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Rumor: Facebook buying Gowalla

Facebook is apparently, buying Gowalla. If you preferred Facebook Places, you're probably already using it. If you preferred Gowalla, well, looks like you'll soon be out of luck.

Most of Gowalla's employees, including founder Josh Williams, will move to Facebook's offices in Palo Alto. The team will work on Facebook's Timeline feature, which launched at this year's F8 conference and is gradually rolling out to Facebook's 800 million members.

If this pans out, best guess is the Gowalla iPhone and iPad apps aren't long for this world.

Will you switch to Facebook? Foursquare? Or is this it for you, time to check out of check in?

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Infinity Blade 2 crashing on first-gen iPad and older iPod touch hardware?

Some original iPad and fourth-gen iPod touch users have reportedly been met with immediate crashing issues after launching Infinity Blade 2, which launched to wide success yesterday.

For some users Infinity Blade II seems to be running out of memory on their heavily laden iPad1 and iPod Touch devices.

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Jailbreak: Springtomize 2 now available in Cydia

If you're jailbroken on iOS 5 you'll definitely want to check out the newly released Springtomize 2. It's by far one of the easiest ways to customize your device running on iOS 5. To start customizing just purchase Springtomize 2 in Cydia then pop into your Settings app and start tweaking every little aspect of your springboard easily and directly from your device.

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Daily Apps: PDF Connoisseur, iDownloader Pro, Safari Party, Apple Life i, Kick the Buddy Episodes

  • PDF Connoisseur - Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition: A versatile, top-notch file reader from Kdan Mobile’s PDF product series that includes the following features: Save to PDF, Text to Speech, annotations, file transfer, and more. [$9.99 for iPad - App Store link]

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2011 Holiday Guides: iPad and iPhone gifts for business users

Have a loved one on your holiday shopping list who uses their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for business? Not sure exactly what to gift them? Not a problem, TiPb has you covered! From enterprise to mom-and-pop shops, corner offices to telecommuters, here are some of our favorite device, accessory, and app picks for the business user in your life!

Don’t need anything for a business user? Check out the recommendations anyway, something great might still catch your eye. If not, no worries, check out one of our other 2011 holiday gift guides!

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Spotify working on an iPad app, should be available very soon

Spotify is working on an iPad app and it should be available very soon. Spotify, for those that don’t know is a music streaming service that offers a subscription service for mobile devices with features like playlist sync for offline listening.  Spotify Managing Director Chris Maples told Pocket-Lint that it is making an iPad app a priority and it is absolutely in the pipeline.

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Organize your Holiday gift list with Gifts HD Plus for iPad

Gifts HD Plus is an iPad apps to help organize your gift lists this Holiday season. Each list is password protected from prying eyes and individual budgets can be tracked. Want to do some online shopping for someone on your list? Gifts HD Plus also has a built in web browser that offers quick access to your todo list for referencing.

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Adjust your screen's brightness with Dimmer for iPhone and iPad

Dimmer is an iPhone and iPad application that allows you to quickly adjust your screen's brightness level without having to navigate through the Settings app. Just launch Dimmer and slide the lightswitch up or down and you're good to go! It also comes with preset options so that you can quickly switch to a reading mode or outdoor mode.

This is a great alternative to those who don't like to idea of installing profiles on their device that add Settings shortcuts to their home page. Not to mention, Apple has removed that ability from the iOS 5.1 beta, so it may not even be an option come its release.

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BBC iPlayer (Global) now available in Canada

The BBC has now made its global BBC iPlayer app available in Canada following successful launches in eleven other countries earlier in the year. There is still no sign of the app hitting the U.S. App Store but it can’t be too far away now.

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App Giveaway: Infinity Blade II for iPhone and iPad

Infinity Blade II has hit the App Store and what a better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!

Follow along for the details.

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