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Facebook for iPhone and iPad now lets you choose which album when uploading photos

Facebook for iPhone has received a little update, today, that now allows users to choose an album when uploading photos (finally!). Facebook also claims that the News feed and Timelines load and open faster.

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How to get turn-by-turn, Street View, transit directions, and more with Google Maps for iPhone

Google Maps brings a lot of great features back to the iPhone, including Street View and transit directions, and adds Google's version of turn-by-turn navigation into the mix, all for free. However, some of those features aren't exactly easy to find.

If you're just getting started with Google Maps for iPhone, here's everything you need to know.

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Apple adds 'App Store Best of 2012' section to App Store

The end of the year is upon us, so Apple has created a collection in the App Store highlighting the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year. For each device, Apple chose a winner and runner up for App of the Year and Game of the Year as well as included lists of their favorites in many different categories.

To what Apple picked, follow along after the break or hit the App Store link below!

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Google Maps vs Apple Maps update

Google Maps for iPhone is now available from the App Store, and those experiencing problems with Apple's built-in iOS 6 Maps app now have a free, proven alternative to use, complete with turn-by-turn navigation, Street View, and transit directions. So... how does the new Google Maps app stack up?

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PADD is heavy on Star Trek eye candy, light on content

Since the beginning of the web, people have tried to bring the 24th century LCARS (Library Computer Access Retrieval System) Star Trek interface to today, but it hasn't gone well. LCARS has always been a touch interface for huge screens on the Enterprise and hand-held PADD tablets; it's never worked well for mouse-driven applications. The beauty of LCARS was that it looked futuristic on both screens big and small and was easy to fill with generic graphics that made it look like the Enterprise was busily going about its mission. With the availability of touchscreens in the form of modern smartphones and tablets, LCARS was ripe for a exploitation. With the Star Trek™ PADD for iPad and Star Trek™ PADD for iPhone apps you can get a serious doseage of Trek on your iDevice. The original PADD app was recently updated to version 2.0, coinciding with the release of PADD for iPhone, bringing the LCARS interface from the big screen to the small screen for real.

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1Password 4 for iOS, re-crafted from pixel to bit to keep your data conveniently secure

Turns out you can have security and convenience. Long time users have 1Password, the password manager for iOS and Mac, have long suspected that very thing. But the latest version, 1Password 4, proves it.

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Official Google Maps app for iPhone now available

The rumors are true! Google Maps for iPhone is now available in the App Store. One of the biggest things it offers that Apple Maps doesn't (other than not getting you lost in Australia), is public transit directions by train, bus, or subway.

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How to get started with Passbook on your iPhone

Passbook is a great way to store loyalty cards, flight information, coupons, gift cards, and members cards right on your iPhone. Many participating merchants will even scan your iPhone in order to take payment or redeem points. As long as you've got iOS 6 or higher on your iPhone, you've got Passbook.

Follow along and we'll get you set up and utilizing Passbook in no time.

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Office no longer an iOS must-have, unless you're Microsoft

In the early days of the iPhone and later the iPad, pundits and consumers alike questioned how useful the devices could be without Microsoft's Office productivity suite. For many, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are synonymous with business and getting things done. The iPhone launched over five years ago, and the iPad is coming up on three years, but in all that time they've yet to have an official Microsoft Office app suite, and with more than 100 million units sold each, sales have clearly suffered tremendously. Microsoft now wants to put Office on iPhones and iPads, but Apple's not in any mood to negotiate.

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Flickr for iPhone completely redesigned, introduces filters

In case you didn't have enough photo-flitering apps to update this week, with Instagram and Twitter, Flickr has also updated their iPhone app with a complete redesign and, you guessed it, filters! There are 16 different filters available as well a wide selection of editing tools.

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