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Everyone can make music with Figure for iPhone

Figure is a great new app that puts music creation into the hands of everyone, even non-musicians. It has a very unique interface that's easy to use and makes creating music a lot of fun. You slide your finger around a pad to play bass and lead, and tap columns to play the drums.

What makes Figure so great for non-musicians is that you will always be in the correct key and play to the beat. You get to be creative with the pitch and tones, but Figure will always make sure that your choices are "correct" musically.

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Keep your Twitter timeline and DM's synced between devices with Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad

If you've been looking for a way to keep your Twitter timeline synced between your iPhone and iPad, you'll be happy to know that Tweetbot has been updated with the ability to do just that with the help of iCloud sync.

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Living Earth for iPad review: The best weather app for the iPad

I'm not going to lie, settling on one single app to label as "the best" weather app for iPad wasn't easy. On one hand I had a collection of feature-packed apps that provided every little detail about the weather, including videos and interactive forecasts. On the other hand, I had a group of apps that didn't necessarily have as many features, but were beautiful, easy to use, and fit the needs of most people. Reminding myself that I was looking for best, not most feature-filled, it was easy for me to give Living Earth for iPad the title.

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for Major League Baseball fans

The bases are loaded, the pitchers are on the mounds, and Major League Baseball season has begun! So now it's time to take me -- and my iPhone -- out to the ballgame!

Ok, the season officially opened the other day, but the Red Sox play their first game today so that makes it the real opening day. Thankfully, baseball fans are never far away from the action if they have their trusty iPad or iPhone by their side. There are apps for watching baseball, scoring baseball, finding food at the ballpark, playing casual games, and managing the ever-important fantasy baseball team.

Here are the home runs...

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Audio Memos for iPhone and iPad review: The best voice recorder app for the iPad

If you just bought a new iPad and have searched in vain for the built-in Apple Voice Memos app, here’s some bad news — there isn’t one. Apple chose not to include it on the iPad. Luckily for us, however, App Store developers are here to fill that void. In fact, the developers of Audio Memos for iPhone and iPad know exactly how to do it right.

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Learn how your DSLR settings visually affect your images with CameraSim for iPad

Have you recently purchased your first DSLR and feel a bit overwhelmed with all the various settings? CameraSim for iPad will help you overcome your fear of venturing away from the auto mode of your camera by visually explaining how different controls affect your images. CameraSim essentially lets you simulate taking the same photo over and over again, but with different settings, and instantly shows you what you could expect the photo to look like.

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for celebrating Passover

Just like at the first Passover Seder, Jews around the world will gather with their iPads around the traditional festive meal and retell the miracle of our freedom from Egyptian slavery.

OK, maybe they didn’t have iPads at the first Seder, but you can be sure that lots of Jews will have their iPads out at this year’s Seder. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps this year that can keep you connected to the action and otherwise engaged during some of the “less” interesting parts.

The Passover Seder is the meal that involves the telling of the story of the Biblical Exodus from Egypt.  The narrative of the journey from slavery to freedom is called the Haggadah and it is filled with stories, traditional food and blessings and sometimes regional or familial customs.

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Snapguide for iPhone review: Best app for creating beautiful guides and DIY projects

Snapguide is a beautiful way to create, share, and find how-to guides, recipes, and other instructionals -- straight from your iPhone.

Snapguide for iPhone allows you to create instructional guides (including recipes) straight on your iPhone, complete with pictures, videos, and captions. When you're done you can publish your guides and share them via Twitter, Facebook, or email, as well as with the Snapguide community.

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Learn how to color beautiful Easter eggs with Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living for iPhone

Easter Sunday is less than a week away, which means it's time to start coloring some eggs! Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living for iPhone will help you create the most beautiful eggs on the block.

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iMore for iPhone app: A guided tour

The iMore for iPhone app is here and while thousands upon thousands of you have downloaded it already, we wanted to take a moment to show it off, and show off some great features you might have missed!

iMore for iPhone was meticulously crafted to provide the absolute best reading and listening experience possible for our community. We specifically chose to focus on doing a few things really well at first, so that we had a solid foundation on which to add more and better things later. I think we accomplished that and the way I can tell is simple -- the iMore app is the only way I read iMore on my iPhone now (and a lot of you have told us the very same thing.)

If you haven't already, go ahead and download iMore for iPhone now. I'll wait. It's totally FREE and, if I do say so myself, totally awesome.

Once you're done, check out the video above for a quick guided tour from yours truly.

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