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Everything you need to know about Philips Hue bulbs!

Philips Hue offers several different bulbs in several different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Here's what you need to know about the internet-connected bulbs!

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Five things Apple can learn from the #madebygoogle event

Google’s getting back into the hardware game with a new phone, wi-fi router, home assistant, VR headset, and upgraded Assistant. But what can Apple take away?

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These are all of the accessories that support Apple HomeKit

Want to make your home smarter with HomeKit? Here's the full list of accessories that support Apple's smart home system.

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iDevices brings Amazon Alexa support to its smart home products

iDevices has expanded its home automation prowess by adding support for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to its smart home lineup.

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Best wireless security cameras

When you need a security camera but don't have a plug at nearby, battery-powered security cameras are an excellent solution.

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Best Wi-Fi extenders for improving coverage in your home

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you put your wireless router, the signal just won’t be strong enough in some areas of your home. In that case, you should pick up a wireless range extender.

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Save $50 on this smart thermostat that will help lower your energy bills

If you are in the market for a smart thermostat for your house, you'll want to check out this deal at Amazon. The retailer is currently offering the 2nd generation ecobee3 bundle with one sensor for just $199.

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The best Smart Lights for your home

One of the easiest ways for you to jump into the connected home space is with some awesome connected lighting. Let's take a look and see what the best connected lighting options are right now.

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Best internet-connected security cameras

Peace of mind is not always the easiest thing to come by, but a great security camera can relieve anxiety by keeping an eye on things when you're not around.

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watchOS 3: What we want to see next for Apple Watch

Our hopes and dreams for the third generation of Apple Watch software.

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