Connor Mulcahey, 13, Wins Billion App Contest With a "Bump"!

Apple (via Macworld) has announced the winner of their 1 Billion App contest:

  • Connor Mulcahey, 13, from Weston, Connecticut who's winning app was contact-swapper Bump.

Congratulations, Connor, enjoy your $10,000 iTunes card, MacBook Pro, iPod touch, and Time Capsule!

Oh, and your iPhone and Bump!

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Reader comments

Connor Mulcahey, 13, Wins Billion App Contest With a "Bump"!


am sorry but every time apple runs one of these campaigns its always someone in america that wins suspicious i think so seems a bit unfair that its always someone in america that wins

I couldn't agree more. I'm in Canada and learned not to give a crap about these "contests".

He used bumped because it's free, he downloaded every free app to his iPod touch to give him more entries into the contest. That's why a 13 always wins, adult don't spend an entire week downloading every app Apple offers...

@Steve, I was very sad to see that iFart Mobile was one of the all time top 20 paid apps in the list Apple had on the count down page.
It is kind of funny though, my friends hate on my iPhone for not having MMS or something like that. And my first response is always, can your phone make fart sounds?

I'm still not satisfied till they explain how the winner was picked. Looks like they picked the person that downloaded the billion app but that makes no sense. I and many thought it was random. What about the people that entered the contest via the other options. They need to give more of these prizes away randomly this ain't a thing for Apple. Come on apple Do IT! DO IT!

Random is a better way to go because it incentivizes more people to download more apps, and not just sit, wait, and try to snipe a few at the last moment.

@wolfmore, agree. This contest was kinda lame, and misleading when you first saw the page; they did give it to the billionth downloader. I remember leading up to the 1 billion song download years ago they were giving away packs of iPods and gift cards every 10 million downloads (I think, might have been more). Then the grand prize was like 10 iPods, an iMac, gift cards, and maybe even cold hard cash. Also lame that I think that prize was also won by some kid.

why does a little fucking 13 year old have an iphone, he should go take it and fuck him self with it. i had to pay for mine by myself. i think a college student should have won because why does a 13 yo need a mac book pro and 10,000

@ wolfmore, sting7k
The article doesn't say that bump was the billionth app, rather the app that was the winning entry download.

Seriously...? No MMS (prior to 3.0) on the iPhone and people complain. No cut/paste. People complain. A 13yr old wins a contest. Suprise! Everybody still complains. Get over it.

Wow he's only 13 I'm 16, that's awesome I'm sure he never thought it would be him that's one in a billion lol.

Good for him. Should give it to his parents to hold on to until he hits the real world though. I'll admit I was rather disappointed to see a 13 year old had won.
@6: exactly my thought :/

Look, yeah, it's kind of lame to all of us "adults" that entered the contest that a 13 year old won. But he owns an iPod Touch or iPhone and downloaded some apps and won the contest, FAIR AND SQUARE. Don't be all pissed of at him and/or Apple about it just because you didn't win. No one "deserved" it more than any other one of us schmucks that entered the contest.
Be more classy than that. That kid is probably on cloud 9 right now and I am sure PLENTY of other message boards like this one are flooded with "hate-posts" by people who are just jealous.
Look, if it wasn't this 13 year old kid, it still probably wasn't going to be you and you'd still be crying in the corner about not winning.
Congrats kid, I for one, am happy for you.

I am totally pissed off. My idoit of a step dad told me fake rules like the more apps u download the better chancecu win or some crap. But i guessed i wouldnt have a chance of winnig anyways. But all old people that r commenting r complete retards because im just 11 years old and i wanted it the same as anyone else.

I hope every contest run by an American company has American winners. And on top of that, I hope no one over 18 ever wins. What a bunch of whinners you guys are.

@ daylanAtcc, who will ever need the $10,000 but kids... Am sure that most of you will not have time to use it.
I hope that this does not drive the kid away from doing his homeworks for school.

why is this little punk getting stuff that he will probably break from to much teething and will never use any of this stuff anyways! I think a college student should get this stuff instead! He'll probably chew on these f-ing things! That little punk!

