Daily Show Airs App Store Stinker: iFart Mobile vs. PullMyFinger

Done as only the Daily Show with Jon Stewart can do, it's iFart Mobile vs. PullMyFinger in a battle of the iPhone Fart Apps.

You've been warned.

(Note: YouTube Daily Show clips have a way of disappearing, feel free to post updated links in the comments when/if you come across them)


Rene Ritchie

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AttaQ says:

Another touching view at the American struggle done by the Daily Show.

Dexter says:

According to some oversimplifying, overgeneralizing simpletons, this is all the App Store has to offer. [rolls eyes]

icebike says:

Just watch it you guys. Its funny.
Don't try to out think it.

bubbatex says:

This is funny - and in a way, sad.....