Comedy Central launches a new app to consolidate all their shows into one place

Comedy Central launches a new app to consolidate all their shows into one place

There's a new Comedy Central app in town, and it's designed to bring together everything you love about the US comedy network into one single app for your iPhone and iPad. Previously, if you found yourself interested in the likes of The Daily Show or Tosh.0, you'd have to download the dedicated streaming app for that show. Many Comedy Central shows didn't even have an app. But now they do, and it's simply called Comedy Central

Currently the app contains full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, South Park, @midnight, and a selection of original digital shorts that you can stream regardless of where you get your TV (so long as you get your TV within the confines of the United States). The rest of the shows — from Key & Peele's sketch comedy to a back catalog of Futurama and Chappelle's Show — require that you log in with your cable or satellite TV provider account. Maybe someday they'll offer the option to just pay for a streaming subscription to Comedy Central without the hassle of a cable subscription too.

Speaking of things that are future-based, the Comedy Central app does require iOS 7, but isn't launching with AirPlay support. But, as the App Store description notes:

AirPlay support is coming soon, we promise. We've chained our tech guy to his desk.

Check it out in the App Store below and let us know what you think.

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booboolala2000 says:

Any Chromecast support coming?

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Gazoobee says:

I imagine like their other stuff, that this is USA only. What I don't understand is how they can do it for free? There are no advertisements?

I'm thinking you probably mean "free with advertisements" not ... "free."

kch50428 says:

"I'm thinking you probably mean "free with advertisements" not ... "free."-- just like Google. :)

rjholmes123 says:

Now that's a waste of an App!

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oscaramzz says:

Love this app!

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asuperstarr says:

That's a great move!

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