Well I'm 13 but this is a lot of crap why don't they have 50 winners from 50 states I mean hey they have the money to build 50 laptops and 50 $10000 card time capsules and crap but load of bull probably an imature teen I'm 13 but I act like a 24 year old haha kids probably wacking his meat on his new laptop
Also your parents won't pay your internet bill

Wow you guys just love to complain -_- I am thirteen years old, and I am posting this from my iPhone 3G.
13 year olds can surprise you.
Oh and 20 YEAR OLD, 13 year olds don't chew things not meant to be chewed.......... (or at least the sane ones don't)

Also, if I had won, Id be using my new mac to start developing some of my original iPhone apps. Objective C, C+, it's easier than most people make it out to be.

I wish apple could have more contests like this but for 18 and up!!!! That is one lucky kid though! Enjoy your winnings for me if you know how, lol.

WOW you guys have to be the most immature people ive ever met. YOu guys act liek kids because you guys didnt try to enter the contest and lost? Im glad connor won. Especially the fact tat hes young and this will help him get a head start in the computer world. Honestly. Wow. Grow up. He won big deal. Its better him then some 28 year old who would have no sue for it and could buy stuff like this with oney they get from there job. Im glad he won it I was either hoping for someone who would use it for educational pupose or someone young and connor looks like he might be both. Grats connor.

@tyson I couldnt agree more. Its good that a 13 year old won then a apple hater or a 30 year old. I dont see what the big deal is that a 13 year old won. He can get plenty of use out of it.

Hey I'm only 11 and I was pretty exited about this. I was going to participate, but I went camping the day he won. You guys are ridiculous. He won fair and square, and he will enjoy his prize more than most people would. How would you feel if you where his age and you won and you read all these boards about adults crying over a prize they fairly didn't win. And just letting you know he is a teenager, not a kid.

a 13-year-old? what is HE gonna do with a $10,000 itunes card and all that cool stuff?!
i think a more reasonable person shoulda won something that outrageous. On the other hand, i am pretty jealous. I was hoping it was going to be me, but it was too good to be true. oh well. at least it's over with. =]

hey guys grow up who cares the age. he downloaded the billionth app that was the goal. he did it .he rightfully won who cares the age. im 14 and i have a mac its the 21st century. GROW UP!!!!!!!!

You know what's even more annoying than adults complaining about not winning a contest? Adults pretending to be annoying little 12 year olds complaining about the adults. It's past your bedtime douches!!! Go to SLEEP!!!

For real people, the freakin app was FREE too?! I would have been all over that had I known I had a fair chance to go get

@people saying what is a kid gonna do with a $10 000 iTunes card
Same thing anyone would/could. Buy music movies and apps on iTunes. Duh.

Word to Tyson's comment.
I agree that kids have much more time on their hands to go download apps or submit entry forms than adults have, thus increasing their chances of winning. But I really don't see the need to complain. The kid won fair and square, so quit whining--it makes you look awfully immature, especially those of you who claim you're "adults."
Though, I DO believe that Apple should have had multiple prizes rather than just all of it go to one person. More winners would mean less people upset about who won, blah blah blah.
Nevertheless, I'm happy for him, and I bet all his friends are insanely jealous, haha.

Isnt it funny how all the americans win?
Also the fact that there was only ONE winner was just shit, way to go Apple for a failed promotion!

OH PLEASE, I for one am a "real" 13 year old. I can't say it for everyone, but I think most of us who say we are 13/14/16/11 are telling the truth.
Why do you think we'd be adults pretending to be teenagers? Is it because you think teenagers are little babies who can't do anything for theirselves? I don't know if you were a teenager who needed his/her mommy to do everything for him/her, but we certainly arn't.

i am 13 and i thing its cool that a kid my age won.
but at the same time i am upset. i also wanted to win it. anyways i still praise god. thank you

It seems ironic how many of the comments are so poorly formulated. Simply, this is a cool deal for this 13-year-old, it was a luck of the draw event, and simply the prize isn't that rewarding, thinking that in 4-years, this kid's laptop will be frankly out of date. Just in time for college no less.

