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How to use two-step and two-factor authentication: The ultimate guide

How do you protect your photos, messages, and more from being hacked or stolen online? With two-factor or two-step authentication!

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iTranslate's new 'Pro' option lets you take your translations offline

With version 10, iTranslate has added a new Pro option that allows you to perform translations offline, hold voice-to-voice conversations, and more.

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Safari Technology Preview release 6 is now available for download

Apple has now rolled out the sixth release of the Safari Technology Preview, giving developers a chance to test out more changes before they head to the public.

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App Store FAQ: What developers and customers need to know!

Rene Ritchie has been covering Apple and the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editor-in-chief of iMore, executive editor for Mobile Nations, video and podcast host, you can follow him on Snapchat or Twitter @reneritchie.

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Camera+ gets a slow shutter, action extension, and more

Camera+ for iPhone has added some interesting new features with its latest update, including a slow shutter for longer exposures, low-ISO mode, and an action extension.

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Elgato adds support for its HD60 S card in latest Game Capture beta for Mac

Elgato has added support for its HD60 S capture card in the latest beta release of Game Capture HD for Mac.

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You can now add materials to iTunes U from iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more

A fresh update is now rolling out to iTunes U for iPhone and iPad, most notably adding the ability to import materials to the app from cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud Drive and more.

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Snapchat overhauls Discover and now lets you subscribe to channels

Snapchat has received a bit of a visual overhaul, bringing a whole new look to Discover and adding subscriptions for channels.

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Google's Motion Stills app helps you spruce up your Live Photos

Google has released a new app for iPhone called Motion Stills, which helps you make GIFs and video clips from your Live Photos

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NBC Sports Radio now available to stream on Apple Music

NBC Sports Radio is now available for anyone to stream in the iOS Music app.

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