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Developer Spotlight: Stephen Dodd of OfficeTime

iMore's developer spotlights are like DVD/iTunes Extras for the App Store -- a weekly look behind the scenes at the programers and designers that bring you the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games you love. This week, Leanna talks with Stephen from OfficeTime Software.

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Noteshelf updated to v5.0 brings text input for all!

In our 2011 iMore Editors Choice Awards we gave Noteshelf 4.0 the productivity app of the year and today, they went ahead and updated to version 5.0. The list of changes is rather short but it includes some welcome features many folks have been asking for, for quite some time. The full list is below:

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Amazon launches iPad optimized web based Kindle Store

Amazon has launched a new web based Kindle Store designed specifically for the iPad. The new site looks and feels like an actual app rather than a web page however you don't need to install anything to use the store.

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Jawbone UP sleep, nutrition, and exercise monitor for iPhone

Not content with merely making some of the best Bluetooth headsets and wireless speakers in the business, Jawbone expanded their product line this year with the Jawbone UP. A small, light bracelet, you wear it around your wrist and along with an iPhone companion app, it keeps track of how you're sleeping, how much exercise you're doing, and what you're eating.

Live at CES 2012 we talk to Jawbone about the future of UP, the updated they're pushing out, and why they feel mobile lifestyles encompass more than the traditional product lines.

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Daily Apps: Vodio, King Camera, Cat-a-minute!, Siegebreaker, Puzzles 'N Coloring - Sea Life

Vodio: Take video consumption on the go to the next level, by creating your very own personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Free up your time by watching the most talked about videos, instead of searching through hours of videos you might like.

King Camera: Now with Instagram support!

Cat-a-minute!: Cats, cats, and more cats! Seriously, if you love cats, this app is for you.

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Eat healthy with Trufflehead for iPhone and iPad

Trufflehead is a healthy cooking and recipe app for the iPhone and iPad. It features over 260 recipes including vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-cal, and low-fat dishes as well as hyperlinks to find more information about ingredients.

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iOnRoad augmented reality driving assistant app for iPhone, iPad

Rather than banning iPhones from the car, the way the National Transportation Safety Board recommended, iOnRoad by Picitup aims to use mobile technology to keep you safe and sound behind the wheel. It uses the live camera stream and image detection to monitor for tailgating, cars slowing ahead of you, or lane drift, and sends visual and audio alerts to get you back to the proper distance, speed, and lane where you belong.

With a big, easy-to-tap interface iOnRoad has a bevy of features to help you with everything from your daily commute to occasional road trip. Check out the video above for our live interview from CES 2011 with Pictitup CEO, Alon Atsmon.

Already available for Android, iOnRoad is coming soon to the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Source: iOnRoad.com

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App Giveaway: System Monitor with Battery Max

System Monitor with Battery Max is an iPhone app that aims to speed up your iPhone on free memory, CPU and battery life. It's your one-stop health check for your iPhone.

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Google+ update lets you start video Hangouts from Messenger

Google+ has been updated with the ability to start video Hangouts from Messenger as well as a new UI for photos and mysterious bug fixes.

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Daily Apps: vlock, Mortgage-Calculator, TUI Stopper, iMusic, Fit

vlock: Use any video you have on your iPad or iPhone as a clock background. Play movies, music videos, podcasts, and album videos on your clock.

Mortgage-Calculator: Quickly calculate the relevant numbers needed when figuring mortgage payments.

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