Chromium based Opera 15 officially launches for Mac

The Chromium based version of the Opera browser, previously known as Opera Next, has today exited its beta phase and launched official as Opera 15 for Windows and Mac. It's pretty much the same fare as the preview build, with Mail stripped out and some interesting new features like Discover and Stash.

During our initial testing time with the preview build we found that it's a sleek, high performing browser with some intriguing add ons. Opera is perhaps not as widely used as Chrome or Safari on the Mac, but if you're in the market for switching Opera 15 is worth a look. Download a copy now at the link below, and be sure to drop back and tell us your thoughts once you've taken it for a test drive.

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Chromium based Opera 15 officially launches for Mac

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I tried this yesterday but still prefer Safari on the mac over every other browser i have tried.
On other devices i like to use chrome but for some reason i am not so keen when using it with osx it just don't feel as smooth as safari does.