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Pastebot turns your Mac into a tasty, pasty pro!

Do you copy and paste all the live-long day? Then you need Pastebot for the Mac!

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How to switch from Evernote to Apple Notes

Are you done with Evernote and wondering how to switch to Apple's Notes app? You can migrate everything at once!

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Best apps for your cookie exchange party

Find the perfect recipe, bake the perfect cookie, and throw the perfect party with these apps!

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How to use Facebook 360 Live

Facebook has recently announced that they're introducing a super sleek 360-degree video format into the social media app's live broadcasts. That means that you'll soon be able to share the environment around you during a seamless live broadcast online. Pretty cool, huh?

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Photoshop now has Touch Bar support!

Photoshop users can now get contextual editing tools at their fingertips with Touch Bar support!

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Everything you need to know about Snapchat's world lenses and how to use them!

Snapchat is encouraging people to stop taking selfies and literally filter what's around them with their world lenses: a super cool new way to interact, record, and experience your boring ol’ regular environment around you!

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Best apps for traveling for the holidays

What are the must have travel, planning, hotel, and entertainment apps for the holiday season? These!

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How to use the TV app on iPhone and iPad

Apple's TV app gathers everything you watch on your iPhone and iPad, all in one place! Here's how it works.

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Best music controller for the Mac

Simplify wins for most versatile music controller for the Mac!

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How to fix Pokémon Go problems

The latest version of Pokémon Go makes the Nearby system much better but it also introduces "phantom vibrations". Here's the fix!

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