Curb Your Enthusiasm for Seinfeld's Costanza and his Killer iToilet App

Jerry Seinfeld and company were back on TV as a show-within the Curb Your Enthusiasm show (season 7, episode 10 for sticklers), and perpetual neerdowell George Costanza is dealing with the loss of his iToilet for iPhone millions -- that's right, his fictional character struck it fictionally rich making a fictional iPhone app to use GPS to find the closest clean fictional toilet.

Jerry also has a brand new Mac. So, yeah, insert Microsoft advertising jokes below.

[via 9to5Mac]

Rene Ritchie

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

fastlane says:

The two greatest shows together in one!

Lequang242 says:

Its Festivus for the rest of us! Baby!!

Isaac says:

Those shows suck !!! Kings is awsome dammm you NBC !!! Damm you

fastlane says:

Everything sucks when not understood. Sorry. ;)

Bosco says:

When Isaac's balls drop, only then will he understand the humor of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

camkevbell says:

I miss Seinfeld... Best television show I have ever seen.

LonerATO says:

Curb is great, but I cant stand Seinfeld

Telameto porelculo says:

Newman probably uses a fawking Droid.

Alex says:

I watched it 2x, both times with a smile on my face but slightly sad knowing that there wouldn't be any more... Damn it!!!

Joseph says:

Can't get it overseas.... Watching the YouTube clip it makes me say they waited way too long to do this. They look so old. How is it they haven't changed in 13 years? Seinfeld is still my all time favorite show though. Curb is great too!! Now having said that and getting over the "age" shock I can't wait to see this episode.
Thought Jason hated his character???

Joseph says:

They look do old, but haven't changed?? Huh? I meant to say the way they act us still the same. People do "chill" when they age.

Where to Wee says:

If you like George's iToilet, you might like our app Where to Wee:

Nic says:

Seinfeld is my favorite comedy show of all time. I find it very frustrating to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, because it had POTENTIAL. I watch the episodes, and I think "That story would have made for a hilarious episode of Seinfeld." But in the Curb context is not funny. I don't think swear words are funny. I don't think two people yelling over each other so you can't understand what they're saying is funny. Seinfeld was laugh-a-minute BECAUSE it tiptoed around subjects that were explosive. I would have liked to see a REAL Seinfeld reunion show, but I guess this will do.