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Facebook for iPhone and iPad gains a new "save for later" feature

Facebook has added a new feature to the Facebook for iPhone and iPad app that allows you to save posts for later. In reality, this works similar to what other services call "favorites". If you browse the Saved posts, you are able to scroll through them later as their own feed. You have to physically mark them as Unsave to remove them from the Saved folder.

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Checkers - 2 players brings simple, classical, gaming fun to iPad

Checkers - 2 players comes from Pacific Helm's dynamic trio of Louis Mantia, Brad Ellis, and Jessie Char. The premise is simple -- Checkers - 2 players is nothing more or less than a virtual checker board set you can carry around, and play with a friend, on your iPad. There's no artificial intelligence to play against, and inevitably train to take over the world. There's just a selection of boards and colors for the pieces, and the classic mechanics of the game.

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Remember your favorite coffees and brew settings with Coffee Journal for iPhone

Attention coffee connoisseurs - Coffee Journal is for you! Coffee Journal is an iPhone app that makes it easy to record and remember your favorite coffees and brew settings including star ratings, personal tasting notes, and cupping scores. Coffee Journal will also assist you in brewing the perfect cub with a built-in timer and the ability to maintain detailed brew settings like time, bean weight, water volume, and more.

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How to follow the London 2012 Summer Olympics on your iPhone and iPad

The London 2012 Summer Olympics have begun and with all the different events going on, it's no easy task to keep track of all the results -- if you don't have an iPhone or iPad, that is! We've rounded up some of the best apps to keep track of this world event, including some that let you keep up with the results, watch live events, view beautiful photography, and even a game that lets you experience being an Olympian.

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Yelp 6.0 for iPhone brings Yelpy Insights

Yelp for iPhone has been updated to version 6.0 and brings with it the ability to get inside scoop on which businesses vegetarians love and which ones are popular for certain age groups, and more. You can also add compliments and likes to Tips and the iPad has version has received tons of enhancements.

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Google beats iOS 6 to the 3D maps punch with Google Earth update... but is it any good?

Apple's all new iOS 6 Maps app is still in beta and won't be released publicly until the fall, but if you want 3D maps on your iPhone or iPad now, you can get them courtesy of Google Earth's latest update. Google announced 3D was coming to their maps products following rumors Apple would be adding them to iOS, and is currently offering the virtual models in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva, and Rome, with more to follow in the "coming weeks". So how do they compare?

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Now anyone can create an iTunes U course to be viewed on student iPads

Alongside the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple also updated iTunes U to allow teachers (and virtually anyone) to create courses for the iPad. More specifically, the courses that are created can be shared and viewed in the iTunes U iPad app.

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Q&A with Big Cave Games - what it's like jumping from console to mobile development

Big Cave Games kicks off their inaugural iOS title today, ORC: Vengeance. It's a polished dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash adventure, which you can read more about in our review over here. After hearing about the fledgling studio's history in PC and console games, we decided to toss a few questions their way. 

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Apple's Podcasts for iPhone and iPad gets updated

Apple has updated Podcasts for iPhone and iPad with significant improvements to performance and stability. Additionally, Podcasts in your library will show the number of unplayed episodes, Top Stations will show the podcast title if artwork is missing, and when playing the next episode, playback speed is remembered.

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How badly do you want an all new, all better Facebook for iPhone app? Well...

Facebook's iPhone app getting a complete, natively-coded, totally re-designed update is once again in the news today, though this time with the names of some former Apple talent behind it. Bloomberg says the people involved in the update include:

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