I am not sure why the age of the winner of this contest is relevant. Now, as far as the ages of the folks blogging on the Internet...hmmm. Something tells me too many parents have no idea how their kids spend their time.

What the heck is an adult gonna do with any of this crap, anyway?
I swear, bunch of crybabies, sore losers, and hypocrites in this topic.

There is a case for how misleading the competition was. a big one. if it was made clear then as many here have said it could have played with download statistics and then reach a sudden spike. something obviously unwanted by apple. this suggests that the move is deliberate and WRONG. An entire system was put in place based on this conceived misunderstanding.
it comes as more than coincidence that the nationality is American. it is more suspicious after hearing the age of the "winner" a 13 year old. this appears to me to be the come back to the windows commercials starring young children.
the thing is though. . why would ANYONE expect this whole thing to be anything other an a promo exercise?

i dont really think it's a big deal a young kid won. the chances of any of us winning were slim to none anyway. just get over it. i didnt even bother with this contest. but maybe im naive since i own all that stuff anyway. who knows. congrats kid. just dont break it. the rules never say if you get applecare

Wow I'm so glad some little kids parents won this competition. Good for them. That's nice that they also got a $10K iTunes gift card, maybe they'll buy him a song or 2. I'd be so happy if that kid was my son. As for Connor himself, that blows that he doesn't actually get the stuff. I think I'm going to have like a thousand children that can enter contests for me and win me stuff 

@Forrest Gump
My fucking god, you said ridonkulous. That's more embarrassing than a thirteen year old winning all this shit from apple that he probably has no use for.

i would like to know what anyone would do with a 10,000 iTunes gift card. i mean thats 10,000 songs. and the iPod touch and iPhone's cant even store that much.

I'm with Tyler, how on earth can $10,000 be spent in iTunes? I mean, unless this kid bought every movie, tv series, and song he ever wanted. Even then, I don't see how its possible, hope he can share it with someone.

I think that this is one of the most outrageous forums ever. It's amazing how people can get become sooooooo selfish and rude. The age is not relevant of who won so stop complaining saying what will he do with it, he will do the same as you would and probably enjoy it more. I think everybody needs to grow up and learn some respect and manors and stop throwing a tantrum because they didn't win 'this time'. The only thing that annoys me is the facts that places like the UK never seem to win but ok I'll live and I'm not gonna throw a tantrum over it like the rest of u t o ss ers.

Look, the kids parents get everything. He just won them a bunch of cool stuff. There's no way any parents would surrender that stuff to a child. Especially when they bought it in the first place.
On another note, it could've been worse. Someone from the UK or Canada could have won 

at first i thought that this was a kid from school, I was all bummed out then when i found out that he was from connecticut my heart like went in to shock...ahahahhahahh

Seriously you guys are all babies...i'm 13 and i have an iPod Touch. Maybe you guys are just jealous that a kid entered and one...bottom line, he was eligible and allowedd toooo...why dont u guys all go cry about it...boooooo frickin HOOOOOOO

im a 13yr too but i dont know where the winner dude will use the laptop and $10k. As a 13 i know what i need and want. us pre-teens usually play online games(mainly males..but the winner was male...) and many online games(not web online games, online game like ones that are installed using disks and from internet not website games) and tmost of those games arent really compatible withany mac. well, i guess life is really full of suprises. i must admit i am a bit of jealous of the winner but on a wierd way im not(id rather have an acer laptop or a vaio to tell you all the truth). Good for the dude.

i agree with the whole random winner thing. but its better if there was like 10 winners not just 1. well good for the kid and his parents. but im really wondering what anyone can do with a 10k dollar itunes gift card...well at least now the parents would have better buisness and the kid gets a better ipod lol just wondering if there was any warranty hahaha(hope not...O.o)Well again good for the kid and kids parents. and shut the fuck up with all your whining and complainin already you act like squeeling babies, and you act so... underage for your age seriously and i have to agree 100% with iAgree said about the "13yo's with games" the best gaming thing isnt really a laptop nor mac but its a desktop pc. so just stop with your blabbering and the kid didint win it, he won because of his parents help(how else can he buy a pc/laptop with internet?)

