New Cydia tweak Graviboard adds zero gravity to your Springboard! [Jailbreak]


Graviboard, a springboard tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, has just been released on Cydia. This tweak is quite stunning visually as it brings different levels of gravity to your springboard icons. The level of gravity (earth, moon, zero gravity, etc.) and how the tweak is activated can be set in the settings menu. While this tweak is activated you can also interact with your icons by grabbing them and throwing them against each other. You even have the option of being able to launch your apps while they are flying around. Graviboard can be purchased on Cydia right now for $2.99.

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Reader comments

New Cydia tweak Graviboard adds zero gravity to your Springboard! [Jailbreak]


works/looks great! even on my iphone 3g! but 3 bucks for a useless gimmick!? i mean seriously? i showed it to a friend only one time and since then...

I agree with the 3 bucks being too much. I remember when Cydia apps were almost all free. It almost feels like they are charging for everything on there anymore. It's slightly depressing.

In all honesty i believe apple should make software like this standard for the ipad, it would make the device feel a bit more interesting and customizable if you can do stuff like this from the main software.

This app is awesome but I don't think it's worth 3 bucks either. It works flawlessly and was probably very hard and time consuming to make but gimmick apps should never cost more the 1.99 in fact I would say .99 is enough. However great job on the app...

Do you realize that more than one person buys the app? They're making $300 from 100 people, and I'm sure there are thousands that have downloaded this.

@Ken: If that much work goes into it, the end result should be good enough to sell profitably at $0.99.