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Best HomeKit hubs 2022

If you are ready to begin building out the smart home of your dreams, then you need one of the best HomeKit hubs. While things can get a little confusing, HomeKit hubs boil down to two types: Apple HomeKit hubs and accessory hubs. Apple HomeKit hubs unleash power features, including automation and remote out-of-home controls. In contrast, accessory hubs bridge smart home devices — like the best HomeKit light bulbs to HomeKit. Here's our guide to all of the best HomeKit hubs to help get you started.

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Create the smart home of your dreams with the best HomeKit hubs

If you are just beginning your HomeKit smart home journey, or if you want to expand your automated empire, then Apple's HomePod mini is the perfect fit. The HomePod mini allows you to control your HomeKit accessories from anywhere in the world, and it also unlocks automation and scenes. The HomePod mini even acts as an accessory hub for compatible accessories as it is a Thread Border Router — it can truly do it all.

We recommend complimenting the HomePod mini with an additional accessory hub like the Philips Hue Bridge or the Aqara Smart Hub M2. These hubs open the door to a wide range of unique accessories — from fun color light bulbs to water leak sensors and so much more. Or, if you already have a few non-HomeKit accessories that you want to bring over to Apple's ecosystem, then the HOOBS Starter Kit makes it a breeze with an easy-to-use Homebridge interface.

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