THIS LITTLE FAGG DOESNT DESERVE ALL THESE WINNINGS... Fuckin little skid mark should be gettin this shit instead he should be workin for his shit.

haha ur all so pathetic.. get a life u bunch of rejects, cant u afford to buy ur own laptops? None of u would of won it anyway, think about how many other people have iPhones, not just you!! good for the kid for winning, i hope he enjoys all that stuff, bunch of wasters!

maybe all you 13 year olds should all just gather up and jump off a bridge, but before that u must enjoy life , get a macbook , meet a B!tch online. fuk her, take a shit on her face, then go act like a 13 year old and fucking suck on ur mothers tity, when ur all done and enjoy all the prizes from apple u may fukin cut your head off coz youre completely useless . peace

Seriously? Who cares if it was a kid? Are you trying to say 13 yo~s don't enjoy music or want a kicka** notebook to the same extent you crying middle aged bald men do? Get over yourselves. You too Canadians. Does everything have to be a conspiracy theory? Who cares if he has or hasn't an iPhone? It's an amazing device and why can't a 13 yo have one? Are you also insinuating that he wouldn't be able to justifiably use one to its capability? Are you all retarded?
Stop being sore losers, it just proves you have no life. We're so sorry you didn't win. Why don't you get up, perhaps do something productive or profitable, then go buy your own Macbook Pro, iPod Touch 32Gb, and the other things that you're crying about.

omg this is so retarded y can't a 13 year old win. I am a 13 year old btw, u make it sound so bad that we can't win just cause were young and stuff, so for u older ppl who r like in there 30 or something go get a job cause most of these things like ipods and stuff we enjoy them the most like i hv an ipod touch and a laptop so who cares i bet there r other teens who hv them 2 just cause u don't or want them doesn't mean u hv 2 hate the ones who do or who can hv them
and 2 this dude who own congrates cause this was an awsome prize and i'm GLAD some one like a 13 year old got it
i also know that when i'm older i probably would want 2 win these thing but w/e i'll just hv 2 suck it up just like the ones that r complaing about losing

hey im connor mulcaheys friend (and hes on my baseball team) and who cares? Him, his brother brendan and his sister were all trying to download the 1 billionth app together. It was just luck. You guys are probably thinking wow what a liar. Go ahead hes my friend why dont u get some. Hes cool and he deserves it. Im not saying hes a nerd (hes pretty popular) but he knows a lot about Macs and how they work. You guys should just stop blogging and just say Congradulations, Im glad you won.

Also since he is a nice guy and didn't need all the winnings, he gave his old macbook(the one he just bought before winning LOL) to his mothr, his new won ipod touch to his sister and he is sharing the tenk gift card with his family. Peace

Ok. Here are my thoughts. Shut up about him being 13. He won't chew it, break it, etc., however he will definitely not use it to its full potential, which is what you should be mad about, if anything.

Stop Complaining. NOW. I am 14 years old. I don't give a crap. And to think that the "adults" are whining? Wow. That's pretty sad. Shouldn't all of you "adults" that posted hate comments be at work? Asleep? Dead, for hating a kid who won a contest? Get a life.....

Congrats Conner.
@An Animal, if you really are Conner's friend, tell him I said hi, and congrats.

No matter who ended up the winning, people will always critisize them bcuz they didn't win themselves.
I can't say Conner didn't deserve to win cuz i didnt even knoe him & dunno what hes gonna do with all tha stuff.
also tha app he bought was free, which is ironic cuz it ruins tha point of why apple made tha contest- to gett MONEYY!

Well Congrats to him but maybe they could have done something for all of us. Because im sure we all helped Apple out.
P.S. I would of loved to get that Macbook Pro :-)