The Daily subscription newspaper now available in App Store

Following the just-completed News Corp and Apple launch event, The Daily has gone live in the US App Store. An everyday newspaper focusing on a mix of editorial, news, and entertainment coverage it's goal is to provide the best in traditional content presented using the best in iPad video, image, internet, and multitouch technology. Highlights include 360 degree photos, animation, live social streams like celebrity Twitter feeds, and the ability to update during the day if events warrant.

Using Apple's new subscription service it will cost $0.99 a week or $39.99 a year.

And yeah, US only right now.

Anyone giving it a try? Anyone sold on a year's worth already? Anyone taking a pass? Let us know in the comments!

[Free with subscription - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

The Daily subscription newspaper now available in App Store


VZW funding a FREE TWO WEEK SUBSCRIPTION! Good way to try it out! Just downloaded and launched and the splash screen is nice. Waiting for first issue to download.
A free 2 week subscription is a big gamble, especially on The Daily's part. +1 for the confidence!

A buck a week or forty for a year, not bad to have everything gathered into one place. Nice that it is being "built" for the iPad so no flash to worry about. I hope that it has some good reporting that is not biased like most of the regular media (although I have my doubts) and differences in the opinion section. What I would love is that they report the information with no interpretation (I know fat chance of that). I may be giving it a try.

No love for iPhone users? The subscription model addition is cool though. I just hope they go too a one subscription model, ie WSJ I'm not going to pay to use the iPhone app, pay again for the iPad app, and pay yet again for web access. If I pay for any of these at all, we shall see.

Another stupid Apple limitation. Why would this Newspaper only be available in the US? What would be the harm in allowing ipad users from other countries to subscribe to it if they so choose? All this policy does is limit the potential number of customers, when there are another 2 billion fluent english speaker on the planet (at least). As great as the integrated Apple environment user experience is. These kinds of limitations will ultimately bring the system down. All it takes is the next cool gadget developed by someone else

Actually if you watched the live event, Murdoch answers a question affirming interest in having editions for other countries, so I don't think the U.S. limitation is strictly an Apple thing. I highly doubt Apple wants a market leading platform and potentially huge rev stream limited to the U.S. I doubt News Corp does too. Give it time man.

That wasn't an Apple policy so check your facts. Give it some time, it just launched today. How many publications start out international?

chill bro. by the way, how many publications start out as a joint venture between Rupert Murdoch and Apple?

So, when is this other announcement about expanding the subscription to other apps and stuff? I wonder if theyll offer music as a subscription service too.

I'm actually excited about this.. will give the trial a shot and likely up for the year. I don't mind supporting the effort and seeing where it evolves.
As for calling Apple out for it being US only - trolls... use your heads morons.

After using it for 30 mins it definitely has potential. The key to any publication is content so if they have good content it has a chance.

I'm liking it so far. The 'voice' is good across the articles I've read. News with a story feel to it. Interactivity good so far. Sharing worked fine. I'd say a great 1.0 implementation. A few crashes so far, but nothing irritating. I'm sure the feedback of millions will help fine tune.

Sorry Apple & Rupert, just like Microsoft products, you won't be finding this in my repertoire of Apps. Not on my computers, iPhone or iPad. Not as long as there's any chance of receiving Fox/Tea Party garbage.

Fox news? No thanks.
I did download it just to see the hype. Got the free two week subscription. It looks nice. It will make Chad happy since its pretty basic since he has a hard time gasping other news apps with their gestures.

I didn't have any problems installing it but it takes forever to download the whole issue…!? After over half an hour I'm at 45% or so now -- WTF…?!? Also it doesn't seem to continue downloading in the background because when I leave the app and open it again it asks me whether I want to download the issue…!?
And then it tells me that my connection is too slow and asks whether I really want to download:
Having a 50 Mbit VDSL connection that sounds like a joke so I think that the app is still kinda messed up…! Anyone else experiencing similar problems…?

I had no issues downloading - I think I snagged it before the rush, but the crashes are killing me.
After a half an hour of usage it crashed a total of 5 times in various situations. Also the multitasking is all jacked up! IT only seems to work if you are in the carousel view. If you are viewing a page then it reloads everytime fresh.

I had not intentions of buying, but I think I will. I'll try the subscription tonight and see how it goes.
Druge Report is free but links to sites that use flash. This will be faster and a better overall experience.

For all of the um Fox haters, have you noticed that it is NOT a joint effort between Apple and Fox News? News Corp has many news sources it owns so hey all you (supposedly) open minded liberals why not read it before you bash it? I know, I know that is not the usual MO but hey since Phil did not see his shadow and spring is on the way I thought that maybe you (plural) could try something new? Just a way out ( in right field) thought.

Yeh, right on. Clearly we shouldn't imply that the head is aware of what it's (far) right hand is doing. That's just crazy-talk...

Please get real. It is News Corp. You have the diversity of right-wing or FAR right-wing. That seems to be Murdoch'd idea of balance.

As a photojournalist with over 34 years experience, I am impressed with the app so far ... I have seen many technological improvements over the years and I really am enjoying witnessing this transition from print to digital presentation of an actual publication ... Not just adding content to a web site ...
No issues downloading, no crashes ... Love the mix of text, images, video and even the interactive ads, trivia questions and surveys ... Well thought out and implemented ... I think it shows great promise as a model of delivery that will surely only get better ad will be emulated by many other publications ...

This is why i like it: Simple, intuitive and not too much gimmickry to get in the way of the content. The articles are straight and short for the most part. They can improve the carousel view. In its current state a a bit laggy and pixelated previews??
I had no problem downloading, it took a minute. may be because i downloaded an 2hrs after launch?

Gotta be honest. Was excited for this but then the presentation seemed weak.
However after going through the whole paper I really dug it.

Took over 30 mins to install and I'm at 30 mins now on downloading the current issue and it's only at 20%. 6 Mbps connection. They'll have to fix that quick because it won't be successful otherwise.