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Best Evernote alternatives for Mac

If you are thinking about leaving Evernote behind, check out our list of great alternatives that work for all different types of users.

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Rocket lets you use Slack-style emoji entry anywhere on your Mac

If you're a big fan of Slack's emoji shortcuts, you can now use them anywhere on your Mac with a handy little app called Rocket.

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ABC launches revamped streaming apps alongside tons of new content

ABC has launched completely revamped apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV alongside a ton of new streaming content for cord cutters.

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Best Evernote alternatives for iPhone

If you have decided that you are done with Evernote and are looking for a worthy replacement, look no further.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you use 3D Touch to peek at conversations, GIFs and more

Facebook Messenger has added further support for 3D Touch, now allowing you to press to preview conversations, GIFs and more.

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Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad pick up RAW photo support for subscribers

Adobe's Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad have been updated, adding support for RAW photos for those that subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Camera+ for iPad gets Apple Pencil support, powerful photo editing, and more

Camera+ for iPad, by developers tap tap tap, has received a major update with version 2.0, adding more powerful editing features, Apple Pencil support and a new look.

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Prisma makes your iPhone photos look like works of art!

How do you make your photos, Instagrams, and Snapchats look like stunning works of art? With Prisma!

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Pokémon Go European launch starts in Germany — but not yet on iPhone

Looks like Pokémon Go is officially opening up to more countries — but there's a catch.

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Lifelogging app Instant's chatbot shows you just how addicted you are to your iPhone

Emberify's lifelogging app Instant has picked up a major update to version 4.0 that adds a coach feature, delivered in the form of a chatbot. The feature analyzes your iPhone usage trends and gives you a daily overview of time spent on particular apps, places visited, sleeping and fitness activity.

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