for you to manage them.

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How to file your tax return straight from your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone and iPad are useful for all kinds of tasks and filing your tax returns is no exception. If you're a U.S. resident, you've got until April to get your tax returns filed so a lot of users are thinking about how and when they should file. If you've got a simple return that just involves some W-2's and a few other random income items, there are a few apps out there that can help you get them filed from start to finish.

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