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Digg for iPhone lightens up on Facebook requirements

A couple weeks ago, Digg v1 hit the web and the App Store and one of the immediate complaints was that in order to user any of Digg's special features, like bookmarking articles, saving to your favorite read-later service, or digging an article, you had to be logged into Facebook. The good news is that the folks at Digg were listening and have removed that restriction for bookmarking articles to Digg's Reading List, Pocket, and Instapaper.

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Simultaneously use up four twitter accounts with Sleet for iPad

Sleet is a new iPad Twitter app by Inglorious Apps that allows you simultaneously use up to four Twitter accounts using a split-screen interface. You can view your timeline, mentions, direct messages, lists, favorites, search and customize your views according to your needs.

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Draw and handwrite iMessages and texts with Grafiti for iPhone [jailbreak]

If you've got a jailbroken iPhone and fancy being able to draw or sketch pictures that you can text or iMessage to your contacts, you may want to check out Grafiti in Cydia. It'll allow you to do just that without adding an extra icon to your Home screen. Instead it integrates with the existing stock Messages app.

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BBC iPlayer gets updated with retina quality video and performance improvements

The BBC has eventually released an update to its hugely popular TV catch up app, BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is only available for UK customers who pay their license fees and it offers a full 7 day catch up service of all BBC TV and radio programs. The update to BBC iPlayer, finally brings retina quality video for the new third generation iPad and a few more improvements too.

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1Password vs. LastPass vs. mSecure: iPhone password management app shootout!

Security is constantly at war with convenience. Having unique, strong passwords for all your online accounts sounds great until you realize how tedious it is to implement them and how impossible it is to remember them. Because your iPhone is always with you, however, and because it has some truly great password management apps like 1Password, LastPass, and mSecure, it can be the ideal way to maximize security and minimize convenience. Not only that, password managers can be a great place to store all your secure information, including credit and debit cards, private notes, software licenses, and more. They can also help you generate and help you implement all your super strong, super secure passwords.

Considering the serious hacking attacks we've seen recently, you should absolutely start using a password manager, but which one should you use?

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WordPress for iPhone and iPad gets better interface, becomes far more useful

WordPress for iPhone and iPad has received an update that is sure to make bloggers happy. Now it includes a sidebar for quick navigation, support for Post Formats, a new Friend Finder, landscape support, access to your Dashboard, and more.

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Omnifocus vs Todo vs... Things 2: iPhone task management app update!

Things, the popular task app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, was updated to Things 2 today. We recently took a look at how the previous version of Things stacked up to both Omnifocus and Todo. But how does Things 2 compare?

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Things 2 brings twice the task management power to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Things, one of the best and more popular pro-level task management apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac has -- finally -- been updated to version 2.0. The story on Cultured Code, Things' developer, is that they've always made fantastic products, but have been incredibly slow to update them, especially when it comes to high-priority features like sync. Well, Things 2 brings their implementation of cloud sync out of beta and into the full release, for the full Things family, for the full range Things users.

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GoSum for iPhone and iPad review

If Words with Friends had a love affair with mathematics, the result would be GoSum. In fact, Words with Friends is to Scrabble, as GoSum is to Equate. Instead of trying to spell words on the game board, the goal of GoSum is to create valid arithmetic equations like 9 + 5 - 6 = 8. GoSum is fun, challenging, and educational.

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aTV Flash updated to version 4.5 for original Apple TV

FireCore's popular aTV Flash software for jailbroken Apple TV's has just been updated to add even more features for first generation Apple TV users. If you have a jailbroken Apple TV, aTV Flash is definitely an add-on package you'll want to check out.

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