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Paper by 53 for iPad review: The best way to get what's in your head onto the screen

If you're looking to turn your iPad into a blank slate that you can easily, beautifully be filled with anything from a sketch to a flow-chart, a list to an diagram, get Paper and get creating.

Paper by 53 for iPad is exactly what the name implies, a fresh canvas ready and waiting for your ideas, inspiration, and art. While hand drawing and handwriting note-taking apps are nothing new to the iPad or App Store, Paper feels qualitatively different in kind. It has a focus, a flow, a humanity, and a technology about it that somehow come together to create one of the most natural creative experience I've had on the iPad to date.

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Joining Hands for iPhone and iPad is a cute puzzle game that the entire family will enjoy

I came across Joining Hands when browsing through the "Great apps for the new iPad" section of the App Store because I was hoping to find some great apps that support the new iPad's Retina display. I'm happy I decided to download this little game. It's a cute and fun puzzle game that's both easy to understand and to play.

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Taposé review: Cool collaborative concept, not yet ready for primetime

The Microsoft Courier project was an original take on tablets but never got out of the concept video stage before Steve Ballmer decided to kill it in favor of Windows 8. Undaunted, a couple of developers from Seattle who were fans of the project hooked up with former Courier lead, J. Allard, and raised enough enough money on Kickstarter to create a Courier-like experience on the iPad. Namely, Taposé.

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Review: Angry Birds Space - entering orbit at the speed of rage

Here's what happens when you give some undignified swine oxygen bubbles, masks from the future to vengeful fowl, and launch them all into orbit.

Angry Birds Space arrived on iOS and Android last week, introducing a whole new array of physics to the classic slingshot game. It's already a runaway hit, having garnered 10 million downloads since launch. Now instead of just trying to topple boring old buildings onto pigs lounging inside and around the area, you're flinging birds through gravitational fields around planets, and into asteroids to annihilate the green time-honored foes.

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Now you can share your exact location with friends and family with Find My Facebook Friends for iPhone and iPad

As if using Facebook wasn't stalker-ish enough, now you can track your friends' exact locations with Find my Facebook Friends. This app is very similar to Apple's Find my Friends app that was released last year alongside iOS 5.

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Shannon Tweed talks to iMore about Attack of the Groupies, her new tower defense game for iPhone and iPad

Television and movie star Shannon Tweed, seen weekly in the show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, joined iMore live today to give us all the juicy details about her first iPhone and iPad game, Attack of the Groupies. A tower defense-style game, Shannon is all super-heroed up and ready to protect her man, KISS star Gene Simmons, from a full on invasion of deranged, demented groupies.

For the full story, and an awesome swag-filled give away, keep reading!

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Celebrate Free Card Day with FX Photo Studio for iPhone

The popular photo filter iPhone app, FX Photo Studio, has recently partnered with Sincerely to include the ability to send physical postcards from directly within the app. For today only, they're allowing users to order one card for free!

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Turn your photos into beautiful storyboards with PicFrame for iPhone and iPad

I have been impatiently waiting for my favorite iPad photography apps to update for the new iPad's Retina display, and a great one for creating collages finally has -- PicFrame. PicFrame is universal for both iPhone and iPad and comes with 60 frames, or as Photographers call them, storyboards.

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How to use Twitter on your new iPad

There are many ways you can access Twitter from your new iPad, including the official Twitter for iPad app, some great alternatives like Tweetbot and Twitterrific, and even the website directly from Safari. Twitter integration is even built into iOS 5 so you can tweet pictures, for example, from right inside many other apps.

Whether you're a power user or just an occasional browser, there are a lot of great ways to get tweeting from your iPad.

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How to use Facebook on your new iPad

The new iPad is simply one of the most enjoyable ways to keep up with your Facebook friends, share your status and location, post pictures and videos, and more. It's instant-on, it has a big, beautiful screen, and the multitouch interface makes it a lot of fun for social networks where ever you are, whenever you're in the mood.

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