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Hands on with Garmin Pilot My-Cast for iPhone and iPad

Garmin may be best known for their driving navigation apps and devices, but they also have Pilot My-Cast, an iPhone and iPad app for pilots to plan their flights by not only mapping out their route, but checking the weather by overlaying real-time data and maps including radar, clouds, and lightning.

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Sneak preview of Remarks note-taking and PDF annotating app for iPad

Remarks is a brand new handwriting note-taking, and PDF annotating app for iPad from Readdle. I'm convinced the team at Readdle never sleeps because they release new apps, and update their catalog of existing apps, at pretty fast pace. They've focused on PDF lately, seeing a need for good editing, form filling, and annotating on iPad, and Remarks extends that expertise in a really interesting way.

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Hands on with Bag It! for iPhone and iPad

While checking out the showroom floor at Macworld 2012, we encountered this cute little game called Bag It! The goal is to efficiently bag your groceries while optimizing space and not crushing items by, say, putting a watermelon on top of the bread.

These aren't normal groceries, either. Each item is actually a character that has a personality. Bagging characters next to each other that get along well will help you achieve higher scores. For example, Sunshine the OJ and Spilt the Milk are sweethearts and bagging them next to each other awards an additional 300 points.

If organization isn't your style or you need to blow off some steam, Bag It! also has a Rampage mode where your goal is to actually destroy as much groceries as possible.

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Launch Center puts Messages, Facebook, Twitter, a flashlight, more in your iPhone Notification Center

Launch Center, a new shortcuts app for iPhone, aims to make everything from sending messages and mail to posting on Facebook and Twitter, to turning on your LED flashlight, faster and easier via an extremely clever, borderline audacious use of URL schemes and iOS 5's Notification Center.

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Yahoo cancels some of their mobile apps, plans to keep moving and keep innovating

Yahoo has been in the mobile space for quite some time and as such, they've managed amass a good amount of apps, but now -- Yahoo is looking to cut some of their weight and move on.

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Best jailbreak apps for new iPhone users

Need help figuring out what the best apps and tweaks are for your newly jailbroken iPhone? Cydia can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. Whether you're jailbreaking to theme or add more functionality, we'll have you on your way to becoming a jailbreak ninja in no time.

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PocketCPR app by the British Heart Foundation hits the App Store

The British Heart Foundation has released an app that provides detailed instruction on how to give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should the need ever arise. Performing CPR could save the life of a friend or relative and is a practice everyone should know how to perform.

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Tweet from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with TwitkaFly [jailbreak apps]

Twitkafly allows you to tweet from virtually anywhere with a quick swipe or tap on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Twitkafly will add a Twitter shortcut to your notification center and allow you to program a quick gesture for composing straight through Activator. The interface is clean and very iOS 5 like. It isn't bogged down with too many buttons or cheesy graphics.

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Valve’s Steam Mobile hits the App Store, connect with your Steam Friends on the go

Valve has released Steam Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch into the App Store. Sort of. It is available to download and install on your iOS device, but unfortunately you need to be part of a limited beta to actually begin to use it. We are sure this will change fairly soon but it is very frustrating for those gamers that use Steam and want to use the app now.

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44% of iPhone apps lose revenue during sale

Distimo released an interesting report today that examined the overall effects of different app promotions across the iPhone and iPad App Store, as well as the Android Market.

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