Convertbot Hits 1.1, Adds Convertbot Mini for Free!

Tapbots, one of the most consistently innovative user experience-oriented development houses on the iPhone platform, just let us know they've updated their latest app, Convertbot (see our review), to version 1.1.

Convertbot is for those who not only want to get things done, but who want to enjoy doing them. This update adds user-selectable enabling/disabling of categories/units as well as a TON (standard or metric! Convert to your choice!) of new categories/units and new currencies.

What's more, they've released Convertbot Mini as a Lite-as-in-FREE version of the app that gives you the same great UI, albeit without as many different units and categories (hey, it's free and the full version is a steal at the introductory price!)

Convertbot 1.1 ($0.99 - iTunes link) and Convertbot Mini (Free - iTunes link) are both available now.

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Rene Ritchie

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Convertbot Hits 1.1, Adds Convertbot Mini for Free!