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Chris’s most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

I tend to go through phases where I can continually change the apps I have on my home page, and the apps I use the most. There are however five apps that will never leave their prime positions. These are my most-used apps, the ones I can't function without, the ones I use everyday, over and over again.

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Seth's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

These are Seth's most used apps of 2011. Others have their own most used apps, but these are Seth's.

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Daily Apps: Don 2: The Game, Phraseology, PocketAlg, Quips, Hip Hop To Heaven

Don 2: The Game: Play the role of Don in this spine tingling action adventure Lite game inspired from the sequel to the mega-hit Bollywood Movie Don, starring Shahrukh Khan!

Phraseology: An app for writers. Part text editor, part word processor, Phraseology is a simple environment focused on making it enjoyable and productive to write on the iPad.

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Andrew's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

My most-used apps of 2011 consist of some of Rene's favorites, and for good reason. Like Rene and Leanna, I'd also prefer to list some of the great default apps included in iOS like Mail, Reminders, Safari Browser for iPhone and iPad etc., but that would just be boring. Instead, here's a list of some of the most-used iPhone and iPad apps I spent the majority of my time with this year.

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Ally's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Some of my favorite apps have managed to stay the same year after year, but app updates and new contenders are always finding their way onto my device. While there are tons of great apps in the App Store, these are the apps that currently earn a place on the homescreen of my iPhone or iPad, or even both.

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See in the New Year with the official Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball app

If you want to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, Times Square is an awesome place to do it. Unfortunately for most, it is not possible to be there but at least there is an app that will let you see what’s going on and even get you and your family’s picture on the huge Toshiba Vision screen.

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Zephyr brings multitasking gestures to iPhone [Jailbreak]

Zephyr, by jailbreak phenom chpwn, brings iPad-style multitasking gestures to the iPhone.

From swiping up to show the multitasking switcher or quickly swiping to a different app, Zephyr is all you need to quickly and easily control multitasking.

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No Uninstall makes deleting apps from the Home screen impossible [Jailbreak]

No Uninstall is a A jailbreak mod in Cydia that prevents 3rd party apps from being deleted from the Home screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This tweak removes the "X" when uninstalling an iPhone app. Good for pranking your friends and preventing accidental app removal.

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Daily Apps: PhotoCalendar HD, Curio, MyiStory, CheckIn+ HD, Vegas Party Stops

PhotoCalendar HD: Are you looking for a perfect iPhone wallpaper. Whats better than set a calendar photo of your family and friends?

Curio: There’s only one way out of the mental asylum, and it’s not going to be easy. Help Ron Templeton III blaze his path to freedom, but make sure he takes his pills, or else you’ll lose your mind!

MyiStory: Your story of a day, a week, a life. Record your story day by day in words, pictures, videos, audio and music.

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Georgia's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

So to get it out of the way, while I'm running iOS 5 on my iPad I'm still running iOS 4 on my iPhone. I need my jailbreak, the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak just went live yesterday, and I haven't had time to update yet. That's why many of my apps, and a couple of my most-used apps of 2011, other than Mail, Safari, etc. are mainly jailbreak apps. Oh, and games!

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