Cydia acquires Rock, unifies Jailbreak app store

Cydia buys Rock, unifies Jailbreak app store

Rock Your Phone has been acquired by Cydia, creating a unified place to download and buy Jailbreak apps for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and ipad.

After 18 months in the iOS Jailbreak scene Rock has been acquired by SaurikIT (makers of Cydia) and over the next few days we will be moving all products/users/licenses over to Cydia Store.

Licenses are being transferred to Cydia so you should still be able to re-install all your already purchased apps at will.

If you already have a Cydia Store login, your licenses have already transferred. Those who do not have a Cydia Store login, simply use (or create) your Google Account/Facebook account to login to Cydia Store, and your licenses will transfer automatically. If you’ve changed devices in the last day or two, don’t worry. You can simply type in your RockID and your licenses will transfer over.

Congratulations to the folks at Rock and Cydia both.

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Reader comments

Cydia acquires Rock, unifies Jailbreak app store


Not sure just yet if this is a good thing or not, im hoping cydia doesnt gain the bloat and extra cr** that rock put on your phone, know a lot of people who had issues and had to wipe because of it.
On the other hand a cydia that doesnt take a week to update would be nice :)

That was the one thing I liked about Rock. It would load up in a flash. With Cydia, I may as well be booting up an old 286 computer......turn on, go get coffee, take a shower, then maybe it's ready.

Yeah cydia has been way slower for me on ios 4 . Not sure if this is a good or bad thing as cydia felt more underground and Rock more commercial ( if anything you would think rock would purchase cydia !!)

This is not good. Definitely not good. Cydia is so much slower than Rock and I like Rock's interface. Also, this means less competition = bad.

I demand an FTC investigation in this deal. It is anti-competitive. After this acquisition, there is no other place to buy jailbroken apps.

Regardless of what all of this means, I just hope that at some point Cydia makes it easier to purchase apps. It seems like you have to jump through hoops to make a purchase on top of none of the process being optimized for a phone.

I totally agree. Cydia is insanely slow. I hoped that "Rock you phone" would replace cydia. But unfortunately not : (

i always go to rock for reviews first. not to mention it loads so much faster.
this sucks.

I've never liked rock for the simple fact that cydia was there first....rock was good and all but cydia is easier n hopefully they will implant some of the rock features

Why would you want this deal to be flipped? What would Rock gain from acquiring Cydia? Slower reloads? Cydia obviously acquired Rock to streamline their interface. I loved Rock until I realized it was doing something that basically ate up my memory at megabytes per second! This is nothing new, as I see posts about the same problem from last year, but it seems like an isolated issue that doesn't get noticed by the developer. It happened to my boy too, and we swore off Rock for good. I see this becoming "mass" problem if it's not rectified by Saurik & Co. But that's fine, because it will be brought to light and finally fixed. Then I can enjoy safe, quick, streamlined jailbreaking. ;D!

Less choice = bad.
Doubt we'll see an faster cydia from this deal, I remember reading an interview where saurik was moaning about the way rock worked. They probably just wanted the licences.

It all depends on what device you have. Cydia on my iPhone 4 I blazing fast. I really like this move plus Cydia is bring over the "Restore from Backup" feature that Cydia has. Cydia FTW. Word.

Plus alot of people are saying that Cydia loads slow. I had that issue but I found these two tweaks and now I have no speed issues on my iPhone 4. It works, my old 3G was loading Cydia faster then my iPhone 4 before this tweak.
To Load Cydia "Home" page faster:

  1. Connect & ssh to your iPhone and iPod Touch
  2. Now go to /private/var/lib/apt/lists 
  3. Delete all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder. 

Do not delete Partial folder
Loading Changes Tab Faster:
Navigate to /private/var/lib/cydia and delete the metadata.plst
I would suggest making a backup of the file, just in case.
It will just clear your changes list..

Ok so now I can't update some apps until I have a cydia store log in. Well how in the hell do you log into a account in the Cydia store? This is retarded! I can log into Rock and see all my previous purchases but that isn't so easy on Cydia.

Well it's seems that cydia will take from rock and basically put it into one. Features will come to cydia like restore from backup so it will be easy to reinstall after a fresh jailbreak. I didn't hate rock but I didn't like to manage both stores. Also for them it must have been a nightmare

As for those complaining about competition, that's what the developers do. they set the price points. if what I understand from the q&a on cydia, they know the strengths each app had, and they want to bring the best possible user experience without sacrificing stability and safety. give it some time and I'm sure months from now we will wonder why we ever put up with 2 jailbreak app stores. concentrate on whining to apple for us even needing a reason to jailbreak.

Why would Cydia buy a superior piece of software and not use it by transferring their licenses into what was the rock store?

Wow, this sucks. Cydia is a slow piece of garbage, and the note in Cydia from Saurik indicates he doesn't comprehend this.
I want my app loader to start up in a decent timeframe, allow backups and upgrades easily, have ratings and reviews... Rock has all of this and Cydia has none of those elements. This really sucks.

Cydia is much too slow... I want it to be as fast as rock was, as fast as the appstore works. With updates, comments, very fast navigation and not just loading, loading, loading... maybe they will use this in cydia, soon? Maybe they use the rock-app-interface?

I hope this means Cydia will get Rock's filters and speed. After all, do we really need to have every new theme, icon and ringtone killing the signal-to-noise and clogging the pipes?

For people tired of long load times in Cydia, try editing your Sections: go to Sections->Edit and toggle off the things you don't need. (For me, this includes the thousands of themes available.) Should cut down on the lag, depending on how much you trim, and you can always toggle them back on when you're looking for something specific.

Rock ate memory. Straight from 123MB free to 12MB and then refused to let go of it unless I killed the process in SB settings (Killing in the dock never freed up all the memory used)
Rock was fast, but cut corners to get the speed.

Grrrrrrr! No reviews on Cydia, it's slow as tar, no landscape mode and the look of it reminds me of computers 20 yrs ago. I had uninstalled Cydia and only had Rock. Are you telling me Cydia is my ONLY choice now?? Why's that any better than what Apple is doing in the 1st place??

Hey people, i need some help! Had Rock now Cydia has rock and rock is no more! But I wanna be able to login to the cydia store using my rock id as its google account, is there only one way of logging in and this is to buy an app? Surely this is wrong? Plus has all the stuff from my Rock license been backed up by Cydia or have they screwed everyone?
Been looking into this and its now peeing me off, any help is much appreciated, cheers people

I found the same problem you have to buy something to be able to log in. This is B.S. I bought a couple of apps from rock because you couldn't find them on cydia. Now i'm screwed.

Hi, I will apprecitate any help you can give me.
I have purchased MyWi via Rock your phone, and today got a notification that I have to upgrade it, so I did it as I normally do with the other applications I have from Cydia or Rock, but now I can find the icon on my phone, and because I use this app a lot, I had to download the trial version again, even though I Bougth it in the past.
I have read that Cydia may sync o transfer the licences of the app from Rock. but nothing. PLEASE HELP
Roberto Moscoso